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Summer Musical at Hillside Theater

Description: Photograph of the Summer musical, "Peter Pan", at the Hillside Theater at Zilker Park. Photograph of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.
Date: August 1971
Creator: Jim Dougherty

Summer Musical "Peter Pan"

Description: Photograph of the Zilker Park Hillside Theater Summer musical, "Peter Pan". In the photograph Captain Hook and Peter Pan are sword fighting.
Date: August 1971
Creator: Jim Dougherty

[Zilker Hillside Theatre - Peter Pan]

Description: Photograph of two actors of the Zilker Hillside Thearte summer musical "Peter Pan" in August 1971. The two actors playing Captain Hook and Peter Pan are crossing their swords.
Date: August 1971
Creator: Dougherty, Jim

[Laguna Gloria Grounds]

Description: Photograph of trees and water on the grounds of Laguna Gloria (Austin Museum of Art). The name "Les Simon" is written on back of the photo.
Date: 1975

[Photograph of Austin High School Student Council]

Description: Photograph of Austin High School 1971 student council members standing L to R: Katie Miller, Vice President; Anna Reyes, Secretary; Charles Riptoe, Treasurer; Seated: Carlton Lowe, President. Stephen F. Austin High School was founded in 1881.
Date: 1971
Creator: Creed, Richard

[L.C. Anderson High School closing boycott]

Description: Photograph of students boycotting the closing of L.C. Anderson High School. The school was ordered closed in 1971 by a federal judge as part of desegregation. African-American students and parents sit on sidewalks and cars to protest the closing. The school, located at 900 Thompson Street, was originally named E.H. Anderson, and later renamed L.C. Anderson after one of its longest-serving principals. In 1973, a new, integrated L.C. Anderson High School reopened at its current location at 8403 Mesa Drive.
Date: 1971

[Exterior David Crockett High School]

Description: Photograph of exterior view of David Crockett High School at 5601 Manchaca Road at the corner of Stassney Lane. Crockett High opened in 1968 and is part of the Austin Independent School District.
Date: [1970, 1989]
Creator: Williamson, Nolen E.

[Exterior of Lanier High School]

Description: Photograph of exterior of Sidney Lanier High School on 1201 Payton Gin Road from Payton Gin Road. Five cars are parked in front of the school, and the flag poles are bare indicating the photograph was likely taken after school hours or on the weekend. The school name "Sidney Lanier High School" is visible on the front of the building above the white car facing the left of the image. Lanier High School was opened in 1961 and is a member of the Austin Independent School District. It was named after Confederate soldier and Southern poet Sidney Lanier.
Date: [1970, 1989]
Creator: Williamson, Nolen E.

[Man welding at Weigl Iron Works in Austin, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a man wearing a welding mask, leather apron, jeans and work shirt, welding something on a bench in a work room. The wooden door to the room is open, and appears to let in light from the outside. There is a sign on the door that reads: "OPEN COME IN", and there are symbols branded into the door. Wires are strung across the rough wood plank floor, and many metal items are stacked on the floor, the workbench, and on shelves around the walls.
Date: [1971..1977]
Creator: Austin Citizen

Student Protest March

Description: Photograph of student protesters marching on Congress Ave with flags and signs. Photo used in Headliners Club Austin American-Statesman sesquicentennial exhibit, 1986.
Date: [1970..1975]

Courthouse from Westgate

Description: Exterior view of the Travis County courthouse from above. The Butler House (now demolished) is visible in the left foreground and some cars are in the parking lot.
Date: [..1971]

Last Eagle passenger train through Austin

Description: Photograph of the last Eagle passenger train to go through Austin. The train stops at the Austin International & Great Northern (I&GN) Railroad depot in Austin. There are no passengers waiting on the platform. The engine has the logo of C&EI (Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad). I&GN Railroad operated in Texas. It was created when the International Railroad company and Houston-based Great Northern Railroad company merged on September 30, 1873. I&GN's Austin depot was completed on 3rd and Congress Avenues on December 28, 1876. In 1924, the I&GN was bought by Gulf Coast Lines (GCL), which was subsequently purchased by Missouri Pacific on Januray 1, 1925. I&GN operated as a subsidiary of Missouri Pacific until March 1, 1956, when all GCL subsidiaries were merged under Missouri Pacific, and I&GN ceased to operate as a corporate entity. The old Austin depot had been demolished in 1950. The station in the photograph, at 250 North Lamar Boulevard, was built in 1947 by Missouri Pacific. It discontinued the Texas Eagle on September 22, 1970. Later Amtrak assumed operation of the station and the Eagle.
Date: 1970~
Creator: Bayne, Tom

[Irby Carruth at Givens Recreation Center]

Description: Photograph of Austin Independent School District Superintendent Irby Carruth cutting a ribbon across a gate at Givens Park Recreation Center. A group of children in swim attire stand behind him.
Date: 1979~

[Town Lake Gazebo]

Description: Photograph of the Town Lake Gazebo. A pathway curves around to the gazebo in the foreground and Town Lake is behind the gazebo. Buildings across the river and a bridge are visible in the background. Started in 1967 and dedicated to the city in 1970 by the Austin Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction as a "lasting tribute to the construction industry." The gazebo is built on the promontory where Barton Creek flows into Town Lake providing a view of downtown Austin from the south side of Town Lake.
Date: [1970..1989]
Creator: Williamson, Nolen E.

[Sunday Break Music Festival in 1976]

Description: Photograph of a large crowd of people at the Sunday Break music festival with a stage visible in the backgroud. Performing acts included America, Peter Frampton, Santana, and Gary Wright. 56,000 people were in attendance with a gross income of $532,000 against expenses of $425,000. Medical assistance was provided by YWCA's Middle Earth Program with over 100 volunteers. DPS agents and uniformed city police were not invited in the gates.
Date: May 2, 1976

[Student on UT shuttle bus]

Description: Photograph of a female student holding onto the bar near the front door on the UT shuttle bus number 429. The driver looks out of the windshield. The student wears a backpack and appears to be waiting to exit the bus at the current or next stop. A "No smoking" sign above the driver prohibits passengers from smoking on the bus.
Date: 1973/1974
Creator: Fluitt, Mike

[Trying to save Municipal Golf Course]

Description: Photograph of Austin citizens trying to save Municipal Golf Course's 144 acres on Jan. 4,1973. The people have concerned faces and lift up clubs. One man holds a sign that says "Save Muny."
Date: January 4, 1973

[Paving on 38th Street]

Description: Photograph of a worker raking out hot asphaltic concrete just laid by the machine visible on the right on 38th Street.
Date: 1975

[Student looking at University of Texas Main Building]

Description: Photograph of student with backpack in foreground with U.T. Tower in background. Students are walking around the main campus in front of the main building. Several students are sitting in front of the steps. Several tables are visible in the background. An event is taking place.
Date: September 1975
Creator: Fluitt, Mike