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[A Woman Singing on a Stage With a Band]

Description: Photograph of a woman standing at a microphone on a stage with a band. One man is holing a violin, and two men are holding guitars in the background. The men are wearing dark-colored western clothing, and the woman is wearing a dark-colored paisley dress. There is another man and another woman in the background.
Date: April 17, 1948
Creator: Mears, Dewey G.

[A View of a Furniture Showroom]

Description: Photograph of a furniture showroom for the H.M. Oetting Furniture Company taken from outside and viewed through large picture windows. The display includes two armchairs, a chair at a desk, two dressers, three lamps, and a bed with a bench at the end.
Date: June 1, 1947
Creator: Mears, Dewey G.

[Portrait of Four People Standing in Formal Wear]

Description: Photograph of two couples standing for a portrait at a St. Edward's University Spring Formal dance. One of the men is wearing a light-colored suit, and one of the men is wearing a dark-colored suit; one of the women is wearing a light-colored dress, and one of the women is wearing a dark-colored dress.
Date: May 15, 1949
Creator: Mears, Dewey G.