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[Men in Vaught Hardware Store]
Photograph of three men in front of a Crosley radio display in Vaught Hardware store. On the left, a contest winner receives a check and certificate from two men in the center and on the right for participation in a Crosley Radio contest. Behind the men are a selection of Crosley radios and a sign that reads "Crosley...In all Radio. No finer performance. No greater beauty."
[Five men in KNOW Radio Station]
Five men broadcasting at KNOW Radio Station. The men are wearing suits and ties. One man is standing next to a microphone holding a sheet of paper. The four other men are seated around a table.
Letter from Witter Bynner to Mary
Correspondence regarding a book order from Doubleday.
[Men at Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of two men wearing white shirts, ties and slacks in a machine room at Seaholm Power Plant. The man on the left is Mr. Seaholm. He has his hands on a crank on a machine labeled "Westinghouse."
[Two men and one woman standing next a General McArthur Decoration]
Two men and one woman standing next a General McArthur Decoration. One of the men is wearing a veteran's hat and is missing most of his left leg. He is standing on crutches.
[Women’s Association, Congregational Church]
Photograph of the Womens's Association, Congregational Church at Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Kuehne's home in Austin, Texas. They are in four rows. A list of names is on the back.
[Moving large parts into Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of men moving a large piece of machinery into Seaholm Power Plant near Town Lake. A large crane hook is supporting the machinery part with four massive cables. The cylindrical component is sitting on a track which is moving through a trench into the plant. Three workers check the cables from on top of the cylinder, and several other men monitor the progress from the ground. The Seaholm Power Plant was designed by Burns & McDonell Engineering Co. and built in two phases by Odom Construction company in 1950 and 1955 at 800 West Cesar Chavez St in Austin, Texas. The plant was dedicated posthumously to Walter E. Seaholm in recognition of his 33-year service to the city of Austin as Superintendent of Water and Light and City Manager. The plant operated as a power source until 1989. The city of Austin authorized the decommissioning of the plant in 1996. In 2000 the city commissioned a District Master Plan for the site, and in 2008 it approved a plan by Seaholm Power Development, LLC to repurpose the buildings into retail, residential, and outdoor spaces.
[Men at Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of six men standing in front of machinery on a rail car near Seaholm Power Plant.
[Men standing outside Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of Men standing around a delivery for a number of transformer parts at Seaholm Power Plant near the shore of Town Lake.