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[Eric Fitzpatrick Hula Hooping]

Description: Photograph of a boy (Eric Fitzpatrick) hula hooping in Shipe Park in the local competition for the National Hula Hoop Contest. Behind him in the background are other children in their bathing suits watching him. The boy went to Nationals in Disneyland.
Date: 1972
Creator: Austin Citizen

[East track concreted]

Description: Photograph of the concrete team working on the east railroad track on Congress Avenue, looking toward the Capitol. The crews are working hard in the background while horses and carts line up to visit the clothing and shoe shops that line the road. Signs are visible for Carl Mayer Jeweler, Wright & Robinson, Mens Outfitters, Emil Risse art photographer, a commercial college and a laundry. A trolley car is visible in the distance.
Date: [1890..1899]

[Railroad crew digging]

Description: Photograph of a crew of African-Americans digging a ditch where the second railroad line will lie. They use shovels and pickaxes in front of a row of shops including C.B. Moreland Wall Paper store and the Postal Telegraph service.
Date: [1890..1899]

[Smelting crew joining rail ties]

Description: Photograph of the smelting crew pouring white hot liquid metal over rails as they install a railroad line in the street. Two men grip the bucket handles and tilt them and the bucket so that a third man can push the molten metal out, joining the rails together. The heads and faces of the men are not visible.
Date: [1890..1899]

[Cotton Gin]

Description: Photograph of a cotton gin near Austin. In front of the cotton gin are men with horse drawn carts full of cotton. There is another man standing near a cotton bale in the foreground.
Date: unknown

Officials of the Mexican Consul General and the Camara de Trabajadores Mexicanos Local No. 7

Description: Photograph of a group of men, the officials of the Mexican Consul General and the Cámara de Trabajadores Mexicans (CTM) Local No. 7 of Austin, Texas at Parque Zaragoza. From left: José Verasteguí, Eustasio Cepeda, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Benjamin Lugo (in white shirt), unidentified, Felix Gonzales Monteón, José Guadalupe Pineda (Consul General of Mexico in San Antonio), Arturo Aleman, and Roberto Pedraza. At rear of group (far right) is Ignacio Acosta.
Date: April 26, 1942

[Three golfers]

Description: Photograph of three golfers on the green at the Municipal Golf Course. Two golfers on the left hold single clubs, while the golfer on the right carries a bag of clubs. They all wear hats. Trees line the edge of the green behind them.
Date: 19uu