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[Exterior of Decker Methodist Church]

Description: Photograph of the front exterior of Decker Methodist Church circa 1892. The church was built in 1879 and was moved in 1901. There is a large group standing in front of the church. Among those present are Reverend August Wallin, S.A. Lundell (grandfather of Mrs. Simon Swahn who was Hilma Johnson) and his brother Gustav Lundell, L.P. Swahn (father of Simon Swahn)and his brother C.J. Swahn, and F.G. Swenson.
Date: 1892~

[Texas German and English Academy]

Description: Group portrait in front of the Texas German And English Academy, later Bickler School. The school was located at 208 West 14th Street. There is an inscription on the back of the photograph that reads "On June 12, 1881, I was born in the south west upstairs bedroom. This building is located at 208 W. 14th St. Mah H. Bickler."
Date: 1892~