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6th and Congress Streets in Austin
Photograph of the intersection of 6th and Congress Avenue looking east towards the Driskill Hotel. People, horse-drawn carriages and street cars occupy the street.
City of Austin and Vicinity
Photograph of a map of Austin and surrounding area.
[Spinach Farming]
Photograph of two men standing in a spinach field, located on the south bank of the Colorado River. The man on the left is wearing a dark-colored suit and the man on the right is wearing lighter-colored clothing that is more casual; other workers are visible in the field behind them.
[Palm Elementary School]
Photograph of the exterior of Palm School at 710 E. 1st Street, in Austin, Texas. Students and cars are visible in front of the building.
[Texas Rangers - Company "E" Frontier Battalion]
Group of men with guns sitting in front of an encampment. Captain JS McNeel is seated in the center.
[Servicemen arriving in Austin]
Servicemen departing buses and walking south from Bowen Trailways Motor Coaches at 708 Brazos. Moonlight tower visible at corner of 8th and Brazos.
[V-J Day Celebration]
View from above of a crowd at a V-J Day (Victory over Japan) Celebration. August 14, 1945
[V-J Day Celebration]
People in the street celebrating V-J Day (Victory over Japan) on Congress Avenue in front of Krugers, Franklins, Goodfriends, and Synder's.
[V-J Day Celebration]
A man with a microphone and a crowd stand outside the Paramount Theater on Congress Avenue on V-J Day (Victory over Japan).
[V-J-Day Celebration]
Two servicemen dance while a crowd of other servicemen and women watch for V-J Day celebration.
V-J Day Celebration
Crowd of women, servicemen, and a youth at a V-J Day (Victory over Japan) Celebration.
[V-J Day Celebration]
Group of servicemen and women on Congress Avenue to celebrate V-J (Victory over Japan) Day.
[Dacy Shoe Store Display]
Photograph of a window display of photographs of servicemen during World War II at Dacy's Shoe Store. A sign reads "Let's back-up these Austin boys by buying more and more defense stamps and bonds, save 10% of your salary."
[Southwestern Bell switchboard]
Women sitting at a large switchboard at Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.
Telephone operators
Toll office set up at 400 Congress Avenue due to fire which destroyed the toll bank in the telephone building at 410 Congress. Pictured L-R: Miss Anna Koch (Mrs. R. M. Ewalt), Beulah Morrow (Mrs. Beulah Davis), Clarence Oliver (Traffic Supt. for Texas ), Mrs. A. C. Newton (Toll chief operator), S. U. Barron, Marguertie Doris (Mrs. Marguerite Ravenelli), Lillie McGee, Laura Foster (Mrs. Laura Raley), Ollie Joyce (Mrs. Ollie Peterson).
Texas State Capitol
View of the north side of the Texas State Capitol grounds from 17th St. Roads are unpaved and there is a group of girls under trees and a woman with a horse in the foreground.
Travis County Clerk's Office
County Clerk's office inside the Travis County Courthouse.
Aerial view of downtown Austin
Aerial view of downtown Austin from 2nd St. to the Capitol.
[Aerial view of Capitol grounds and governor's mansion]
Photograph of an aerial view of the grounds near the state Capitol and governor's mansion.
Guadalupe and 38th St.
Guadalupe Street looking south from 38th St. before paving project. Jimmyville Ice Cream on the east side of the street.
[School of Military Aeronautics Band]
Copy print of a marching band facing the front of the photo and standing on a street with their cased instruments in front of a formation of students facing the right side of the image. Both the band members and the students are wearing uniforms, and standing in lines at attention, with leaders in front of each group. In the foreground, a dog is standing in front of the band and an automobile is partially visible; in the background, several large buildings are visible, including a church or cathedral.
July 4th parade
The Hibernian Association made up of male musicians and a group of women in the same white dress parade up Congress Avenue towards the ice cream garden of Messrs. Rosenfield and Co. Other citizens watch from the sides while traffic of horses and buggies wait in the background.
Congress Avenue Bridge
Congress Avenue bridge looking northwest towards downtown from the southeast corner. Skeleton of the Scarbrough Building under construction is in view.
[Rooftop Terrace of the Stephen F. Austin Hotel]
Group photo of people sitting at long tables.
[L. C. Anderson High School]
Exterior of L. C. Anderson High School at 1601 Pennsylvania Avenue.
[Elisabet Ney Museum]
Interior of the Museum. Inside the sculptor's studio.
[McCallum High School]
Photograph of the front entrance of the high school.
[Metz Elementary School]
Exterior of Metz Elementary at 2101 Willow.
[Austin Memorial Park Cemetery]
Entrance to Memorial Park Cemetery
[Austin High School]
Entrance to Austin High School at 1201 Rio Grande Street
[Waller Creek at 6th Street]
Waller Creek looking at the 6th Street bridge from 5th Street.
Texas School for the Deaf drawing
Drawing of the Texas School for the Deaf, referred to in the drawing as the "Deaf and Dumb Institution." It was established as the "Texas Deaf and Dumb Asylum" in 1856 and renamed the "Texas School for the Deaf" in 1949.
Sixth Street looking west
Looking west along 6th St. from the top of the Scarborough Building at 6th and Congress Avenue.
Barton Springs Pool
View of the pool from the south bank.
Barton Springs Pool
Looking northwest out over the pool with diving board in view.
Barton Springs Pool
Couples and other young people on the grassy hill on the south bank of the pool.
Steam shovel in Barton Springs
View of construction of the pool at Barton Springs. A steam shovel and construction equipment.
Congress Avenue with street rail
Looking north towards Capitol at about the 500 block of Congress Avenue. A family in the foreground is either getting off or getting on a street rail car.
Barton Springs Pool
View of the pool from the north bank looking west toward the diving board.
Moonlight Tower at 9th and Guadalupe
Workers repairing or replacing bulbs in the moonlight tower on 9th and Guadalupe.
Congress Avenue with street rail
Looking north towards Capitol at about the 500 block of Congress Avenue. A family in the foreground is either getting off or getting on a street rail car.
[Senate Chambers]
Image of the Senate Chambers from the back of the room at the State Capitol.
[Travis County Commisioner's Court]
The Commissioner's Court inside the Travis County Courthouse.
[Tax Collector's Office]
The Tax Collector's office inside the Travis County Courthouse.
[South Congress Avenue looking north]
Looking north from the about the 1100 block of South Congress.
Travis County Courthouse
Exterior of the Courthouse with cars parked in the parking lot.
[Magnesium Plant]
Two buildings connected by a covered conveyor belt. Future site of the Balcones Research Center, now known as the J. J. Pickle Research Campus.
[Travis County Courthouse Courtroom]
Courtroom inside the Travis County Courthouse.
[Wooldridge Square Park]
Dedication of the bandstand at Wooldrige Square Park. Crowds of people gathered around the bandstand, dressed in formal wear.
[South Congress Avenue looking north]
Looking north from the about the 1100 block of South Congress. State Capitol is in view.