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[Players on Disch Field]

Description: Photograph of the outfield at Disch Field with a few baseball players on the field. Advertisements on the back wall are visible for Calcasieu Building Materials, East End Lumber, American National Bank, Clark's Used cars, and other companies.
Date: unknown

[Protesting Aqua Fest Boat Races]

Description: Photograph of a group of people protesting the boat races on Lake Austin (now Lady Bird Lake) that were a common during Austin's Aqua Fest. The protests were led by Austin's Latin American communities who did not like the loud noises produced by the boats as the raced by their community.
Date: [1970, 1979]
Creator: Austin Citizen

[Rear view Seaholm Power Plant]

Description: Photograph of the rear of the Seaholm Power Plant from the river side. Raised dirt roadways are visible in the foreground, as well as the many power lines emanating from the plant. The Seaholm Power Plant was constructed at 800 West 1st Street (now Cesar Chavez) in the 1930s and was eventually demolished in the 1960s.
Date: 194u
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Lab., Austin

[Seaholm Power Plant]

Description: Photograph of the Seaholm Power Plant in Austin, TX during the 1920s. Inscribed on the back of the photograph is "From left to right: "New" boiler room, turbine room, "Old" boiler room, which became the shop after equipment was removed and black stack torn down - 1927?". "Austin the Friendly City" is painted down the tall stack.
Date: 192?

[Sewing machine and mail bin in the Travis County Jail]

Description: Photograph of a sewing machine workstation at Travis County Jail. The sewing machine is a Kingston by Brother deluxe zag zag sewing machine and sits on a sewing table base with ruler markings. To the right of the sewing machine is an open wooden box sitting on a folding table. The box is labeled "MAIL IN-OUT" and is stuffed with sewing patterns (including one by Jiffy) and other printed paper materials, including the instructions for pattern number 8211. Cell bars separate the sewing workstation area from an eating and recreation area with a metal picnic style table and bench holding rolls of toilet paper, a percolator, an open bag of sugar and a cup. There is a wall-mounted sink on the far wall.
Date: 1970~

[Sheriff Captain Tony J. Casarez and a female guard in the cellblock hallway of the Travis County Jail]

Description: Photograph of Sheriff Captain Tony J. Casarez, standing in the hallway between the cells at Travis County Jail. He has a mustache and is wearing a white shirt and tie, blue jeans and boots. His upper body is turned toward the camera, and he is smiling. A uniformed female officer is behind Casarez. She has her back to the camera and is walking away. Her hair is cut in a shoulder-length bob. There is a row of lights with protective grills on the ceiling.
Date: 1970~

[Side view of Blackshear Elementary School, located at 1712 East 11th Street]

Description: Photograph of the side of Blackshear Elementary School, a two story brick building with a flat roof located at 1712 East 11th Street and constructed in 1936. The school was named for Edward Lavernia Blackshear, a former administrative supervisor of Austin's African-American schools. There are groups of 5 windows on the first and second floor, with decorative brickwork on the wall between the floors. A one-story entrance, with two sets of wooden double doors, sits to the left of the two-story section. To the right, hands hold a chalk board sign that reads, "2-14 1-BLACKSHEAR".
Date: unknown