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[Funeral receipt]

Description: A receipt for the "funeral of [E.M. Pease’s] child," Anne Marshall Pease.
Date: September 19, 1862
Item Type: Text

[Funeral receipt]

Description: A receipt for printing and circulating funeral tickets (possibly for the funeral of Anne Marshall Pease, daughter of E.M. & Lucadia Pease).
Date: 1862-08-uu
Item Type: Text

[Correspondence from Lucadia Pease to Juliet Niles]

Description: A letter to Juliet Niles from her sister Lucadia Pease, who says that the family has (at least temporarily) decided to call their home "Wood Lawn." Includes typewritten transcription of the letter.
Date: November 9, 1860
Creator: Pease, Lucadia
Item Type: Letter

[Post-Civil-War loyalty oath signed by Judge J.B.M. McFarland]

Description: A document in which J.B.M. McFarland, a judge of the first judicial district, swears that he “neither sought nor accepted, nor attempted to exercise the functions of any office whatsoever, under any authority or pretended authority in hostility to the United States”; a handwritten explanation follows.
Date: September 24, 1867
Item Type: Text

Yarborough, Wilson & Co.

Description: Photograph of a house in Anderson, Texas. A small herd of cattle is gathered outside the house. The inscription on the back notes "Built in 1868 -- second building on east side of street including this one burned in 1875. This is where [illegible] August Obercamp Drug store now is."
Date: 1868
Item Type: Photograph

[Railroad near Llano]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people and horse-drawn carriages gathered around a train on a railroad in a forest. A note on back reads "Mr. Will Todman from England, Time Keeper for Quarries at Llano, Texas. Quarrying granite for consturction of the State Capitol at Austin. 50,000 tones narrow [illegible] R.R. A. & N.W. Near Llano -- before R.R. was finished to an Austin Band was was hired to play -- Group Moore F. [illegible], (Major Ramsdell)."
Date: [1864..1881]
Item Type: Photograph

John and Mary Caldwell

Description: Photograph of John and Mary Caldwell, an elderly couple. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Grandpa & Grandma Caldwell." Carte-de-visite format.
Date: [1860..1880]
Creator: Kuhn & Smith
Item Type: Photograph

[E. F. Caldwell]

Description: Photograph of E. F. Caldwell, father of Frank Caldwell. A handwritten note at the foot of the image says, "Papa." Carte-de-visite format.
Date: [1866..1880]
Creator: Oliphant, W. J.
Item Type: Photograph

Aunt Sallie Carlton

Description: Photograph of an elderly woman by the name of Sallie Carlton. Carlton was the wife of Charles Carlton, founder of Carlton College in Bonham.
Date: [1860..1880]
Item Type: Photograph