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[Man looks at body wrapped in blanket on gurney in high security Travis County Jail cell area]

Description: Photograph of a man with long sideburns and wearing a jacket, possibly a doctor or medical examiner, standing over a body or corpse completely wrapped in a blanket on a collapsible metal gurney. The location is the Travis County Jail in an area where the doors are solid and a have small barred window with a hinged cover. A man wearing a uniform, possibly a guard, is partially visible behind the gurney.
Date: 1970

[McNeil Depot Saloon]

Description: Photograph of McNeil Depot Saloon. This is most likely the building that now houses Donn's Depot in Austin, Texas. The building was transported from McNeil, Texas to its current location thirty years ago.
Date: unknown
Creator: Dougherty


Description: Photograph of Mo-Pac Expressway at Lake Austin Boulevard looking north. There is light traffic on the road and the railroad tracks and a train are visible in the highway median.
Date: 197u
Creator: Austin Citizen