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The 2nd State Capitol

Description: Photograph of the 2nd capitol building for the state of Texas. There is a attached to the bottom right hand corner of the photograph a label that reads "The 2nd State Capital [sic]. Located on the site of the present Capital [sic], Burned in 1881." The land in front of the building is terraced and a pathway extends from the entrance down the terraces.
Date: [1853, 1881]

[African-American families]

Description: Photograph of a family of African-Americans standing in front of a log cabin. A young girl stands in the open doorway of the cabin and looks on at the family portrait.
Date: [1860..1890]

Aunt Sallie Carlton

Description: Photograph of an elderly woman by the name of Sallie Carlton. Carlton was the wife of Charles Carlton, founder of Carlton College in Bonham.
Date: [1860..1880]

Barton Creek Bridge

Description: Photograph of three women and a baby in front of the bridge.
Date: 1860/1890

[Governor's Mansion]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Governor's Mansion. "The Governor's Mansion after Texas became a state in 1846, and stands today, although much altered and improved. It is still the Governor's Mansion. It was and is located one black SW of the Capitol." is written on back of photograph.
Date: 1860

[Group of Young African Americans]

Description: Photograph of a group of young African-Americans in front of a brick building. The men have removed their hats for the photo, and several men and women carry books in their hands or laps.
Date: [1860..1890]

John and Mary Caldwell

Description: Photograph of John and Mary Caldwell, an elderly couple. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Grandpa & Grandma Caldwell." Carte-de-visite format.
Date: [1860..1880]
Creator: Kuhn & Smith

[Railroad near Llano]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people and horse-drawn carriages gathered around a train on a railroad in a forest. A note on back reads "Mr. Will Todman from England, Time Keeper for Quarries at Llano, Texas. Quarrying granite for consturction of the State Capitol at Austin. 50,000 tones narrow [illegible] R.R. A. & N.W. Near Llano -- before R.R. was finished to an Austin Band was was hired to play -- Group Moore F. [illegible], (Major Ramsdell)."
Date: [1864..1881]

[E. F. Caldwell]

Description: Photograph of E. F. Caldwell, father of Frank Caldwell. A handwritten note at the foot of the image says, "Papa." Carte-de-visite format.
Date: [1866..1880]
Creator: Oliphant, W. J.

[Governor's Mansion]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Governor's mansion view from across Colorado Street to the northwest, looking at the front (east) and south elevations, showing unpainted brick, people sitting on the front porch, the original staircase, and the original cantilevered balcony.
Date: 1866
Location Info:

[Man on Horse on East Sixth Street]

Description: Photograph of 200 East Sixth Street circa 1866. The man on horse is William Oliphant who owned a jewelry store on Pecan Street in 1852. The child with him is Will Carter. The Missouri House, Michael Ziller residence, is in the background.
Date: 1866~

[Scholz Garden]

Description: Photograph of the exterior of Scholz Garden (Scholz Garten/Scholz Beer Garden) with an unidentified man standing in front of the door.
Date: [1866,1900]

Pecan Street Looking East from Oliphant's Photo Gallery

Description: Photograph of East Pecan Street (now 6th street) with William Oliphant (who had a jewelry store on Pecan Street in 1852) on a horse. The child next to the horse is Will Carter. A building in the background is visible and has "Missouri House" painted on the side. It was the residence of Michael Ziller. A sign also hangs from the second floor balcony of the house reading "Austin Motel." Also visible in the background is England & Hannig Cabinet Makers.
Date: November 1866
Creator: Oliphant, W.J.

[Tightrope walker John Devier on Congress Avenue]

Description: Photograph of a crowd gathered to watch a tight rope walker. Caption reads, "Scene on Congress Avenue in 1867, showing exhibition by a tight-rope walker (Devier) across the Avenue from the historic old Avenue Hotel at Eighth and Congress, on East side. The carriage at the left, entering the Avenue, is that of Gov. E. M. Pease (Gov. from 1853-57 and 1867-69)."
Date: 1867
Creator: Jordan-Ellison

[St. David's Episcopal Church]

Description: Photograph of the exterior of St. David's Episcopal church. There are many people standing outside of the church.
Date: December 19, 1867

Yarborough, Wilson & Co.

Description: Photograph of a house in Anderson, Texas. A small herd of cattle is gathered outside the house. The inscription on the back notes "Built in 1868 -- second building on east side of street including this one burned in 1875. This is where [illegible] August Obercamp Drug store now is."
Date: 1868

[Governor's Mansion]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Governor's mansion from around 1869. Taken from a stereoscope view.
Date: 1869