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[Donate Old Tires]

Description: Photograph of a tire donation point in front of the Texas State Capitol's south fa├žade during World War I. The donation point is designed to look like a totem pole like those found in the Pacific Northwest. The cement base of the pole is painted with the words "Donate Old Tires."
Date: [1914,1918]

[Group of World War I Army enlisted men eating beside tent rows]

Description: Photograph of several enlisted men in what appear to be World War I U.S. infantry uniforms, some wearing sweaters and others thick shirts, eating at the end of a row of field tents. They are eating from metal mess kits, and the meal appears to include biscuits. Several of the men are wearing enlisted visor hats. Three of the men are identified in handwriting on the photograph: Walter, Clyde and George.
Date: 1917

[Three students of the University of Texas School of Military Aeronautics on the lawn in front of the Old Main building, Austin, Texas]

Description: Photograph of three young men dressed in military uniforms, sitting on the lawn in front of the Old Main building at the University of Texas at Austin. The men have their legs straight out in front of them, showing the soles of thier boots, upon which is written in chalk: "BERLIN OR BUST", a popular patriotic/propaganda phrase during World War I. The man in the middle of the group has his campaign hat on his lap. The men are identified on the back of the photograph, from left to right as: Curry, Hart and Callender.
Date: 1917/1919

[Student gathering on University of Texas at Austin campus before Governor Ferguson protest parade]

Description: Photograph of a group of University of Texas students and supporters gathered on the lawn behind the Old Main Building, as they prepare for a protest march to Governor James E. Ferguson's (Pa Ferguson) capitol office. Many of the group are seated on the lawn or on chairs, and some hold umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. A caption on the back of the photograph reads "scene in the campus before the student parade, May 28, 1917, Old Main Bg. in the background." The group was protesting Governor Ferguson's call for fraternities and sororities to be banned from the UT campus, and his further call for the removal of University president Dr. Robert Ernest Vinson. The Governor was not successful in either case, and was indeed himself impeached and removed from office by the Texas legislature on September 25, 1917.
Date: May 28, 1917

[Technical instructor with engine components and diagram]

Description: Photograph of a technical instructor at the UT School of Military Aeronautics stands between two engine components and uses a wooden pointer to explain pieces of the engine from a chalkboard diagram. In 1917, President Woodrow Wilson and the Council of National Defense established military schools for aviators at six college campuses around the country. The Schools of Military Aeronautics (SMAs) were to provide basic technical instruction for beginning pilots before they moved on to flight training. The SMA students were not considered regular university students. Those attending the SMA became soldiers in a new branch of the US Army called "Air Service," later becoming the United States Air Force. The UT SMA was initially housed in B. Hall, but moved housing once enrollment expanded from 50 to several hundred men. By the end of the war, the UT SMA had over 1,000 men enrolled--the largest in the country--and was known as the "West Point of the Air." It would be the prototype for the Air Force Academy.
Date: 1918
Creator: Ellison Photo Company

Armistice Day Parade

Description: Photograph of a group of men marching in an Armistice Day parade in 1919. The identities of some of the men are given by Mr. George C. Hawley: Dr. T.U. Taylor is holding the flag, Dr. E.P. Schoch is the tall professor in the first row (next to Dr. Bantel), Dr. E.C. Bantel is the first person in the line of march.
Date: 1919

[Brackenridge Elementary School]

Description: Photograph of Brackenridge Elementary School, located at 319 West Elizabeth Street, a segregated school for Negro children. The building was a one story wooden structure with board and batten exterior walls, 6/6 wood windows, and a plain, square-columned porch entrance. The wooden doors are topped by transom windows. This school for colored children was first listed in the 1909-1910 Austin City Directory, and a school by that name was operating as late as 1965.
Date: 1920~

[Group of Children at Governor's Mansion]

Description: Photograph of First Lady Willie Hobby, seated on the steps of the Governor's Mansion, surrounded by a group of children. Included are Marie Hanna Bernheim; Roy Rather, Jr.; Margaret Soreano Beverly; Kathleen Crawford; Catherine Teten Nash; Mary Watt Avery; Mary Louise Hill Sparks; Virginia Horton Roberdeau; Helen Phinney Avery; George Sparks; and Frances Seybolt Rather.
Date: 1920~
Creator: Gazley Company