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[Colorado River Flood 2]

Description: Photograph of the south banks of the Colorado River during a flood. Handwritten note on the back reads, "2 The two buildings shown on either side of South Congress Avenue at the end of the bridge were the only ones left in the river valley."
Date: June 15, 1935
Creator: Boone

[Transfer of Alamo Stone to Tribune Tower]

Description: Photograph of a man standing, giving a speech to a crowd about the stone of the Alamo at Tribune Tower. The photograph was taken from across the street on a 2nd or 3rd story. Various people in the crowd are looking back at the camera. A large carved arched entryway to the tower is visible behind the crowd.
Date: August 23, 1933
Location Info:

[Martha Bickler After Her First Flight]

Description: Photograph of Martha Bickler after her first flight. She is getting off a plane with a man (Ralph Bickler?) standing next to her with a hat. The text on the back reads, "Taken by George Nalle on saturday morning, April 6, 1935, immediately after mama's first plane ride. Here first remark upon observing the hangar when the 'ship' returned to the airport was: "Pshaw, we are already back!" Ralph".
Date: April 6, 1935
Creator: Nalle, George

[Dinner Bell]

Description: Postcard of a dinner bell in a field. There is a field of trees in the background. The text on the back reads, "How about answering the dinner bell on Pride Ranch". There is a stamp affixed to the back of the postcard and it was mailed July 25, 1938.
Date: 1938~

[Martha and Eva Lungkwitz]

Description: Photograph of the Lungkwitz sisters posing for a photo in front of a house. In the background, there is also an old car and a couple trees. Handwritten note on the back reads, "the two Lungwitz Sisters - Eva (left) and Martha, Mrs. R. Klappenbock, Mrs. J. Bickler."
Date: February 22, 1935

[Correspondence to Carrie Crusemann from Charles S. Potts]

Description: A letter to Carrie Crusemann, one of E.M. and Lucadia Pease's grandchildren, from Charles S. Potts, then dean of the Southern Methodist University school of law, requesting information on the Pease family—at the time, Potts was preparing an entry on E.M. Pease for the "Dictionary of American Biography."
Date: March 31, 1931
Creator: Potts, Charles S.

[6 Cards from "72 Pictured Party Stunts"]

Description: Six cards taken from a 1930s party game called "72 Pictured Party Stunts." Each card has an illustration and lists an action or activity that is stereotypical or attributed to a particular ethnic group. The backs of the cards are decorated with a geometric design in blue, with a portrait of a woman in the center.
Date: 1935
Creator: Whitman Publishing Company

Shrine Parade

Description: Photograph of a Shrine parade in New Orleans, LA. The crowd watches uniformed people march through the street while carrying U.S. flags and flags of the Christian cross. Houston and Austin groups are represented in the photograph.
Date: April 25, 1938