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Exterior of Tarrytown Methodist Church
Photograph of Tarrytown Methodist Church. This is the back side taken from Greenlee Drive.
Cartoonist Buz Sawyer
Photograph of a cartoonist standing at a drafting desk. He is sketching a football player on a large piece of paper and there are several photographs of football players on the desk next to the tablet.
Lawrence Ledbetter at capt. electrical control
Photograph of a Lawrence Ledbetter standing beside control panel.
Man with dogs at Georgetown
Photograph of an unidentified man sitting on a porch with three dogs and holding two puppies.
Arturo Toscanini NBC Symphony
Photograph of a man in a suit; he's holding a piece of paper in one hand and has his other hand on a trunk lid that is covered in writing and stickers. Behind him, musicians seem to be tuning various instruments. They appear to be in a gymnasium; a basketball hoop is visible on the wall to the left.
Woman in office
Photograph of a woman standing at an open filing cabinet.
Presentation of awards Austin H.S. 4-H Clubs
Teenager receiving award
Grace Lutheran Church
Photograph of exterior of Grace Lutheran Church.
Magn Plant - Spectrometer
Photograph of two men standing in a room filled with equipment.
[Naumanns Food Store]
Exterior view of Naumanns Food Store at 4634 Burnet Rd.
Fox hunt
Photograph of four men and a young boy standing in a group outdoors.
Display of "Home on the Range" Yesterday/Today
Kitchen & dining room set up
[Bride Wearing a Wedding Dress]
Photograph of a young woman, visible from the knees up, wearing a light-colored, lace wedding gown and veil with a crown. She is holding a small book or wrapped box in her hands. She is posed in front of a wall between two doors; the one on the left is open and a bedroom is visible in the background.
Group shots
[Joe Louis with Circus Lions]
Photograph of a Joe Louis holding a whip and standing next to three circus lions that are seated on a tiered platform.
Photograph of a man sitting at desk covered in papers, speaking on a telephone.
[Photograph of a Priest in an Office]
Photograph of a Catholic priest seated at a desk, typing on a typewriter.
Joe Louis in Newspaper Office
Joe Louis standing with group of men
Man with rock collection
Photograph of a man with several large rocks.
Woman in office
Photograph of a woman standing at filing cabinet, going through the cards.
Masonic Temple -- exterior view
Exterior photograph of a Masonic Temple.
Holy Cross Hospital old & new
Photograph of a building with a sign that says "Holy Cross Hospital." A man in overalls is standing on the sidewalk, watering the yard.
Arturo Toscanini NBC Symphony
Photograph of a couple from the audience of a symphony performance. The man and woman are both dressed up; the woman is holding what appears to be a program. Other people are milling about behind them.
Promotion to General
Photograph of a group of men standing at a ceremony promoting Col. Paul L. Wakefield to Lt. General.
Shopping center with HEB, Allandale Village
Photograph of a building with the name "H. E. B. Food Stores" on the sign across the roof. The photograph was taken from an empty parking lot in front of the store; the store windows have advertisements written across them. Several people are visible on the roof behind the sign letters and outside the side of the building.
At the piano
man playing piano
History of the Hornsby-Dunlap Consolidated School (Travis County) With Course of Study 1907-1908
This publication includes a brief history of the school, statements about the aims of the school and endorsements for consolidation, course of study for all grade levels, and the rules and regulations.
The Scouting Expeditions of McCulloch's Texas Rangers; or, the Summer and Fall Campaign of the Army of the United States in Mexico--1846; including Skirmishes with the Mexicans, and an accurate detail of the Storming of Monterey; also the Daring Scouts at Buena Vista together with anecdotes, incidents, descriptions of country, and sketches of the lives of the celebrated partisan chiefs, Hays, McCulloch, and Walker.
A narrative recounting the experiences of Texas Rangers in Texas and the actions they were involved in. Includes lists of soldiers killed and wounded.
The Industrial Advantages of Austin, Texas, or Austin Up To Date
This book gives a brief historical overview of Austin, Texas and discusses the impact of the industries on the city, noting the major business enterprises of the time period. Index follows page 91.
The Bar as an Institution of the State
Transcription of the speech Phillips gave which discusses the role of lawyers and their obligations to the people that they serve.
Journal of the Reconstruction Convention, Which Met at Austin, Texas, Dec. 7, A. D. 1868, Vol. 2
Minutes of the Reconstruction Convention including text of Resolutions and Declarations made during the session. Index begins on page 539.
The Confederate soldier; and Ten years in South America
A biography by J.M. Polk about his life, and years with Hood's Texas Brigade.
Circular of information, 1902-1903
A pamphlet about the Whitis Avenue School in Austin.
A Texas scrap-book: made up of the history, biography, and miscellany of Texas and its people
A book about Texas history, biography, and miscellany.
Texas souvenir : a collection of poems devoted to the scenery and historical events of Texas
A book of poetry about the people, history and scenery of Texas.
Specifications: road and bridge construction
A book covering the details of road and bridge construction in Travis county, Texas.
Morrison & Fourmy's General Directory of the City of Austin for 1897-1898
"Containing the present state, county and city governments, and a complete list of all postoffices and money order offices in Texas; also an index of societies, associations, churches, corporations, educational institutes; full name and address of all residents, their occupations or pursuits, and a complete classified business directory. Also a valuable street and avenue guide.
Memories of the lost cause; and Ten years in South America
A biography by J.M. Polk about his life, and years with Hood's Texas Brigade.
Joint Directory of the Christian Churches of Austin, Texas
List of names and addresses of the members of each church including lists of officers and other church leaders.
Souvenir of Austin, Texas
A series of views by photographer S.B. Hill.
Souvenir of Austin, Texas : capital of the great Lone Star State
Souvenir guide to Austin, in color.
Austin street and avenue guide and Travis County rural route directory with logs of the road
"The Street and Avenue Guide consists of two sections. The first section comprises the numbered streets in numerical order. The second section comprises the streets by name in alphabetical order."
Morrison & Fourmy's General Directory of the City of Austin for 1889-1890
"Containing the present state, county, and city governments, and a complete list of all county officials, post offices and money order offices in Texas; also, an index of societies, associations, churches, corporations, educational institutes, the full name and address of all residents, their occupations or pursuits, and a complete classified business directory."
Austin's gala season : second annual international rowing regatta to be contested May 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th, at Austin, Texas.
Flyer for the second annual rowing regatta.
Louisiana Hayride Show at the Sportscenter
Performers on stage
Men exit wedding follow Mr. & Mrs. Benson Rivera
UT Silver Spurs
UT Silver Spurs stand facing the Littlefield Fountain and UT Tower on 21st Street at the UT campus
Bulls and Austinites
Young man J J Pettus leads an award-winning bull in the field
Austin American-Statesman
Typesetters at work
Trans Texas Airways
Customers wait in line at ticket counter at Mueller Airport