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Revised Ordinances of the City of Austin.
This book contains the text of Austin City ordinances which were revised and adopted in 1908. Subject index begins on page 351.
[Copies of unsigned publishing contracts]
Two unsigned copies of publishing contracts by two different publishing houses: H. H. McClure and Co., and Phillips Publishing Co.
[Affidavit regarding seizure of slaves]
An affidavit—related to a legal dispute between William R. Smith and John W. Cloud ("Smith v. Cloud")—by Sheriff William McMaster regarding his seizure of a female slave named Grace and her three children.
[Deed for sale of Woodlawn]
The deed for the sale of Woodlawn from James B. Shaw to E.M. Pease.
O. Henry to illustrate "Indian Depredations in Texas"
Negative image of affidavit concerning Jossiah [sic] Willbarger employment of O. Henry to illustrate "Indian Depredations in Texas," 10 November 1932, signed by N.A. Rector
[Complaint against Dryden Holcomb for assaulting Richard Niles]
A complaint against a man named Dryden Holcomb for allegedly assaulting Richard Niles.