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Entry in Fool's Parade

Description: Photograph of a group of individuals lining up for an American Legion parade. There are three signs that read, "Travis Post 76 Austin, Tex.", "Travis Post American Legion", and "Looking for the New Hotel". The men are in costume. Some are in dresses, some are in tuxedo jackets without pants. A handwritten notes on the back reads, "Evidently they didn't know how to hold 'em." Individuals are named on the back of the print.
Date: October 30, 1922

[American Legion Men In Costume]

Description: Photograph of a group of men from Travis Post 76 dressed in costumes for the American Legion Fool's Parade. The one on the far left is wearing a dress with a colander on his head, the next is wearing a sign that reads, "A Bath in Austin is 99% Chlorine Water". Next to him, a man is wearing a dress and a wig and holding a sign that is partially cutoff reading "Looking for the new hotel." and the final two are wearing suit jackets without pants.
Date: October 30, 1922

[Three Children With A Goat-Cart]

Description: Photograph of three children in a cart pulled by a goat in front of a brick house. One is standing next to the cart, while the other two are sitting in the cart. Signs on the cart read "Austin" and "1924". A red paper heart has been cut out and affixed to the upper right corner of the photo.
Date: 1924

[American Legion Parade]

Description: Photograph of a group of individuals wearing various costumes, walking in an American Legion parade through a residential area. One man is in a cart pulled by a mule. There are three signs that read, "Travis Post 76 Austin, Tex.," "Travis Post American Legion," and "Looking for the New Hotel."
Date: October 30, 1922

[Group Portrait of Men]

Description: Photograph of 23 men in suits. Some men are unidentified, but most of the names are listed on the back (L to R by row). Names includes Cott Alexander, Warren Taylor, George Watkins, Melvin Stones, Ed Mosure, Walter Hanna, August Zeppin, Guy Collette, Max Sxhmitz, Emmett Rose, Guy Ross, M. McSwain, W.H. Richardson, Jr., W.C. Love, Ernest STubbs, O.L. koock, Harry Land, and Frank Caldwell.
Date: 1920
Creator: Jensen Studio