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[Correspondence/petition to Governor E.M. Pease]

Description: A letter/petition, signed by multiple parties, asking Governor E.M. Pease for executive clemency for Mathias Lindberg, who had been convicted of perjury. Includes typewritten transcription of the letter/petition.
Date: 1855-uu-uu
Item Type: Letter

[Correspondence to E.M. Pease from R.M. Forbes]

Description: A letter to E.M. Pease from R.M. Forbes, who discusses political issues, including the recent repeal of “The Negro Law.” Includes typewritten transcription of the letter.
Date: December 2, 1841
Creator: Forbes, R.M.
Item Type: Letter

[Correspondence to Governor E.M. Pease from R.L. Waddill]

Description: A letter to Governor E.M. Pease from R.L. Waddill regarding murder indictments for several men not in custody—he suggests that a reward should be offered for the men—and accompanying indictments.
Date: 1855-11-15/1856-01-04
Creator: Waddill, R.D.
Item Type: Letter

[Affidavit regarding seizure of slaves]

Description: An affidavit—related to a legal dispute between William R. Smith and John W. Cloud ("Smith v. Cloud")—by Sheriff William McMaster regarding his seizure of a female slave named Grace and her three children.
Date: January 2, 1844
Creator: McMaster, William
Item Type: Legal Document

[Correspondence to Carrie Crusemann from Charles S. Potts]

Description: A letter to Carrie Crusemann, one of E.M. and Lucadia Pease's grandchildren, from Charles S. Potts, then dean of the Southern Methodist University school of law, requesting information on the Pease family—at the time, Potts was preparing an entry on E.M. Pease for the "Dictionary of American Biography."
Date: March 31, 1931
Creator: Potts, Charles S.
Item Type: Text

[Essay “Pease School” by Timothy Alvin Brown]

Description: “Pease School,” an essay by Timothy Alvin Brown, who was the principal of the Austin Independent School District's oldest school, Pease Elementary, from 1892-1933.
Date: unknown
Creator: Brown, Timothy Alvin
Item Type: Text