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1887 Graduating class of Austin High School
Photograph of the 1887 graduating class of Austin High School. Front row (left to right): Pearl Caswell, Nannie Kelley, Florence Collins, Lucille James. Middle row (left to right): Eliza Mitchell, J. H. Bryant (professor), Minnie Sykes. Back row standing (left to right): unidentified woman, Mila Morris, Janie Maxwell, unidentified woman, Eve Sadler, Gertrude Whitis, Helen Grant, and William Gorden.
1958 Power Plant Installation
Photograph of the front of the City of Austin Power Plant building. A City of Austin vehicle is parked in front of the building.
[19th Street Looking West]
Photograph of 19th Street (now Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.) looking west from about Trinity. Buildings line the left side of the street and construction vehicles and workers are on the right side.
[2nd Infantry Division on Parade]
Photograph of two M8 Greyhound armored scout cars from the 2nd Infantry Division on parade through downtown Austin. The 2nd Infantry Division was stationed in Texas to train up for their deployment to the South Pacific, which never happened.
The 2nd State Capitol
Photograph of the 2nd capitol building for the state of Texas. There is a attached to the bottom right hand corner of the photograph a label that reads "The 2nd State Capital [sic]. Located on the site of the present Capital [sic], Burned in 1881." The land in front of the building is terraced and a pathway extends from the entrance down the terraces.
[40th and Avenue G in Hyde Park ]
Photograph of the site of 40th and Avenue G in Hyde Park, taken before Avenue G was built.
[E. 4th Street, Austin, TX]
Photograph of the 800 blocks of E. 4th Street looking east. Austin Pipe & Supply Co. is on the south side of the street.
[E. 6th Street and Brazos]
Photograph of the Northeast corner of E. 6th Street and Brazos. St. David's is in the upper left of the photograph and the two story building is where the Driskell now stands.
84th QM Co. - Picnic, Camp Mabry
Photograph of a group of soldiers and civilians pose during a picnic at Camp Mabry.
[T.A. Gullett School Construction]
Photograph of T.A. Gullett Elementary School under construction.
[Achilles Grocery]
Photograph of Achilles Grocery as seen from the corner. Located at 1523 Lavaca Street. Men are standing in front on the porch, and the sign on the building reads "W.A. Achilles General Merchandise."
Adams Extract Company
Photograph of a man working with equipment at the Adams Extract Company.
[Adult Friendship Club at Hancock]
Photograph of several dozen people gathered at the Hancock Recreation Center. One couple in the background is dancing. Caption on the back reads: "Adult Friendship Club, Hancock."
[Aerial View of Austin Municipal Airport]
Photograph of aerial view of the Mueller Municipal Airport, with view of main building and control tower in foreground and the runways in the background.
[Aerial View of Austin, Texas]
Photograph of an aerial view of Austin, TX taken from south of the Colorado River looking up Congress Avenue towards the Texas State Capitol Building.
[Aerial View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of an aerial view of Austin, TX looking directly west from the Capitol dome. The photograph is of Block 135, which includes, Dr. Hayne's house, built by Abner Cook. Dr. Hayne's house was later Abner Cook's home and later the Quality Shops after it was moved to the front of the lot in the center of the block.
[Aerial View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of an aerial view of Austin, TX. The "Power House" or Boiler House is for construction of new Capitol building that began in 1881. A Swedish or German Lutheran church is in the foreground. The building in the distance, left of the Power House stack is the old City Hospital.
[Aerial View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of an aerial view of Austin, TX north of the Colorado River looking southwest.
[Aerial View of Austin, TX]
Photograph of an aerial view of Austin, TX taken from north of E. 15th Street. There are markers on the photograph indicating E. 15th ST., E. 11th ST., E. 8th ST., E. 7th ST., E. 4th ST., an the Colorado River. US-81 (present-day IH-35) can be seen running north and south through the left side of the photograph and the Capitol Building can be seen on the right.
[Aerial view of courts and seats at Caswell Tennis Center]
Photograph of an aerial view of all six tennis courts, spectator stands, and parking at the Caswell Tennis Center on Shoal Creek at 24th and N. Lamar. Two men's doubles matches are visible in the back two courts. Spectators crowd in the shade under the awning. Residential neighborhoods are visible behind the tennis courts in the background.
[Aerial View of Deep Eddy]
Photograph of an aerial view of Deep Eddy pool and surrounding area. The pool is dried out and the trees are bare indicating winter. There are no visible people or activity near the pool. Deep Eddy began as a natural swimming hole in the Colorado River and was expanded into a man-made swimming pool in 1915 by A.J. Eilers, Sr. Deep Eddy pool is the oldest swimming pool in Texas and is operated and maintained by the City of Austin.
[Aerial View of Disch Field]
Aerial photograph of Disch Field and surrounding area. The parking lot is full of cars and the stands appear to be full though there are no players on the field.
[Aerial View of Governor's Mansion]
Early photograph of the Texas Governor's Mansion front elevation from a high vantage point across the street, showing lot in front of the mansion, grounds. The Carriage House is visible behind trees to the right of the mansion. A wooden fence is visible behind the mansion, but other fences are removed. The mansion was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and was continuously occupied since 1856. The occupant here in 1909 was Governor Thomas Mitchell Campbell. The mansion was declared a Texas historical landmark in 1962 and a national historic landmark in 1970.
[Aerial View of Municipal Airport]
Photograph of an aerial view of construction of the municipal airport. The terminal building is surrounded by dirt fields.
Aerial view of Municipal Golf Course
Photograph of An aerial view of Austin Municipal Golf Course, donated to the city in 1936 by the Austin Lion's Club. The club house is visible in the center of the image, with holes surrounding. The municipal Golf Course, constructed originally by the Lions Club in 1928 at 2901 Enfield Road, has served its citizens since 1934 and has long been Austin's most popular course.
[Aerial View of Power Plant from Across the Lake]
Photograph of an aerial view of Seaholm Power Plant, taken from across the lake. Roads and other buildings surrounding the plant are visible.
[Aerial View of Power Plant from Across the Lake]
Photograph of aerial view of Seaholm Power Plant, taken from across the lake. Roads and other buildings surrounding the plant are visible.
[Aerial View of Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of aerial view of Seaholm Power Plant, surrounded by various other buildings.
[Aerial view of the construction of Palmer Municipal Auditorium]
Photograph of the construction of the old Palmer Municipal Auditorium as seen from the air looking south toward Barton Springs Road at the top of the view, with Riverside Drive at the bottom. Portions of the Auditorium's concrete frame are completed, and the metal framework for the flyloft is under construction. Several commercial buildings are visible on Barton Springs Road. The site is littered with construction debris, and various construction support buildings are visible.
[Aerial View of the Texas State Capitol Building]
Photograph of an aerial view of the Texas State Capitol building and surrounding area.
[Aerial View of Zilker Park]
Photograph of an aerial view of Zilker Park looking north. Shows the area of Barton Springs with Lady Bird Lake in the background
[Aerial view of Zilker Park looking west]
Aerial photograph of Zilker Springs during development in 1938.
[African-American families]
Photograph of a family of African-Americans standing in front of a log cabin. A young girl stands in the open doorway of the cabin and looks on at the family portrait.
[Aftermath of 1915 Flood]
Photograph of the aftermath of the 1915 Colorado River flood. A house is destroyed, with furnishings visible inside. A woman, man, and young girl pose in one of the house's rooms.
[Aftermath of 1915 flood]
View of aftermath of April 1915 flood, Waller Creek at 705 E. 6th Street, Austin. People are gathered on the stone bridge and look down onto the creek. Damaged buildings are on either side of the creek.
[Aftermath of Fire at Hancock Center]
Photograph of two men surveying rubble in the locker room of Hancock Recreation Center, in the aftermath of a fire.
[Aftermath of Fire at Hancock Recreation Center]
Photograph of rubble in the aftermath of a fire at the Hancock Recreation Center, October 1965.
[Aftermath of Fire at Hancock Recreation Center]
Photograph of a room at the Hancock Recreation Center following a fire. Water from fire hoses and debris covers the floor. A charred piano sits along the back wall.
Airplane view of vicinity of Waller Creek and East First Street
Photograph of Airplane view of vicinity of Waller Creek and East 1st Street. East 1st Street is visible diagonally down the center of the image from top to bottom, while Waller Creek cuts through the image from left to right.
[Alfonso Ramos Band plays for a wedding reception at the San Jose Community Center]
Photograph of the Alfonso Ramos Band playing at the San Jose Community Center in South Austin. The band includes saxophone, drums, bongo drum, trombone, and trumpet. A man in tan suit is singing or talking into the microphone as other band members talk or wait. Five little girls, some wearing white dresses, and two little boys sit on the edge of the stage and watch the dancers. Women, wearing foral bridesmaid dresses, dance with men in suits.
All Tied up on Zilker Kite Field
Photograph of "All tied up on Zilker kite field." Two teenagers try to untangle a number of kite strings while two girls stand by. They are in a field at Zilker Park in Austin.
[Altar Boys at St. David's Episcopal Church]
Photograph of two altar boys kneeling at the altar of St. David's Episcopal Church.
[Altar of St. David's Episcopal Church]
Photograph of the altar of the St. David's Episcopal church.
[Aluminum for Defense]
Photograph of Aluminum for Defense collection point outside of the Texas Capitol building. A large chicken-wire bin holds aluminum cans. The Capitol dome is visible in the background.
[American Bank Parking Garage]
Photograph of the parking garage at American Bank as seen from the street.
[Anderson High School students]
Photograph of Anderson High School students lined up outside the schoolhouse which is either at Olive and Curve Streets or at Pennsylvania Street (currently Kealing Middle school). This class is composed of mostly female African American students.
[Andrew Jackson Hamilton Funeral at Capitol]
Photograph of funeral of former Texas governor Andrew Jackson Hamilton at the State Capitol building. Original albumen print filed with Gethsemane Collection, AR.M.013. Same as C00253
"Andrews Day"
Photograph of the going away party for Andrew Bragg, janitor, 1950-1966, in the staff lounge in the basement of the Austin Public Library. L-R: Ann Bowden, Janett Varner, Mary Carter Rice, ?, Annette Evans, Bragg, ? Diane Moore, Tommy McCalla. Andrew Bragg stands in the foreground behind a cake with his back partially turned to the camera.
[Angler's Club Fishing on Small Bridge]
Photograph of men lined up on a narrow wooden bridge and fishing. There are several onlookers in the foreground.
[Anna Duval Bank's Spring Dance Recital]
Photograph of Anna Duval Bank's Spring Dance Recital with a row of five young girls, including Sharon Ward (second from the front) and Elizabeth Ann Curry (third from the front), wearing drummer costumes and sitting on wooden chairs. They are holding drums decorated with cartoon characters on their laps. Champ Howell, a young boy wearing a similar costume, sits at the end of the row.