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[Grand Stand at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the Grand Stand at Camp Mabry in Austin in 1897, crowded with people. In the foreground a man in a suit and hat, carrying an umbrella, and a woman wearing a long white dress and hat, stroll toward the Grand Stand. Other people, some wearing military uniforms, are milling about. The wooden structure had raked seating under a long hipped roof, and one large central second story tower with smaller second story towers at each end. The structure, which served as a reviewing stand for troops, was burned by arson in 1902, and the original specifications exist at the Alexandar Architectural Archives at the University of Texas at Austin.
Date: 1897

[Four University of Texas at Austin football players in uniform with 1898 ball]

Description: Photograph of four University of Texas football players, three standing and one kneeling on one knee and holding an 1898 football. The photograph is mounted on a cabinet card. The UT student players are wearing uniforms consisting of dark turtleneck sweaters with a large "T" centered on the chest, quilted padded pants, shin guards and leather lace-up ankle boots. The reverse of the photograph notes that the photograph is from the James H. Hart Estate. Hart is standing at the far left in the photograph. James Hart was an end on the 1897 football team, a tackle on the 1898 team and captain on the 1899 team. He led UT to 23-5 mark during his four seasons, including 6-0 record in 1900. Hart also served as secretary of the athletic association, and editor in chief of the 1899 Cactus. He returned to UT football as coach in 1902, leading the Longhorns to a 6-3-1 record, and served 26 years as alumni representative to UT Athletics Council.
Date: 1898/1899-01-22
Creator: Journeay, William O.

Sprinkle Post Office

Description: Photograph of men and boys posing outside of the Sprinkle Post Office in 1893. There are people standing on the porch of the Post Office, sitting in carriages, and on horseback. There are two yoked steer in the center of the photograph. The photograph is from the essay, "History of Sprinkle, Texas" by Lulu Pearl.
Date: 1893

[Exterior of Decker Methodist Church]

Description: Photograph of the front exterior of Decker Methodist Church circa 1892. The church was built in 1879 and was moved in 1901. There is a large group standing in front of the church. Among those present are Reverend August Wallin, S.A. Lundell (grandfather of Mrs. Simon Swahn who was Hilma Johnson) and his brother Gustav Lundell, L.P. Swahn (father of Simon Swahn)and his brother C.J. Swahn, and F.G. Swenson.
Date: 1892~