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["Law West of the Pecos"]

Description: Photograph of Judge Roy Bean's House, the "Law West of the Pecos." Several men sit on the porch and more men are on horseback outside the house. Caption reads "This old relic is located in the little town of Langtry, Texas, which was the abode of Judge Roy Bean--a "Saloon" and also a "Hall of Justice" he being the only peace officer west of the Pecos River, at the time the photo was made, about 1900, and shows Judge Bean holding court, trying a horse-thief. Left of the picture is the stolen horse. On horses, guarded by officers, are two other horse thieves, supposed partners of the one on trial."
Date: 1900~

Courthouse at Baird, Texas

Description: Photograph of the old Callahan County Courthouse at Baird, Texas. It is a two-story stone building with a statue of a person on top of a dome in the center of its roof. A small windmill is set up on the, near a telephone pole. A fence surrounds the building.
Date: 1906

[Men in Abilene, Texas]

Description: Photograph of two men in suits and bowler hats, standing by the side of a brick building. They are trading objects, one of which being a metal (possibly gold) bar. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Windsor Hotel, Captain [...] gold prices sold for $6,000.00, 36 lbs."
Date: June 17, 1906

[Haschke Family in their Car]

Description: Photograph of the Haschke Family (Cecilia, Reinhold, and Feodor) in a car parked in front of an unidentified stone building. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Ma Haschke, Pa Haschke, Fedo Haschke - About the first car in Austin, Texas." The photograph is a cyanotype.
Date: August 8, 1901