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[Ariel view of Camp Swift including Headquarters, Post Finance Office, U. S. Post Office and north cantonment area]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of Camp Swift Headquarters, Finance Building, U. S. Post Office and a portion of the north cantonment area. The long wooden buildings are arranged parallel to each other, with the two-story Headquarters building in the center and the one-story Finance and Post Office buildings to each side. A flag pole with flag is visible in the foreground, and the cantonment area buildings are in the background.
Date: 1942/1945

[Army enlisted men and women in civilian dress pose with leis at the Austin USO Club]

Description: Photograph of a group of soldiers standing on a stage with women at the U.S.O. Club. All are wearing leis, and some of the soldiers wear white t-shirts with their uniform pants. Most of the women are wearing colorful cotton dresses or skirts. One couple is holding a U.S.O. flag. Two soldiers and one woman are standing on a ladder leading up to the stage. The people look like they are participants in a Hawaiian-themed party or show.
Date: 1942/1945

Austin Annual Kite Tournament, 1942

Description: Photograph of a group portrait of participants at the annual kite tournament featuring home made kites of various sizes flown by boys and a few girls. Most kites are decorated with a patriotic theme, in support of the American troops in World War II.
Date: March 15, 1942
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Lab, Austin

Austin Athletic Club at Shoal Creek by House Park

Description: Photograph of rear exterior of the Austin Athletic Club at Shoal Creek by House Park. Visible are: a tennis court; benches for watching matches; two workers changing out screens on the second floor windows. The first organized recreation center in Austin was the privately owned Austin Athletic Club, built in 1923, by William T. Caswell. In 1931. Mr. Caswell sold the club to the City of Austin for "a small remuneration". The name of the center was officially changed to the Austin Recreation Center in 1970. After substantial damage, due to the Memorial Day flood of 1981 that center was closed after the existing center was built and opened in 1986.
Date: October 30, 1942
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Lab., Austin

[Old Austin Power Plant boiler room building]

Description: Photograph of a tilted view of the east facade of a boiler room at the old Austin Power Plant, near the site of the existing Seaholm Power Plant at 800 West Cezar Chavez Street. The concrete building has metal commercial windows and a vent stack is visible to the left of the building. A railroad bridge is visible in the background. Constructed during the 1930s, this building was demolished in the 1960s. A rubber stamp on the verso of the print reads: "BOONE's, FEB 25 1942, Austin, Texas". Boone Photo Company offered both photo finishing and commercial photography services.
Date: February 25, 1942
Creator: Boone Photo Company

[Raising the Flag at Camp Swift]

Description: Photograph of four soldiers raising the flag for the first time at Camp Swift. Writing on the back reads: "Left to right: 1st Lt. Victor M. Wallace, adjutant; 2nd Lt. Henry Stone, Motor Pool Officer; Major Oscar P. Houston, Executive; and Major Earl Chase, Director of Supply. When the flag pole was originally set in place it was not perfectly vertical. It was necessary to take it up and reset it which was a major operation because of its length, weight, and concrete setting."
Date: May 4, 1942

[A United States Army private and a woman in Austin's U.S.O. Club]

Description: Photograph of a man and a woman seated at a wooden table at Austin's U.S.O. club. Each holds a bottle of 7up with a straw in it. The man is wearing a United States Army enlisted man's uniform, consisting of a jacket, shirt, tie and pants, and the woman is wearing a dress. There is an empty ashtray on the table in front of them. Austin's U.S.O. Club was located at 111-115 East 6th Street.
Date: 1942/1945