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[Sewing machine and mail bin in the Travis County Jail]

Description: Photograph of a sewing machine workstation at Travis County Jail. The sewing machine is a Kingston by Brother deluxe zag zag sewing machine and sits on a sewing table base with ruler markings. To the right of the sewing machine is an open wooden box sitting on a folding table. The box is labeled "MAIL IN-OUT" and is stuffed with sewing patterns (including one by Jiffy) and other printed paper materials, including the instructions for pattern number 8211. Cell bars separate the sewing workstation area from an eating and recreation area with a metal picnic style table and bench holding rolls of toilet paper, a percolator, an open bag of sugar and a cup. There is a wall-mounted sink on the far wall.
Date: 1970~

[Sheriff Captain Tony J. Casarez and a female guard in the cellblock hallway of the Travis County Jail]

Description: Photograph of Sheriff Captain Tony J. Casarez, standing in the hallway between the cells at Travis County Jail. He has a mustache and is wearing a white shirt and tie, blue jeans and boots. His upper body is turned toward the camera, and he is smiling. A uniformed female officer is behind Casarez. She has her back to the camera and is walking away. Her hair is cut in a shoulder-length bob. There is a row of lights with protective grills on the ceiling.
Date: 1970~

[A small Conjunto band in the Montopolis Neighborhood]

Description: Photograph of three male Conjunto musicians taking a break, as they visit with an audience of six other people, possibly Latinos. One man has an electric amplifier for his acoustic guitar, and two of the three are holding Schlitz beer cans. The audience includes a young woman standing in the doorway, a mature woman sitting on a wooden chair with a young girl on her lap, and a mature man facing the group. The group appears to be in front of a pre-fabricated building.
Date: 1970~
Creator: Penzenstadler, Joan

[Small conjunto band, including a guitar and an accordion, play next to a building in the Montopolis neighborhood]

Description: Photograph of a small conjunto band playing next to a building in the Montopolis neighborhood of Austin. A man stands on the right side, wearing cowboy boots and playing an accordion. A seated man seated in the middle plays an acoustic guitar and sings into a microphone. A third man sits on the left in the background. An electric cord, used to power an amplifier, the microphone, and the guitar is plugged into an electric socket just below the eaves. Three cans of Schlitz beer sit near the chairs.
Date: 1970~
Creator: Penzenstadler, Joan

[Town Lake Gazebo]

Description: Photograph of the Town Lake Gazebo. A pathway curves around to the gazebo in the foreground and Town Lake is behind the gazebo. Buildings across the river and a bridge are visible in the background. Started in 1967 and dedicated to the city in 1970 by the Austin Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction as a "lasting tribute to the construction industry." The gazebo is built on the promontory where Barton Creek flows into Town Lake providing a view of downtown Austin from the south side of Town Lake.
Date: [1970..1989]
Creator: Williamson, Nolen E.

[Travis County Jail interior]

Description: Photograph of an interior cell block at the Travis County Jail. Everything in the cell block, including ceiling, cell bars, table, benches, and walls, is made of metal. The hallway at the rear is separated from the cell block by a range of bars, through which is visible an exterior wall with windows, some of which are covered with paper or plastic. Items on the metal tables, including plastic cups, paper napkins, salt and pepper shakers, a individual-sized paperboard milk container, and a television set, seem to indicate that the area is a small recreation area where prisoners eat and watch television. Some disposable cups are also placed in the openings between the cell bars.
Date: 1970~

[Two seated inmates doing handwork in the sewing area of the Travis County Jail]

Description: Photograph of two inmates doing handwork in the sewing area of the Travis County Jail. On the left, an African-American man mends or performs crewel embroidery on a piece of dark fabric lying in his lap. He has a short goatee and is wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants. There is a short piece of thick yarn or string tied around his middle finger. The man seated to the right, sitting next to a sewing machine, is dressed in white and wears a paper food service hat.
Date: 1970~

[Wedding party dancing at a wedding at the San Jose Community Center in Montopolis]

Description: Photograph of a group of people dancing at a wedding. The women wear flowered bridesmaid dresses, elbow-length white gloves and short veils, and the men wear tuxedos. The women are holding long-stem flowers tied with trailing ribbons. The bride is partially visible towards the back of the group. A small group of people are seated off to the left.
Date: 1970~
Creator: Penzenstadler, Joan

[Woman wearing street clothes sitting on a bunk in a Travis County Jail cell]

Description: Photograph of a woman wearing a striped tank top and jeans sitting on a bunk in a jail cell. She holds a letter and pencil in her hands, and has a legal pad on her lap. The bed is made up with a blanket and polka dot pillow case, and there are two envelopes on the bed. A metal toilet and sink unit are in the foreground. The sink holds a bar of soap and a metal drinking cup is placed over the drain. The finish on the toilet seat is chipped and broken.
Date: 1970~


Description: Photograph of a close-up of two performers - a man and a boy - on stage during a production of "Oliver" at Zilker Hillside Theater.
Date: August 1970
Creator: Recreation Department-City of Austin

[L.C. Anderson High School closing boycott]

Description: Photograph of students boycotting the closing of L.C. Anderson High School. The school was ordered closed in 1971 by a federal judge as part of desegregation. African-American students and parents sit on sidewalks and cars to protest the closing. The school, located at 900 Thompson Street, was originally named E.H. Anderson, and later renamed L.C. Anderson after one of its longest-serving principals. In 1973, a new, integrated L.C. Anderson High School reopened at its current location at 8403 Mesa Drive.
Date: 1971

[Governor's Mansion with fence]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Governor's Mansion front elevation, landscaping, and ironwork fence with whitewashed brick wall reading "Governor's Mansion" with an ironwork star in the wall. The shutters are open to the bare tree branches. The mansion was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and was continuously occupied since 1856. The occupant here in 1971 was Governor Preston Smith. The mansion was declared a Texas historical landmark in 1962 and a national historic landmark in 1970.
Date: 1971
Creator: Horberger, Carl

[Man welding at Weigl Iron Works in Austin, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a man wearing a welding mask, leather apron, jeans and work shirt, welding something on a bench in a work room. The wooden door to the room is open, and appears to let in light from the outside. There is a sign on the door that reads: "OPEN COME IN", and there are symbols branded into the door. Wires are strung across the rough wood plank floor, and many metal items are stacked on the floor, the workbench, and on shelves around the walls.
Date: [1971..1977]
Creator: Austin Citizen