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Queen Theatre Accident
Disposal of debris from accident (rfs)
Fox hunt
Photograph of four men and a young boy standing in a group outdoors.
Joe Louis at circus - animal acts, etc
Boxer on horseback with attendant
Shopping center with HEB, Allendale Village
Cars in parking lot.
[American-Statesman typesetting machines]
Photograph of a man working on a typesetting machine at the Austin American-Statesman newspaper facilities.
Wedding ceremony at St. Mary's Cathedral (rfs)
Display of "Home on the Range" Yesterday/Today
Kitchen & dining room set up
Lefty Speed
Leaning to HIS left
St. Stephen's school shots
Decorated car (rfs)
Gov. Shivers making Copini an Honorary Texan
Shivers and Copini standing in large group
Bride & groom leaving church (rfs)
Judge Ireland Graves
Judge Graves at his desk
Bride & groom cutting cake (rfs)
The New Orleans Club - exterior shot; interior shot - Ernie Mae Miller at the piano
Joe Louis at circus - animal acts, etc
Boxer with lion
Woman with celery(?) plant
Bill Stern & P.K. Williams - Notre Dame - Texas
Stern and others standing by station wagon(rfs)
Hyde Park Reading Club Style Show
Three ladies in period costumes
Man standing
Bride & groom with parents & cake (rfs)
Emma Long Meeting
City Councilwoman, Emma Long preparing to shake hands
[Austin American-Statesman newspaper conveyor belt]
Photograph of stacks of newspapers on a large machine with a conveyor belt, at the Austin American-Statesman facility.
[Men gathering Austin American-Statesman newspapers]
Photograph of men gathering stacks of newspapers at the Austin American-Statesman facility.
Boy Scout Campaign Headquarters
Photograph of three men and a woman standing outside the Boy Scout Campaign Headquarters.
[Bride Wearing a Wedding Dress]
Photograph of a young woman, visible from the knees up, wearing a light-colored, lace wedding gown and veil with a crown. She is holding a small book or wrapped box in her hands. She is posed in front of a wall between two doors; the one on the left is open and a bedroom is visible in the background.
Employees working, exterior & Lamar Blvd
3 men & 1 woman surrounded by Cokes & Dr. peppers
Bride w/ pastor (rfs)
Francis Furniture Fire
Firemen w/ hose at scene of fire
Employees working, exterior & Lamar Blvd.
2 men working of woman's car
North Austin Lions Little League
N. Austin Lions Little League, Shipe field (rfs)
Women with menorah Hillel Foundation
women with menorah
Bride leaving home on Blanco St. (rfs)
Queen Theatre Accident
Clean up of theatre interior (rfs)
Group shots
[Joe Louis with Circus Lions]
Photograph of a Joe Louis holding a whip and standing next to three circus lions that are seated on a tiered platform.
Photograph of a man sitting at desk covered in papers, speaking on a telephone.
Sinclair Station - S. Cong. & Miller
Stores from street
YWCA Party
Looking through phonograph records
Sandahl pool
two adults, three children in pool
[American-Statesman typesetting machines]
Photograph of a room full of typesetting machines at an Austin American-Statesman newspaper facility.
Queen Theatre Accident
Workers clearing debris from roof cave-in (rfs)
Woman with calf
Display of "Home on the Range" Yesterday/Today
2 women at stove
Display of "Home on the Range" Yesterday/Today
2 women in front of fridge
State records being stored
man standing amid state records
[Photograph of a Priest in an Office]
Photograph of a Catholic priest seated at a desk, typing on a typewriter.
Joe Louis in Newspaper Office
Joe Louis standing with group of men
Man with rock collection
Photograph of a man with several large rocks.
Young African American talking to Reporter
Man on stairs