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Carlino Case
Photograph of two people (including Percy Foreman?) sitting in court.
South Austin Christian Church
Photograph of the exterior of the South Austin Christian Church.
Aerials - St. Stephen's School
River at bottom
Three men in office settting
Three men in an office.
Family portrait
woman standing with seated elderly woman
Exterior of Tarrytown Methodist Church
Photograph of Tarrytown Methodist Church. This is the back side taken from Greenlee Drive.
Cartoonist Buz Sawyer
Photograph of a cartoonist standing at a drafting desk. He is sketching a football player on a large piece of paper and there are several photographs of football players on the desk next to the tablet.
Lawrence Ledbetter at capt. electrical control
Photograph of a Lawrence Ledbetter standing beside control panel.
At train station, returning from Europe
Rev. James A. O'Brien of St Ed's Univ.
Man with dogs at Georgetown
Photograph of an unidentified man sitting on a porch with three dogs and holding two puppies.
Arturo Toscanini NBC Symphony
Photograph of a man in a suit; he's holding a piece of paper in one hand and has his other hand on a trunk lid that is covered in writing and stickers. Behind him, musicians seem to be tuning various instruments. They appear to be in a gymnasium; a basketball hoop is visible on the wall to the left.
Staff, equipment, trucks
Rhoades transfer & Storage
[Heman] Sweatt in UT Registration
Photograph of Heman Sweatt standing in line amongst several Caucasian men at the Registration Office at the University of Texas at Austin.
Woman in office
Photograph of a woman standing at an open filing cabinet.
Woman in office
woman seated at desk
Bells, tuning bells, carillon keyboard
Young man sitting at carillon keyboard (UT)
St. Stephen's School shots
Science lab
[Austin American-Statesman newspaper chute]
Photograph of men taking newspapers from a chute and loading the papers into a truck, at the Austin American-Statesman facility.
Presentation of awards Austin H.S. 4-H Clubs
Teenager receiving award
Two men in jeep on Congrees ave. near Queen Theatre
Two men in jeep on Congress Ave.
Grace Lutheran Church
Photograph of exterior of Grace Lutheran Church.
Magn Plant - Spectrometer
Photograph of two men standing in a room filled with equipment.
Interiors; lounge, babershop, rooms
Bed in hotel room
Young African American Talking to Reporter
Man standing
Child's steering wheel, passenger seat area
Child at toy steering wheel in car
Anderson High School - "three sites"
Anderson High School- "three sites"
school building under construction
The ultimate cake exchange (rfs)
Woman w/celery plant in situ
St. Stephens School shots
Football team
Bride & groom in decorated car (rfs)
Sinclair Station - S. Cong. & Miller
Stores from Miller St.
[Trio of Musicians]
Photograph of three men performing. The two men in the front are playing a violin and an accordion, respectively; the third man, standing behind them, is playing a small guitar or ukulele.
Joe Louis at circus - animal acts, etc.
Boxer with bears
Bride adjusting veil before ceremony (rfs)
[Rolls of paper at the Austin American-Statesman]
Photograph of a machine with large rolls of paper at the Austin American-Statesman newspaper facility.
[Naumanns Food Store]
Exterior view of Naumanns Food Store at 4634 Burnet Rd.
Bride placing coin in shoe (rfs)
Joe Louis at circus - animal acts, etc
Joe Louis with cubs
Emma Long Meeting
Two men and councilwoman Emma Long shaking hands
YWCA Party
Singing around piano
Sinclair Station - S. Cong. & Miller
Stores from West Bros Used Cars
Employees working, exterior & Lamar Blvd.
Mobil gas station
Bill Stern & P.K. Williams - Notre Dame - Texas
Stern looks at official car from Nash dealer (rfs)
Two architects at table
Architects at table
Employees working, exterior & Lamar Blvd
Mobil tires
[Child with adults at the Austin Cerebral Palsy Center]
Photograph of a group of four women and one child leaving the Austin Cerebral Palsy Clinic.
Office shots/exec.
Exterior of Western Hatcheries
Wedding cake, punchbowl, birdcage (rfs)
Fox hunt
2 men sitting