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[Fire at Texas State Hospital]

Description: Photograph of the Texas State Hospital burning. The main building was spared the fire and remains the administrative building for the Austin State Hospital to this day. The main administrative building is the third oldest public service building in the state. The State Lunatic Asylum was established in 1856 in the model of Philadelphia psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Kirkbridge. It opened with 12 patients and saw as many as 3000 at once time. The Austin State Hospital currently houses around 300 patients, most staying for about a week during treatment. It is operated by the Texas Department of State Health Services.
Date: 1902
Creator: Peterson, B.C.
Item Type: Photograph

Deaf and Dumb Institute

Description: Photograph of men a women standing on top of foundation of the Texas school for the Deaf. Francis Fischer and J.B. Nitchke hold the cornerstone. "Deaf and Dumb Institute, Fischer and Lambie Contractors, Lumber from Clacasieu Lumber Co." is written in the bottom left-hand quarter of the photo.
Date: 1902
Item Type: Photograph

The University of Texas, Austin—Galveston.

Description: This booklet is primarily a photojournal of the university and some of the surrounding area in Austin, with photographs of all of the main buildings on campus. The first two pages have a brief statement from the Registrar about admissions and departments at the university.
Date: 1902~
Creator: University of Texas
Item Type: Book