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[19th Street Looking West]

Description: Photograph of 19th Street (now Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.) looking west from about Trinity. Buildings line the left side of the street and construction vehicles and workers are on the right side.
Date: January 19, 1965
Creator: City of Austin
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["Oklahoma!" Cast Members]

Description: Photograph of several cast members of Zilker Hillside Theatre's "Oklahoma!" posing in costume in a surrey. Written on back of photo: "Norman Eaton (Curley), Shaaron Melcher (Laurey), Camille Tracy (Aunt Eller)."
Date: August 16, 1965
Creator: City of Austin

[Railroad tracks near Austin]

Description: Photograph of International and Great Northern railroad tracks outside of Austin. On the tracks in the distance can be seen the switch, and in the far distance, the city watertower is visible. Telephone poles and brush are dominant, though some houses and fences indicating residences are visible.
Date: July 22, 1966
Creator: City of Austin

The Zilker Zephyr

Description: Photograph of children and parents riding the Zilker Zephyr miniature train through Zilker Park. Downtown Austin and the Capitol building are visible in the background.
Date: [1960,1980]
Creator: Haddon, E.P.
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[Visitors and bust of Elisabet Ney at the Elisabet Ney Museum]

Description: Photograph of Visitors Lesly Cain (age 7) and Mrs. Don Johnson examine a bust is of Mrs. Elisabet Ney at the Elisabet Ney Museum. In 1892, European portrait sculptor Elisabet Ney (1833-1907) purchased property in Austin at 304 East 44th Street, established a studio named Formosa, and resumed her career as a noted sculptor. Ney sculpted and collected portraits of notable Texans and Europeans. Following Ney’s death in 1907, her friends preserved the studio and its contents as the Elisabet Ney Museum and established the Texas Fine Arts Association dedicated to her memory.
Date: [1969..1979]
Creator: Hyatt, Darl

Trio Los Amigos

Description: Photograph of a trio of Mexican mariachi musicians at the Pan American Recreation Center. The mariachi wear sombreros and patterned panchos. The two mariachi on the right and left play guitarróns while the middle mariachi plays the Mexican vihuela. The mariachi mouths are open in mid-song. The Pan American Recreation Center was opened in June 1942 as the first Latin American Recreation Center in Austin and run under the auspices of the Federated Latin American Club and directed by the Austin Recreation Department. The name "Pan American Recreation Center" was chosen by the executive committee during a center naming contest. On September 7, 1956, a new Pan American Recreation Center was formally dedicated at 2100 East 3rd Street, just west of the old location and where it currently exists today. The building adjoins Zavala School and was built at a cost of $155,261. The Hillside Theater was later built and completed in June 1958.
Date: 1965
Creator: Parks and Recreation Department, City of Austin