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[MKT Northbound Texas Special]

Description: Photograph of Missouri, Kansas, Texas' northbound Texas Special on Southern Pacific tracks on 3rd at Neches street, Austin, Tx, circa 1965. Next to the tracks is the Gugenheim-Goldsmith Co. fruits & produce warehouse. Several cars are parked along the street.
Date: ~1965

[Aircrew Class 69-8B]

Description: Photograph of a group of men, Aircrew Class 69-8B, in front of a plane. Those standing are, from left to right, Major Howard, Colonel Larkin, Captain Idone, Captain Boyce. The men kneeling are Major Jack Chervenak, Captain Moore, and Lieutenant Cox.
Date: 1969

[Aircrew Class 70-5B]

Description: Photograph of a group of men, Aircrew Class 70-5B in front of a plane. Those in the back row are, from left to right, Major Haas, Captain Harbaugh, Captain Sydow, Lieutenant Farley, and Captain Casey. Those in the front row are Major McSherry, Lieutenant Madole, Captain Ripley, Lieutenant Kermes, and Major Mather.
Date: [1969..1970]

[Governor's Mansion fence]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Governor's Mansion east elevation seen behind whitewashed brick and iron fence and gate naming the house as the "Governor's Mansion." Tree visible immediately behind the fence and the mansion is visible under a cloud-filled sky in the background. The mansion was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and was continuously occupied since 1856. The occupant here in 1969 was Governor Preston Smith. The mansion was declared a Texas historical landmark in 1962 and a national historic landmark in 1970.
Date: 1969

[Visitors and bust of Elisabet Ney at the Elisabet Ney Museum]

Description: Photograph of Visitors Lesly Cain (age 7) and Mrs. Don Johnson examine a bust is of Mrs. Elisabet Ney at the Elisabet Ney Museum. In 1892, European portrait sculptor Elisabet Ney (1833-1907) purchased property in Austin at 304 East 44th Street, established a studio named Formosa, and resumed her career as a noted sculptor. Ney sculpted and collected portraits of notable Texans and Europeans. Following Ney’s death in 1907, her friends preserved the studio and its contents as the Elisabet Ney Museum and established the Texas Fine Arts Association dedicated to her memory.
Date: [1969..1979]
Creator: Hyatt, Darl