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[Men Loading Cargo]
Photograph of men loading cargo onto an aircraft. Several of them push on the cargo to get it up the ramp, and inside the aircraft, more men pull on ropes attached to the cargo.
[On Foreign Objects Damage Walk]
Photograph of men and women walking away from the camera as they perform a Foreign Object Damage walk at the Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Pilot Training in Water]
Photograph of a male pilot training in water. He wears a helmet, and an inflatable float surrounding him is labeled "for training."
[Portrait of George S. Gennin]
Portrait of Colonel George S. Genning, the vice commander of the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing.
[Soldiers Looking Down]
Photograph of men and women looking down as they perform a Foreign Object Damage walk at the Bergstrom Air Force Base. A school bus is visible in the right background.
[Woman Filling Syringe]
Photograph of a woman filling a syringe at the Bergstrom Air Force Base Hospital.
[Woman in Flight Simulator]
Photograph of a woman sitting in a flight simulator. Colonel Carl Franklin sits outside the simulator, talking to the woman.
[Woman Lecturing to Class]
Photograph of a woman lecturing a group of students in a large classroom. There is a projector on behind her, and several of the students hold guns in front of them. The man in the first row, seventh from the left has been identified as Charles Laughlin.
[Woman Setting up Incubator]
Photograph of a woman setting up an incubator in the new obstetrics clinic at the Bergstrom Air Force Base Hospital.
[Woman Standing Over Patient]
Photograph of a woman in a white uniform with a stethoscope around her neck leaning over a male patient who lies in a hospital bed at Bergstrom Air Force Base. She places sensors on his chest.
[Colonel Charlie Loflin and CMSgt Ross]
Photograph of Colonel Charles Loflin and Chief Master Sergeant Ross holding a book at a retirement ceremony in 1989.
[Men Signing Paperwork]
Photograph of a long line of men waiting to sign paperwork at Bergstrom Air Force Base. They hold their helmets in one hand, and binders in the other.
[Commanders at Desk]
Photograph of Commander Charles Laughlin and Vice Commander George Gennin at a desk. Loflin is seated, and holds a pen over a paper in front of him. Gennin stand to the right.
[Flag Ceremony]
Photograph of Tony McPeak handing a flag to Carl Franklin. A man, who is tentatively identified as Charlie Laughlin, stands to the right. A plane is visible in the background.
[67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing's Maintenance Team]
Photograph of a line of military personnel standing in a line. They are the RAM maintenance team for the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. Several vans are visible to the right.
[Final Adjustments]
Photograph of SMSgt. Dwight Morehead of the Air National Guard's 155th Tactical Reconnaissance Group from Lincoln, Nebraska, making final adjustments to his aircraft prior to the RAM '88 competition.
[Formal Dedication of Reconnaissance Air Park]
Photograph of formal dedication of the Reconnaissance Air Park by the 67th Wing. Planes are on display throughout the park.
[Installing Drag Chute]
Photograph of SSgt. Tom Bienkowski, aircraft crew chief, installing a drag chute into a 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing RF-4C during RAM '88.
[Load of Supply Equipment]
Photograph of a load of supply equipment and supplies being loaded onto the bed of a truck.
[Maintenance Worker]
Photograph of a worker performing maintenance on the wheels of an airplane.
[Man Cleaning Decal]
Photograph of a man cleaning a decal that reads "RAM '88, 67 TRW, Ghost Riders" on the side of a plane.
[Refueling an F-14]
Photograph of a man refueling an F-14 aircraft at Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Refueling Plane]
Photograph of a man, sitting on the wing of a plane in order to refuel it at Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Servicing Plane]
Photograph of a man on the wing of a plane at Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Tim Venable With Supplies]
Photograph of SSgt Tim Venable kneeling next to a tool box. A plane is visible in the background.
[Two Men Servicing an F-14]
Photograph of two men sitting by the wheel of an F-14 aircraft in order to service it.
[Uploading Lopan Camera]
Photograph of SSgt. Chris Ream, the photo specialist for the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing RAM team, uploading a lopan camera into an aircraft.
[Carl Franklin Receives Memento]
Photograph of Colonel Carl Franklin receiving a memento from Rowland Person after Franklin's last flight. General Blood, Bill Head, Jack Mouton, and Dorothy Rowland applaud in the background.
[1986 Reconnaissance Air Meet]
Photograph of the 1986 Reconnaissance Air Meet at the Bergstrom Air Force Base. A crowd is gathered and there are four planes on display.
[Station wagon pulls Jackie Gerber, skiing on snow]
Photograph of Jackie Gerber of Austin, trying to ski behind a car on the first snowfall in several years. About 3-4 inches fell in the area, causing the closure of schools and many businesses. The modified water skies used by Gerber didn't do too well on the dry snow.
[Crown on 6th Street, Halloween]
Photograph of crowds on 6th Street on Halloween. Various businesses and buildings line both sides of the street.
[John Logeman with Photo Derby Participants]
Photograph of Colonel John D. Logeman leading Photo Derby participants back to Bergstrom Air Force Base. A truck and several planes are visible on the tarmac.
[Man in Rain]
Photograph of a man running past gas pumps in heavy rain at a service station.
Capitol Fire, February 6, 1983
Photograph of Lt. Governor Hobby's library after it was destroyed by a fire in his apartment on February 6, 1983.
[Cutting the Cake]
Photograph of Brigadier General Richard Meyer and Colonel Charles Sloan cutting a cake commemorating the 36th birthday of the United States Air Force. Three women stand to the right, and there is another man to the left.
[People at Texas Special Olympics]
Photograph of people on a track during the Texas Special Olympics. People are also visible in the stands.
[Ribbon Cutting Ceremony]
Photograph of Lieutenant Colonel Glyndon Bruhl holding the ribbon as Colonel Charles P. Sloan, Jr. prepares to cut it to open the 62nd Tactical Reconnaissance Training Squadron flight operations facility.
[Welcoming Buermeyer]
Photograph of Lieutenant Colonel James C. Metsala, right, welcoming Lieutenant Colonel David W. Buermeyer to Bergstrom Air Force Base after flying from South Carolina. The plane is visible in the background.
Governor's Mansion, Austin, Texas
Photograph of the Texas Governor's Mansion front elevation, showing concrete entry steps and Texas RTHL medallion over the front door. Two signs on the front lawn on either side of the steps read "Mansion Closed." The mansion was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and was continuously occupied since 1856. The occupant here in 1982 was Governor Bill Clements. The mansion was declared a Texas historical landmark in 1962 and a national historic landmark in 1970.
[Men Saving Belongings from Flood Waters]
Photograph of "three residents carry(ing) a TV set out of a flooded house along Williamson Creek as heavy rains forced numerous creeks out of their banks."
[Wehling Assumes Command]
Photograph of Colonel George E. Wehling assuming command of the 67th Combat Support Group. He stands between Colonel John Linihan, right, and an unidentified man, in front of three flags.
[General Robert C. Mathis At Lunch]
Photograph of General Robert C. Mathis giving a speech at lunch on Bergstrom Air Force Base. Technical Sergeant Dennis Roberts and Senior Airman Charles Nead are seated at the general's table. The men at the other tables turn to listen to the general.
[Columbia Landing at Bergstrom]
Photograph of an airplane, with the space shuttle Columbia piggy-backing on top of it, landing at Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Graham E. Stirrup After Last Flight]
Photograph of British exchange officer Graham E. Stirrup after his last flight with the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing at the Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Greeting Officers]
Photograph of Lt. Col. Jim Metsala, Colonel William H. Brandt, and Colonel Alan P. Lurie greeting Major Paul M. Miller after his return from Salty Bee.
Removing St. David's Bell Prior to Roof Repair
Photograph of a man operating a crane to remove the bell from St. David's Church.
[Children's washtub band at Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm]
Photograph of a washtub band consisting of at least nine young adults performing in a barn at Pioneer Farms. They wear homemade t-shirts that read "I'm a Singing Spark." Instruments consist of: three guitars, guitarron, banjo, washtub bass, and at least one tambourine.
[Civil Engineering Prime BEEF Team]
Photograph of the members of the Civil Engineering Prime BEEF team during a Lone Star Exercise. Some of them sit on chairs or tables under a tent, while others stand to the left.
[Governor's Mansion]
Photograph of the front entrance of the Texas Governor's mansion taken after a recent snowfall.
[Interview with Sally Ride and Bob Crippen]
Photograph of MSgt Robert Evilsizer interviewing astronauts Sally Ride, left, and Bob Crippen, middle, at the Bergstrom Air Force Base.