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[Zilker Hillside Theatre - Peter Pan]
Photograph of two actors of the Zilker Hillside Thearte summer musical "Peter Pan" in August 1971. The two actors playing Captain Hook and Peter Pan are crossing their swords.
[Future Site of the Recreation Department Building]
Photograph of the future site of the Recreation Department Building for the City of Austin. There is a construction sign, side-step pick-up truck and bleachers in the photograph.
[View of Austin, 1871]
Photograph of Austin in 1871.
Austin About 1839 or 1841.
Photograph of a print in the book "Austin Yesterday and Today". The Daughters of the Republic of Texas own the original artwork.
The New Capital of Texas in January 1, 1840
Photograph of an illustration by Edward Hall of the City of Austin; the new capitol of Texas in January 1, 1840.
[Austin City Plan, 1840]
Photograph of an illustration by Edward Hall of a city plan for the Texas Government buildings in Austin. Architectural renderings of buildings can be found on the top half of the illustration. Handwritten on the photograph is a list of buildings that are seen in the plan including: the President's House, Capitol Hill and Bullock's Tavern.
[E. 6th Street and Brazos]
Photograph of the Northeast corner of E. 6th Street and Brazos. St. David's is in the upper left of the photograph and the two story building is where the Driskell now stands.
[Texas State Capitol]
Photograph of a view of the Texas State Capitol taken from the south.
[View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of a view of Austin, TX taken from 1802 Colorado Street.
[View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of a view of Austin, TX looking northeast with General Land Office building in view.
[View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of a view of Austin, TX. Governor's Mansion in the foreground.
[View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of a view of Austin, TX.
[View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of a view of Austin, TX.
[Aerial View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of an aerial view of Austin, TX looking directly west from the Capitol dome. The photograph is of Block 135, which includes, Dr. Hayne's house, built by Abner Cook. Dr. Hayne's house was later Abner Cook's home and later the Quality Shops after it was moved to the front of the lot in the center of the block.
[Aerial View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of an aerial view of Austin, TX. The "Power House" or Boiler House is for construction of new Capitol building that began in 1881. A Swedish or German Lutheran church is in the foreground. The building in the distance, left of the Power House stack is the old City Hospital.
[Aerial View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of an aerial view of Austin, TX north of the Colorado River looking southwest.
[View of Austin]
Photograph of a view of Austin taken from the top of the old Travis County Courthouse Building looking southwest. Old temporary Capitol building in foreground.
[Laguna Gloria Grounds]
Photograph of trees and water on the grounds of Laguna Gloria (Austin Museum of Art). The name "Les Simon" is written on back of the photo.
Guadalupe Street
Photograph of Guadalupe Street taken from the west approximately where the present-day "The Drag" is located. A street car is in motion along the street. Texas Bookstore, University Co-Op and Roach Brothers pharmacy are on the west side of Guadalupe Street.
[Congress Avenue looking south from Capitol Building]
View of Congress Avenue, looking south from Capitol Building. Signs are visible for Maerki's Bakery and Hill & Hill Groceries.
Austin - Views from Capitol
View of Austin from the Capitol Building with the Governor's Mansion visible.
[Municipal Airport Hangar]
Photograph of a view of a hangar with doors open. There is a man on top of the roof and man below with truck.
[Street Vendors near UT Campus]
Photograph of the Renaissance Market near "The Drag" by the University of Texas, Austin campus. There are street vendors and market goers lining the street. There is Subaru station wagon parked on Guadalupe Street and a dalmatian watching the photographer.
[Aerial View of the Texas State Capitol Building]
Photograph of an aerial view of the Texas State Capitol building and surrounding area.
[Austin, TX]
Photograph of the city of Austin looking northeast from the Calcasieu Lumber Company. The Walter Tips Co. Hardware store can be seen on the north side of the street.
[Austin Skyline]
Photograph of the Austin skyline taken from the top of the Light Plant.
View of Austin from the Capitol
Photograph of the view from the Capitol building facing southwest. The Colorado River and a bridge spanning it can be seen in the background.
[Riverside Drive & IH-35]
A view of southbound IH-35 looking north. The State Capitol Building, The University of Texas Tower, and Texas Memorial Stadium are all visible in the distance.
[Exterior of Governor's Mansion]
Photograph of a southeast view of the corner exterior of the Governor's Mansion.
[Rear Exterior of Governor's Mansion]
Photograph of a rear exterior view of the Governor's Mansion.
[Street Car Bridge over Waller Creek]
Photograph of the street car bridge over Waller Creek located at 1st and Red River. People are standing along the bridge and there is a home in the background. Note on photograph reads: "Street car bridge 1st & Red River Austin, Tex. 4-23-15."
[Chef Jean-Pierre]
Photograph of Chef Jean-Pierre standing with anoher man in a kitchen. He is placing food onto a plate.
[Traders and Employees in Cotton Exchange]
Photograph of traders and employees in cotton exchange. There are men standing in front of a large chalkboard on the wall with stock information.
[Cotton Gin]
Photograph of a cotton gin near Austin. In front of the cotton gin are men with horse drawn carts full of cotton. There is another man standing near a cotton bale in the foreground.
[Hunter Cotton Gin]
Photograph of the exterior of the Hunter Cotton Gin. There are several men standing around the cotton gin and two men are sitting on horses.
[Old Courthouse in Montopolis, Travis County]
Photograph of an old courthouse east of Montopolis. It is said to be the first court house (now demolished). Sgt. Leslie J. Fox of the Austin Police Department is sitting in the doorway.
Travis County Courthouse
Exterior view of the Travis County Courthouse, Austin, Texas. It is an art deco style building.
[Bohn Brothers Department Store]
View of Bohn Brothers Department Store on Congress Avenue, in Austin. Several men and women are lined up on the sidewalk in front of the store, facing the camera. A boy holds a bicycle and a man is in a horse-drawn buggy. Citizens Bank & Trust Co. is to the left of the department store.
[Men Walking on Path at Botanical Gardens]
Photograph of two men walking down a path at the Zilker Park botanical gardens.
[Central Fire Station]
Photograph of the exterior of the Central Fire Station #1 at 401 East 5th Street.
[Grand Stand at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas]
Photograph of the Grand Stand at Camp Mabry in Austin in 1897, crowded with people. In the foreground a man in a suit and hat, carrying an umbrella, and a woman wearing a long white dress and hat, stroll toward the Grand Stand. Other people, some wearing military uniforms, are milling about. The wooden structure had raked seating under a long hipped roof, and one large central second story tower with smaller second story towers at each end. The structure, which served as a reviewing stand for troops, was burned by arson in 1902, and the original specifications exist at the Alexandar Architectural Archives at the University of Texas at Austin.
[Exterior of Driskill Hotel]
Photograph of a corner view of the Driskill Hotel taken from the southeast corner of 6th Sreet and Brazos.
[Exterior of Driskill Hotel]
Photograph of a northwest view of the exterior corner of the Driskill Hotel.
[Land Office Building]
Photograph of the exterior of the Texas General Land Office building (now the Capitol Visitor's Center).
[Deserted Log Cabin]
Photograph of the exterior of a deserted log cabin.
[Exterior of Log Cabin]
Photograph of the exterior of a log cabin located beyond Oak Hill.
Adams Extract Company
Photograph of a man working with equipment at the Adams Extract Company.
[Austin White Lime Company]
Photograph of the exterior of Austin White Lime Company. There is a man walking in front of the building and there are lime kilns in the background.
Train bearing Emilio Carranza's body in Austin July 21, 1928
Photograph of a train bearing Emilio Carranza's body as it stops in Austin on its way back to Mexico. From verso: "Emilio Carranza was a famous Mexican 'Ace' who was killed in an accident in New Jersey just after he had taken off for Mexico City where his bride of four months awaited him. His father Sebastian Carranza accompanied the body. At various stops along the way from New York to Mexico, recognition was given the flying ace. In Austin members of state and city governments met the train as well as members of the Chamber of Commerce: Max Bickler, J.A. Nichols, A.D. Bolm, Sam Sparks, Horace Barnhart, John D. Miller, James W. Bass, Lynn Hunter, A.D. Boone, Walter Murray, Martin Andersen, Walter Seaholm, R. Niles Graham, H.H. Luedecke, J. W. Ezelle, and Walter E. Long."
Mount Bonnell, Austin, Texas
View of Mount Bonnell, Austin, Texas.