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Capitol Dedication

Description: Parade south down Congress Avenue from the Capitol. Caption reads: "Chichasaw Guard from Murpheesburo, Tenn."
Date: 1888-05-14/1888-05-19
Creator: Jordan-Ellison
Item Type: Photograph

Scottish Granite Cutters

Description: Group photo of men. Back of photograph reads, "Scottish granite cutters imported to cut granite at Granite Mountain."
Date: 1881/1888
Creator: Ellison Photo Co.
Item Type: Photograph

Temporary Capitol Burning

Description: View of the Temporary Capitol building burning looking west. People witnessing the event in the intersection of 11th and Congress Avenue
Date: September 30, 1899
Item Type: Photograph

The Burning Capitol

Description: View of the Capitol as it burns looking north from the corner of 11th and Congress.
Date: November 7, 1881
Creator: Hillyer, H. B.
Item Type: Photograph

[Snow on Capitol Grounds]

Description: Looking south from the Capitol. The Temporary Capitol is in view on the right with the Travis County Courthouse on the left.
Date: February 14, 1895
Item Type: Photograph

Texas School for the Blind

Description: Group of men in suits and hats lined up in front of campus buildings. For more information:
Date: April 29, 1896
Item Type: Photograph

V-J Day Celebration

Description: Group of servicemen, women, and children on Congress Avenue celebrating the end of the war.
Date: August 14, 1945
Creator: Texas Photo Shop
Item Type: Photograph

Congress Avenue at night

Description: Looking south down Congress Avenue from the west side of 10th St. Congress is paved with bricks with lamp posts along the middle of the street. A moonlight tower can be seen on the northwest corner.
Date: 1905/1910
Item Type: Photograph