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[Dan Davidson and Jack Robinson]

Description: Photograph of (left to right): Dan Davidson, Austin City Manager, shaking the hand of Jack Robinson, Director of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (facing) in an office. Architectural plans lean against the wall behind manager Davidson.
Date: September 19, 1973
Creator: City of Austin

[Governor's Mansion with fence]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Governor's Mansion front elevation, landscaping, and ironwork fence with whitewashed brick wall reading "Governor's Mansion" with an ironwork star in the wall. The shutters are open to the bare tree branches. The mansion was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and was continuously occupied since 1856. The occupant here in 1971 was Governor Preston Smith. The mansion was declared a Texas historical landmark in 1962 and a national historic landmark in 1970.
Date: 1971
Creator: Horberger, Carl

[Man looks at body wrapped in blanket on gurney in high security Travis County Jail cell area]

Description: Photograph of a man with long sideburns and wearing a jacket, possibly a doctor or medical examiner, standing over a body or corpse completely wrapped in a blanket on a collapsible metal gurney. The location is the Travis County Jail in an area where the doors are solid and a have small barred window with a hinged cover. A man wearing a uniform, possibly a guard, is partially visible behind the gurney.
Date: 1970

[Travis County Jail Cell with bunks, toilet and sink]

Description: Photograph of a large, multi-prisoner cell in the Travis County Jail, which has six bunks, a sink, toilet and wall-mounted light. Bars form the front wall of the cell, which has two sliding doors, one at each end of the cell. The bunks are made up with sheets, and have what appear to be blankets placed at the foot of the matresses.
Date: February 1972
Creator: Austin American Statesman

[Travis County Jail interior]

Description: Photograph of an interior cell block at the Travis County Jail. Everything in the cell block, including ceiling, cell bars, table, benches, and walls, is made of metal. The hallway at the rear is separated from the cell block by a range of bars, through which is visible an exterior wall with windows, some of which are covered with paper or plastic. Items on the metal tables, including plastic cups, paper napkins, salt and pepper shakers, a individual-sized paperboard milk container, and a television set, seem to indicate that the area is a small recreation area where prisoners eat and watch television. Some disposable cups are also placed in the openings between the cell bars.
Date: 1970~

[Sheriff Captain Tony J. Casarez and a female guard in the cellblock hallway of the Travis County Jail]

Description: Photograph of Sheriff Captain Tony J. Casarez, standing in the hallway between the cells at Travis County Jail. He has a mustache and is wearing a white shirt and tie, blue jeans and boots. His upper body is turned toward the camera, and he is smiling. A uniformed female officer is behind Casarez. She has her back to the camera and is walking away. Her hair is cut in a shoulder-length bob. There is a row of lights with protective grills on the ceiling.
Date: 1970~

[Formal portrait of Travis County Sheriff Truitt O. Lang]

Description: Photograph of Travis County Sheriff T. O. Lang, who served from January 1, 1953 to December 31, 1972. He was the longest serving sheriff in Travis County history, and died April 28, 1977. This head-and-shoulders portrait is part of the Austin Citizen Collection. It shows Sheriff Lang dressed in a dark suit with a white shirt and a patterend tie, wearing glasses, with greying hair, and seated in front of a light neutral background. Lang also has a Masonic pin on his left lapel.
Date: 1970~
Creator: University Studio

[Female clothing hanging on a rope line in a Travis County Jail cell]

Description: Photograph of a cell area in Travis County Jail with rope laundry line strung across the bars. The rope holds items of women's clothing, including a flowered shirt, embroidered pants, and other tops, pants and nylon underwear. On the floor below there are four pairs of boots, pairs of sandals, house shoes, and other street shoes. The cell behind the bars is stuffed with a variety of clothing items.
Date: 1970~

[Female Travis County Jail worker offering books to a female inmate]

Description: Photograph of a female Travis County Jail librarian and female inmate. The librarian, on the left, is wearing a print shirt with pointed collar and holding three paperback books on top of a box of assorted paperbacks. The female inmate, who is on the right, reaches through the bars as she looks at the selections offered. Her hair is in plastic and foam rollers. A sewing machine and wooden shelving are visible in the background of the photograph.
Date: 1970~

[Sewing machine and mail bin in the Travis County Jail]

Description: Photograph of a sewing machine workstation at Travis County Jail. The sewing machine is a Kingston by Brother deluxe zag zag sewing machine and sits on a sewing table base with ruler markings. To the right of the sewing machine is an open wooden box sitting on a folding table. The box is labeled "MAIL IN-OUT" and is stuffed with sewing patterns (including one by Jiffy) and other printed paper materials, including the instructions for pattern number 8211. Cell bars separate the sewing workstation area from an eating and recreation area with a metal picnic style table and bench holding rolls of toilet paper, a percolator, an open bag of sugar and a cup. There is a wall-mounted sink on the far wall.
Date: 1970~

[Two seated inmates doing handwork in the sewing area of the Travis County Jail]

Description: Photograph of two inmates doing handwork in the sewing area of the Travis County Jail. On the left, an African-American man mends or performs crewel embroidery on a piece of dark fabric lying in his lap. He has a short goatee and is wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants. There is a short piece of thick yarn or string tied around his middle finger. The man seated to the right, sitting next to a sewing machine, is dressed in white and wears a paper food service hat.
Date: 1970~

[Woman wearing street clothes sitting on a bunk in a Travis County Jail cell]

Description: Photograph of a woman wearing a striped tank top and jeans sitting on a bunk in a jail cell. She holds a letter and pencil in her hands, and has a legal pad on her lap. The bed is made up with a blanket and polka dot pillow case, and there are two envelopes on the bed. A metal toilet and sink unit are in the foreground. The sink holds a bar of soap and a metal drinking cup is placed over the drain. The finish on the toilet seat is chipped and broken.
Date: 1970~