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Picnic at Hyde Park
Photograph of a large group of kids posing for a group picture after a picnic in Hyde park. They are lined up in four rows in front of what looks to be a stage with a painted backdrop of a street scene.
[Jacob Bickler Family Outside House]
Photograph of the family of Jacob Bickler standing outside a house (504 West 14th Street) on the front porch. They are all wearing a coat and hat of some sort. The house is a 1-story brick building and has a picket fence.
[Portrait of Bellno Goldbeck]
Photograph of Bellno Goldbeck, who is sitting and wearing a suit. The text on the back reads, "Bellno Goldbeck born 19th January 1856 taken 1st of May 1895. to his friend Max Lungkwitz".
[Bickler Family Portrait]
Formal studio portrait of seven children in the Bickler Family. Handwritten note on the back reads, "To Mr.s [illegible] Cherry and Children with love from the BIckler, Family, Austin Texas, Dec. 22 92."
[Ralph and George W. Bickler]
Photograph of Ralph A. and George W. Bickler, who are posing for a portrait. George is wearing a dress and Ralph is wearing a suit.
Ostersonntag in Riverside Park
Family group portrait in Riverside Park in San Antonio on Easter. A couple of the men hold drinks (beer?) and one boy holds a gun. There is a horse-drawn carriage and trees in the background.
[Bull Creek]
Photograph of a man paddling a canoe in a body of water identified as Bull Creek; the shoreline is covered with trees.
[Correspondence to Henry Ladd from S.W. Doom]
A letter to Henry Ladd from attorney D.W. Doom regarding “the case of Elisabet Ney against yourself and Mosle.”
[Correspondence to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry)]
A letter to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry), who asks her for a loan.
[Correspondence to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry)]
A letter to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry), who asks her for a loan with his printing office as collateral.
[Correspondence to Julia Maria Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry)]
A letter to Julia Maria Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry), who asks for funds for a weekly publication.
[Correspondence to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry)]
A letter to Lucadia Pease from W.S. Porter (O. Henry), who asks her to carry a note on a property.
Fort Sam Houston Tower
Photograph of the clock tower at Fort Sam Houston near San Antonio, Texas.
[Group Portrait of Four Young Women]
Photograph of four young women. Their names are handwritten on the back of the photograph and are as follows: Alma Harris, Eula Harris, Mayna (Molly) Caldwell, and another Harris whose first name is not listed.
[Colorado River Bridge]
Photograph of a bridge over the Colorado River, shot from one end of it and looking across its length. A town (possibly Kingsland) is visible on the other side.
East Austin School Children
Photograph of East Austin school children in the lower 4th grade. The names of everyone in the photograph are listed on the back. Miss Mary Johnson is the teacher. The photograph is cabinet card format.
Fredericksburg 50th Jubilee
Photograph of the 50th Fredericksburg Jubilee. Men on horseback are lined up at the front. Several men are dressed in Native American clothing.
Jack County Courthouse
Photograph of the Jack County courthouse in Jacksboro, Texas. Several horse-drawn wagons with bundles of hay are gathered in the foreground.
[Group Portrait at a Picnic]
Photograph of the Haschke and Brown families on picnic in a lightly wooded area. The names of the people in this photograph are listed on the back. The photograph is a cyanotype.
Pontoon Bridge
Photograph of a pontoon bridge. A man is standing on the right side of the bridge. Further to the right is a horse tied to the bridge's post. A small building is visible past the other side of the water. The photograph is a cyanotype.
[Group Portarit at Camp Mabry, Austin]
Photograph of a group of people seated in a grassy area at Camp Mabry. The person on the far left is in a military uniform, holding a rifle. There are three women and one other man. Large tents and other men are visible in the background. The photograph is a cyanotype.
[Austin Baseball Team]
Photograph of a baseball team from Austin, Texas. The photograph is cabinet card format.
[Langtry, Texas Railroad Depot]
Photograph of the Railroad Depot at Langtry, Texas. It's a small building by the train tracks. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "During the time of Judge Roy Bean's Law West of the Pecos."
[Execution Scene]
Photograph of a defendant at an execution, with a noose set up on a wooden platform. Caption on the back reads "This is a photograph of the defendant and assembled witnesses immediately prior to execution as he addressed a group of thousands assembled in front of jail. --Harry Hubert."
Granite Mountain near Marble Falls, Texas
Photograph of a large, smooth stone hill behind a line of trees. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Granite Mountain near Marble Falls, Texas. 1890."
[Fire Wagon]
Photograph of a horse-drawn fire wagon stopped in the middle of an un-paved main street in front of a row of storefronts; a sign on the wagon says "Colorado No. 2, A Unit for the Dam, 44 Members - Strong." Other carriages are visible in the background and people are standing in the windows and on the first-floor roofs of the stores. The stores include Gammel's Used Books, J.O.Buaas, Phil Bruckmann Painter and Decorator, and a drug store.
Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking
Short story about a "professional tramp" in New Orleans.
Elisabet Ney's Studio
Photograph of an exterior view of Elisabet Ney's Studio. The stone building has a classical style pediment. Two people are visible seated at a table to the side of the building. In 1892, European portrait sculptor Elisabet Ney (1833-1907) purchased property in Austin at 304 East 44th Street, established a studio named Formosa, and resumed her career as a noted sculptor. Ney sculpted and collected portraits of notable Texans and Europeans. Following Ney’s death in 1907, her friends preserved the studio and its contents as the Elisabet Ney Museum and established the Texas Fine Arts Association dedicated to her memory.
[Rogers Locomotive Works Locomotive]
Photograph of a steam locomotive built by Rogers Locomotive works about 1875. One of the operators stands on the pilot attached to the engine by the front center coupler. Steam locomotives operated until the mid 20th century, when electric and diesel models took over. Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works, based in Paterson, New Jersey, was a popular 19th century manufacturer of railroad steam locomotives. This model is a 4-4-0 indicating its wheel-arrangement.
W. T. Wroe Leather Factory
Photograph of W. T. Wroe's leather factory located at 421-423 Congress Avenue. At center with mustache: Arthur (Otto?) Soebeck. 2nd from right: John Weber, shop foreman. Behind Soebeck in black sweater: M. O. Rhody.
[Texas Rangers - Company "E" Frontier Battalion]
Group of men with guns sitting in front of an encampment. Captain JS McNeel is seated in the center.
[Temporary Texas Capitol Building Fire]
Photograph of the fire that destroyed the building that had temporarily served as the capitol building for the state of Texas while the new capitol building was being constructed. Firefighters can be seen spraying water in to the upper floors while a large number of spectators look on.
[Lobby of First National Bank, Austin, Texas]
Photograph of the lobby of First National Bank, including the bank teller window behind a grill. William Sydney Porter (O. Henry) is the teller. Another man stands behind the front counter, one is seated in back, and a customer is at the teller window. The man behind the open counter is listed as Brackenridge.
Austin Primary School
Group portrait of children posed for a portrait outside of a wood framed building. They wear costumes as if dressed for a school play. Many wear tunics with a large, round flower petal collar and a flower on the chest and one boy to the left holds an oversized flower. The building is a basic square design with a large window at the center of each quarter. Note that 200 Nueces and 717 West Ave. are written on the back.
[Texas German and English Academy]
Group portrait in front of the Texas German And English Academy, later Bickler School. The school was located at 208 West 14th Street. There is an inscription on the back of the photograph that reads "On June 12, 1881, I was born in the south west upstairs bedroom. This building is located at 208 W. 14th St. Mah H. Bickler."
"Old Dismal" Substitute Hook and Ladder Wagon
Photograph of the Substitute Hook and Ladder Wagon and firemen outside of Texas State Capitol building taken from 11th Street and Colorado Street looking east. The Hook and Ladder Wagon is drawn by two horses.
[Bar at Scholz Beer Garten]
Photograph of four employees of Scholz Beer Garten standing behind the bar.
Unveiling of Firemen's Monument Austin
Photograph of the unveiling of the Firefighter's memorial at the Texas State Capitol Building in Austin, Texas. There is a large crowd of people and horse-drawn buggies surrounding the monument.
Texas State Capitol
View of the north side of the Texas State Capitol grounds from 17th St. Roads are unpaved and there is a group of girls under trees and a woman with a horse in the foreground.
Brick laying crew, West Sixth Street, looking West
Photograph of the railroad crew laying bricks around rail lines on West 6th street looking west. Trolly and telegraph wires cross heavily overhead. A large sign on a building behind the crew reads "Phoenix Saloon / Ice Cold Lager Beer / Wines Liquor." A penciled caption in the lower left reads "Some Texas / sunshine."
[East track concreted]
Photograph of the concrete team working on the east railroad track on Congress Avenue, looking toward the Capitol. The crews are working hard in the background while horses and carts line up to visit the clothing and shoe shops that line the road. Signs are visible for Carl Mayer Jeweler, Wright & Robinson, Mens Outfitters, Emil Risse art photographer, a commercial college and a laundry. A trolley car is visible in the distance.
[Rail crew on East Sixth Street looking West]
Photograph of African-American workers laying down rail line on one side of East 6th Street. Pedestrians look on from beneath the shop awnings. Shop signs for a candy store, millinery and a druggist are visible. Crop lines are drawn on the original print and appear in this image.
[Railroad crew digging]
Photograph of a crew of African-Americans digging a ditch where the second railroad line will lie. They use shovels and pickaxes in front of a row of shops including C.B. Moreland Wall Paper store and the Postal Telegraph service.
[Railroad crew working on second track]
Photograph of an African-American railroad crew working on a second rail road line in front of a row of hardware and home goods shops. The trenches have been dug and the brick stripped out from the roads where the rail lines will lie.
[Smelting crew joining rail ties]
Photograph of the smelting crew pouring white hot liquid metal over rails as they install a railroad line in the street. Two men grip the bucket handles and tilt them and the bucket so that a third man can push the molten metal out, joining the rails together. The heads and faces of the men are not visible.
Special work, Sixth Street and Congress Avenue looking North
Photograph of a crew of African-American workers hard at work on the railroad intersections at 6th Street and Congress Avenue while foremen and others look on. Shops along the west side of the street are visible, including a dentist, shoe store, book store, and clothing store.
Tracks concreted, concrete crew in distance, Congress Avenue looking South
Photograph of the newly concreted railroad tracks on Congress Avenue looking south. The concrete crew is working on the tracks in the distance. Horses and carts are visible near in front of the shops, including Condit Davis & Fink and a bakery in the foreground.
[Pease Elementary School Students]
Photograph of high 1st & low 2nd students at West Austin School (Pease Elementary). Ellen (Helen) Paggi is on the back row, extreme right.
[Sham Battle, Camp Mabry]
Photograph of a sham battle being staged at Camp Mabry in 1895. In the right foreground are costumed men mounted on horses and standing/sitting on the ground. In the background are men lined up on the battlefield and, further back, encampments set up.
[Fulmore Elementary School Students]
Photograph of the 3rd and 4th grade classes at Fulmore Elementary School. There are 37 students, including boys and girls, and one female teacher present. Many of the boys seated in the front row are barefoot. A sign reads "South Austin 3rd-4th 1895."