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Trans Texas Airways
Passengers and crew wave goodbye on the tarmac before departure at Mueller Airport. Plane is Convair 240. TTA DC-3 in left background.
UT Silver Spurs
UT Silver Spurs group poses in front of Littlefield Fountain and UT Tower
[Governor Coke Stevenson and Group of Boys]
Governor Coke Stevenson with a group of men and boys in the Capitol.
Austin American-Statesman
Classified Ads Wants Ads staff.
Art Anderson
Photograph of six men joking around. Art Anderson, laughing, is being given a hat and a certificate. Anderson served as commander of the local Reserve Seabee Division after World War II. In the 1949 Austin City Directory he is listed as Utility Designer, Lower Colorado River Authority.
Floorcraft Carpets
Exterior shot of Floorcraft Carpets, 1105 West 41st Street.
[Group of Men at St. Edward's University Retreat]
Photograph of a group of men and two clergymen at a St. Edward's University retreat. The photographer wrote the name "Horace Spiller" on the envelope of the negative.
[Aerial View of Highway Interchange]
Photograph of an aerial view of a highway interchange.
Outdoor Reception, Fashion Show and Buffet
Color photograph of a lawn party.
[Anderson High School Football Team]
Photograph of Anderson High School Football team in gymnasium.
Journal of the Fifty-Second Annual Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Texas, Held in All Saints' Chapel, Austin, May 8th, 9th and 10th, 1901
This publication includes the reports made by the members of the council, lists of clergy in the diocese, and the minutes of the council meetings.
Difficulties of a Mexican revenue officer in Texas
This book discusses the action by the Mexican government to send a revenue officer and small contingent of soldiers into Texas during 1835 to collect taxes from the citizens and the resistance they faced. Includes some letters and notes from the author about later excerpts from newspapers.
Report on the Dam and Water Power Development at Austin, Texas
Report about the reconstruction of the Austin Dam including appendices of statistics, graphs, and a bibliography, as well as the letter of transmittal and relevant city resolution.
List of Fugitives From Justice: 1891.-- Part VII
A list of criminals, divided by county, which gives the name, crime, and description of each fugitive. Name index begins on page 27.
Hollow Reinforced-Concrete Structure Replaces Dam at Austin, Texas, Which Failed Fifteen Years Ago
This article gives historical background of the first dam at Austin, Texas and its failure followed by a discussion of the changes that were made when building the new dam, including plans.
Polk's Morrison & Fourmy Austin City Directory, 1918
"Containing a miscellaneous directory of state, county and city governments, a postoffice [sic] directory, educational institutions, churches, banks, incorporated companies, secret and benevolent societies, etc., etc., a street guide and householders directory, an alphabetically arranged list of business houses and private citizens giving full name, occupation or pursuit and address, also a complete classified business directory 'The Buyers' Guide'."
Journal of the Reconstruction Convention, Which Met at Austin, Texas, June 1, A. D. 1868.
Minutes of the Reconstruction Convention including text of Resolutions and Declarations made during the session. The Reoport of the Attorney-General of Texas and other documents are included in the Appendix, starting on page 947. Index begins on page 995.
Report of Construction of the Temporary State Capitol, at Austin, Texas.
This report is a compilation of the legislation and correspondence related to the building of the temporary state capitol in 1882.
Directory of Texas Industries from Official Sources
The directory gives listings of businesses categorized by industry (including elected officials). The directory opens with a "Description of the State of Texas" which is a reprint of the report written by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Statistics and History for the Governor of Texas. The index begins on page 429.
Prospectus of the Colorado Lake Chautauqua Association at Austin, Texas, For the Season of 1893
This prospectus outlines the ideals and intentions of the Colorado Lake Chautauqua Association to educate the people of the city and provide better public services.
Capitol Directory, Austin, Texas
"Names, street addresses, telephone numbers and department of employment of persons permanently located in the state capitol and the state land office building on February 1, 1921."
The Austin Silk Plantation and Manufacturing Company
This pamphlet describes the processes of silk production and compares it to raising cotton.
Life and Adventures of Ben Thompson the Famous Texan.
This book is a biography of Ben Thompson, "Including a detailed and authentic statement of his birth, history and adventures by one who has known him since a child" (from the title page). The original of this item includes an insert from The Steck Company giving a brief overview of the history of the book (number of copies published, prices, etc.).
Mercantile and General City Directory of Austin, Texas---1872-1873.
The 1872-1873 Austin city directory, "Containing an Interesting History of Austin, the Name and Residence of its Citizens, and Local Information of General Interest." (From the title page.)
The Texas Fine Arts Association and Elisabet Ney Museum
This pamphlet gives an overview of the museum with a brief biography of Elisabet Ney and legal documents of the Texas Fine Arts Association.
Buildings and display meetings
Photograph of a line of parked trucks and a car. City buildings are visible in the background.
Texas State Optical
Group of employees posed for a photo. All are dressed in white uniforms.
Portrait of Dr. Elena Perez
Photograph of a woman (Dr. Elena Perez?) standing in front of a wall.
Crestview Shopping Center
Storefronts in Crestview Shopping Center -- Perfecto Cleaners #2, Crestview Variety Store; Crestview Drug. 7101 Woodrow.
Commodore Perry Hotel Reception Area
Photograph of the reception area in the Commodore Perry Hotel. Perhaps in The Deck Club?
Austin American Statesman
View of office -- desks with chairs in front.
Lake Travis
View of Lake Travis and surrounding landscape.
Wedding - Stewarts
Bride and groom with bridesmaids in waiting room
Wedding - Stewarts
Bride and groom stand with others at sides in nave of chapel
Lyndon Johnson
President Lyndon Baines Johnson signs an autograph
Lake Travis
View of Lake Travis.
Lake Travis
View of local landscape with Lake Travis in the distance.
Lake Travis
Landscape of the area and view of Lake Travis in the distance.
Lyndon Johnson
President Lyndon Baines Johnson signs an autograph
Wedding - Hibler/McCall
Bridesmaid stands alone in white dress
Wedding - Hibler/McCall
Bride poses with bridesmaids
Jefferson Chemical Company
Exterior view of buildings with open doors.
The Daily News-Tribune, Industrial Review Edition: Austin, Capital City of Texas.
This edition gives an overview of the city of Austin including major buildings, businesses, and people as well as general information about the the layout and statistics of the city.
Account of the Removal of the Remains of Stephen F. Austin from Peach Point Cemetery in Brazoria County, Texas to State Cemetery, Austin, Texas, October 18 to 20, 1910
This book describes the ceremonies and processes involved in moving Austin's remains and includes the relevant formal decisions by the Texas State Legislature.
Proceedings of Investigation Committee, House of Representatives Thirty-Fifth Legislature: Charges Against Governor James E. Ferguson Together with Findings of Committee and Action of House with Prefatory Statement and Index to Proceedings
This publication documents the investigation of Governor Ferguson conducted by the Investigation Committee including transcripts of interviews, relevant documents, and the findings of the Committee. Index starts on page 531.
Almanac, 1856.
The almanac includes general information about medicine, statistics, recipes, folk remedies, and meteorology for 1856.
Nash Hernandez Orchestra
Group portrait of the Nash Hernandez Orchestra.
Arturo Toscanini NBC Symphony
Photograph of a musician from the NBC Symphony adjusting his suit jacket.
Beverly Sheffield
Man seated at desk writing. Beverly Sheffield served as Director of Austin Parks and Recreation Department for many years. In 1947 when this photo was taken, he was Supervisor of Deep Eddy Bathing Beach.
Benoit Tourist Court
Exterior view of Benoit Motel. In the 1947 City Directory The Benoit Courts were located at 2900 S. Congress Avenue.