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[Disch Field]

Description: Photograph of the outfield of Disch Field with a few baseball players on it. "Disch" is mowed into the lawn. The scoreboard is for Austin vs. Sherman. A body works shop is in the background.
Date: 1950~

[View looking south on Guadalupe Street, "the Drag", at 24th Street]

Description: Photograph of Guadalupe Street, also known as "the Drag," at 24th Street, looking south. The view includes the Varsity Theater in foreground on the right, and an oblique view of the U. T. campus in the background on the left. Just past the intersection is a pickup truck stopped in the street, and three men wearing hats appear to be repairing a hole in the road next to the pickup. The back of a highway sign, for Texas highways 79, 81, and 183, faces south on the northbound side of the road. There are raised medians on Guadalupe near the intersection. Commercial signs for Lou's Cafe and Chenards Music Store are visible on the west side of Guadalupe, and a number of automobiles are parked on the street.
Date: 1950/1953

[Aerial view of courts and seats at Caswell Tennis Center]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of all six tennis courts, spectator stands, and parking at the Caswell Tennis Center on Shoal Creek at 24th and N. Lamar. Two men's doubles matches are visible in the back two courts. Spectators crowd in the shade under the awning. Residential neighborhoods are visible behind the tennis courts in the background.
Date: June 20, 1950
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Lab., Austin

[Pan American Recreation Center Halloween]

Description: Photograph of three women and five children pose for a photo. One boy wears a Halloween mask he likely made himself. Another mischevious boy lands a kick to another boy's hip. The Pan American Recreation Center was opened in June 1942 as the first Latin American Recreation Center in Austin and run under the auspices of the Federated Latin American Club and directed by the Austin Recreation Department. The name "Pan American Recreation Center" was chosen by the executive committee during a center naming contest. On September 7, 1956, a new Pan American Recreation Center was formally dedicated at 2100 East 3rd Street, just west of the old location and where it currently exists today. The building adjoins Zavala School and was built at a cost of $155,261. The Hillside Theater was later built and completed in June 1958.
Date: October 31, 1950
Creator: Parks and Recreation Dept., City of Austin

[Seaholm Power Plant Intake Facility]

Description: Photograph of the lake side view of the Seaholm Power Plant Intake facility. The Art Deco concrete facility was designed by Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company and was built in two phases in 1950 and 1955 by Odom Construction Company. The facility operated as a power plant until 1989 and was finally decommissioned in 1996 by the city of Austin. The intake facility is located on the shores of Lady Bird Lake and the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail.
Date: December 1, 1950
Creator: City of Austin

Seaholm Power Plant Steam Turbines

Description: Photograph of the interior of Austin's Seaholm Power Plant. Caption reads "Looking west, L-R: steam turbines, generators, exciters; front to back: 20,000 kilowatt generators; 20,000 kilowatt generators; 20,000 kilowatt generators; 40,000 kilowatt generators." Though the caption indicates this is looking west, the placement of the windows suggests this is actually looking east.
Date: [1951, 1955]

[Moving large parts into Seaholm Power Plant]

Description: Photograph of men moving a large piece of machinery into Seaholm Power Plant near Town Lake. A large crane hook is supporting the machinery part with four massive cables. The cylindrical component is sitting on a track which is moving through a trench into the plant. Three workers check the cables from on top of the cylinder, and several other men monitor the progress from the ground. The Seaholm Power Plant was designed by Burns & McDonell Engineering Co. and built in two phases by Odom Construction company in 1950 and 1955 at 800 West Cesar Chavez St in Austin, Texas. The plant was dedicated posthumously to Walter E. Seaholm in recognition of his 33-year service to the city of Austin as Superintendent of Water and Light and City Manager. The plant operated as a power source until 1989. The city of Austin authorized the decommissioning of the plant in 1996. In 2000 the city commissioned a District Master Plan for the site, and in 2008 it approved a plan by Seaholm Power Development, LLC to repurpose the buildings into retail, residential, and outdoor spaces.
Date: January 6, 1951

[Men erecting telephone or power pole in Crestview neighborhood]

Description: Photograph of several men erecting a telephone or power pole in the Crestview neighborhood of Austin. The men are wearing hats and one appears to be wearing a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt. A small crane is visible on the right side of the image. In the background to the left, there is a sign which reads: "CRESTVIEW LARGE LOTS, $595, TERMS, A. B. Beddow, REALTOR, 7106 WOODROW AVE. - PHO._-7631". Several structures are visible in the background, which appear to be part of the old Richcreek Dairy Farm where the Crestview neighborhood was constructed. A. B. Beddow and the Austin Development Corporation were the developers of the neighborhood which was built up between the late 1940s to the mid 1960s. The neighborhood is bordered by Wooten neighborhood and Anderson Lane to the North, Allandale neighborhood and Burnet Road to the West, Brentwood neighborhood and Justin Lane to the South, and the Highland neighborhood and North Lamar Boulevard to the East.
Date: 1952