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[Three Children With A Goat-Cart]

Description: Photograph of three children in a cart pulled by a goat in front of a brick house. One is standing next to the cart, while the other two are sitting in the cart. Signs on the cart read "Austin" and "1924". A red paper heart has been cut out and affixed to the upper right corner of the photo.
Date: 1924

[Group Portrait of Men]

Description: Photograph of 23 men in suits. Some men are unidentified, but most of the names are listed on the back (L to R by row). Names includes Cott Alexander, Warren Taylor, George Watkins, Melvin Stones, Ed Mosure, Walter Hanna, August Zeppin, Guy Collette, Max Sxhmitz, Emmett Rose, Guy Ross, M. McSwain, W.H. Richardson, Jr., W.C. Love, Ernest STubbs, O.L. koock, Harry Land, and Frank Caldwell.
Date: 1920
Creator: Jensen Studio

[Old Red Campus building, John T. Allan Campus of Stephen F. Austin High School]

Description: Photograph of Old Red Campus building, at the John T. Allan Campus of Stephen F. Austin High School, showing an oblique view of the front and side of the classical four-story building. The exterior walls of the first floor are constructed of stone and the upper three floors are dark brick. The front is symetrically arranged in three parts, with the central part inset from the outer parts. Porches stretch across the central part of the first and second floors, and a gable is centered above on the roof. There are punched windows on the upper floors of the front facade, while windows are ganged on the side facade. A portion of the facade, near the back of the building, has a curved wall. There is a three-story brick addition to the side of the building, and there are chute style fire escapes on both the main building and the addition. A parking lot lies to the front of the building, with several circa 1920s cars. A boy wearing knickers stands in the parking lot. The building was completed in 1900 from the plans of Burt McDonald and James Reily, and featured a domed rotunda. It was used as Austin High School until 1925, when it became the John T. Allan Junior High School. Classes were held here until 1956, when the school was destroyed by fire. A State of Texas Subject Marker was placed on the site in 1981 by the Texas Historical Commission.
Date: 1929/1930
Creator: Jordan-Ellison Photo Company