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[Capitol Construction]
Photograph of construction of the state capitol building. The main building is mostly complete while construction of the dome is just beginning.
[Capitol Cornerstone Dedication]
Photograph of a crowd of people gathered for the cornerstone dedication during the construction of the state Capitol. Some onlookers can be seen sitting and standing on top of the derricks used for the construction.
Capitol Grounds - Austin, Texas
Photograph of the Capitol Grounds in Austin, Texas. The photograph is on the front of a postcard written to Joe Harrell in Kingsland, Texas from Bob. The correspondene on the postcard reads, "It is he_ _ to have to go back to work after having such a fun easy time. Regards to All. Bob."
Capitol under construction
Photograph of the Texas state capitol building under construction. Several cranes are erected. Two small buildings in the foreground are offices for the contractors.
Cars in Traffic
Photograph of cars stuck in traffic by Brackenridge Hospital, waiting to turn right at a yield sign onto 15th Street.
Carver Branch Library
Photograph of a man wearing glasses is looking at a book whlie sitting at a table inside the Carver Branch Library. It is a wide view of the room and there are a couple of children checking out books in the background.
[Carver Branch Library]
Photograph of exterior view of the Carver Branch Library, later part of the Carver Museum. Two trees in front of the building are bare of leaves.
"Caught by Captain" from Zilker Hillside Theater's "Peter Pan"
Photograph of Zilker Hillside Theater's production of "Peter Pan". The scene depicted shows Captain Hook's capture of Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and her brothers/the lost boys.
[Cavalry Troops Marching in Texas Capitol Building Dedication Parade]
Photograph of the parade for the dedication of the Texas State Capitol building. This particular photograph features cavalry troops (Interstate drill) marching down Congress Avenue. Crowds of spectators are standing watching on either side of the street. Many flags are on display.
Cedar Choppers
Scene with cedar choppers. Men and boys are in a car and a truck. A house and trees are partially visible in the background.
[Central Fire Station]
Photograph of the exterior of the Central Fire Station #1 at 401 East 5th Street.
Central Fire Station Kitchen
Photograph of the interior of the kitchen of the central fire station. A refrigerator is at left, a stove and oven at center, a sink to the right and a table and chairs partially visible in the foreground.
Central Fire Station Living Room
Photograph of the living room of the central fire station located at 401 East 5th Street. A table and chairs is at center, and more chairs and a sofa circle the room.
Central Fire Station Southwest View
Photograph of a southwest view of the central fire station located at 401 East 5th Street.
[Chef Jean-Pierre]
Photograph of Chef Jean-Pierre standing with anoher man in a kitchen. He is placing food onto a plate.
Child takes a wild ride at Zilker Playscape
Photograph of a child sliding down a tube slide at Zilker Park. His hands are in the air while his mother leans over to support his exit. She carries a camera in her right hand.
[Children around USN sand sculpture at Sandcraft]
Photograph of a group of children around a sandbox with a sand sculpture of an anchor and the initials U.S.N. (United States Navy) imprinted over it at Sandcraft Park.
[Children at Barton Springs Pool]
Photograph of older children and young people splashing in the water and siting in the shallow waters of Barton Springs pool.
[Children playing at Wooldridge Park]
Photograph of children playing at Wooldridge Park. Wooldridge Park gazebo is in the center of the photograph.
[Children swimming at Rosewood Park]
Photograph of a group of African-American children swimming and splashing at the Rosewood Park for Negroes swimming pool. Extensive use of swimming pool and facilities demonstrates success of this recreation center.
[Children's washtub band at Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm]
Photograph of a washtub band consisting of at least nine young adults performing in a barn at Pioneer Farms. They wear homemade t-shirts that read "I'm a Singing Spark." Instruments consist of: three guitars, guitarron, banjo, washtub bass, and at least one tambourine. In 1852, Frederick and Harriet B. Jourdan settled on the site near Walnut Creek with their children. In 1956, grandchildren Laura and Eugene Giles, donated the core of their grandparents' property to the Heritage Society of Austin, in order to preserve the pioneer experience. The site and its museum operated under the auspices of the Austin Natural Science Association and later by the Parks and Recreation Department of the city of Austin until it was transferred back to the Heritage Society of Austin in 2003. Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms operates multiple sites today. Pioneer Farms is a member of the American Association of Museums, the Association of Living History Farms and Museums, the American Association for State and Local History, the Texas Association of Museums and the Austin Museum Partnership.Pioneer Farms is a registered Austin Historic Landmark and a designated Heritage Tourism Destination Site. Our Pioneer School is community-education partner with the Austin Community College.
[Choir Singing at St. David's Episcopal Church]
Photograph of the choir singing and standing around the altar of St. David's Episcopal Church.
Christie's Seafood, Steaks and Cocktails
Photograph of a view of the rear of Christie's Restaurant from the water; a Christie's boat is docked on the water behind the restaurant. Christie's was located on Town Lake at 1st St in Austin.
Christopher Street, looking west from 3rd Street
Photograph of Christopher Street looking west from 3rd Street. The road is unpaved and just a few houses, partially obscured by trees, are visible.
[Circus Camels]
Photograph of circus camels on parade.
[City Council Swearing-In Ceremony]
Photograph of city council members being sworn into office. The members are standing in a gazebo that is decorated with red, white, and blue banners and American flags.
[City of Austin Auditorium]
Photograph of the City of Austin Auditorium taken from the north side of Town Lake after a snowfall.
[City of Austin Sanitation Division]
Photograph of the City of Austin Sanitation Division truck and workers collecting garbage.
[City of Austin Takes Municipal Golf Course Deed]
Photograph of Guiton Morgan, City Manager, (at left) accepting deed from John H. Tobin of Austin Lions Club. Tobin was club president 1919-1920. The city of Austin took over the Municipal Golf Course on April 1, 1937.
Clara Anderson
Portrait of Clara Anderson, sitting in a wooden chair on a porch. Anderson was previously enslaved.
Cleaning Barton Springs
Photograph of two donkeys pulling a man in a cart through the shallow water at Barton Springs pool. From the Walter Long Collection.
Club house at Municipal Golf Course [in snow]
Photograph of Austin Municipal Golf Course Club House entrance covered in snow. Wooden chairs and a bench sit on the concrete patio to the left of the double screen door entrance. Two large bushes flank the walkway. The municipal Golf Course, constructed originally by the Lions Club in 1928 at 2901 Enfield Road, has served its citizens since 1934 and has long been Austin's most popular course.
Club House at the Golf Course
Photograph of the Austin Municipal Golf Course club house and surrounding landscape. The municipal Golf Course, constructed originally by the Lions Club in 1928 at 2901 Enfield Road, has served its citizens since 1934 and has long been Austin's most popular course.
[Colorado Machine Shop]
Photograph of an industrial complex including Colorado Machine Shop and Lone Star Ice Works. On the dirt road in front of the buildings are men with horse-drawn wagons.
[Colorado River Flood]
Photograph of an aerial view of the Colorado River in Austin during a flood. The Congress Avenue bridge and several blocks are submerged. A few buildings are seen sticking out above the water. A crowd is gathered at the south end of the bridge. The capitol is in the distance.
[Colorado River Flood]
Photograph of a house surrounded by floodwaters during a Colorado River flood. The capitol dome is visible in the distance.
[Colorado River Flood]
Photograph of the Colorado River flood in June, 1935.
[Colorado River Flood]
Photograph of the 1935 Texas flood of the Colorado River. The photograph was taken of Congress Avenue from the south. The Capitol building can be seen in the background of the photograph.
Comite Patriotico Mexicano at Parque Zaragoza
Photograph of Fiesta Patrias, the group who planned patriotic activities for Parque Zaragoza. Seated L to R: Macrino Ortiz, Ignacio Orriaga, Frank Morales, Ignacio Acosta. Standing L to R: Pedro Cortez, Severino Guerra, Frank Prado.
[Commissioners Watching a Presentation]
Travis County Commissioners Richard Moya and Ann Richards and County Judge Mike Renfro seated together in a meeting room watching a presentation from an unidentified man in the foreground. The man appears to be holding a map or large document. Other spectators are off to the side.
[Confederate Home for Men group photo]
Large group portrait, including some Confederate veterans of the U.S. Civil War, in front of the Confederate Home For Men. A.W. Taber, superintendent, and wife Minnie Lee Taber, are in center forefront. The small child is Jean Sutherland.
[Congress Avenue]
Photograph of Congress Avenue looking north. Cabaniss Hardware and Dewey Garage are visible at right, as well as cars and some advertisements painted on the buildings. The Capitol is visible in the distance. Streetcar rails are in the center of the road.
[Congress Avenue]
Photograph of Congress Avenue taken from the south looking towards the Capitol Building.
[Congress Avenue]
Photograph of pre-1875 Congress Avenue taken from the southwest side of the avenue.
[Congress Avenue]
Photograph of pre-1875 Congress Avenue taken from the southwest looking towards the Capitol Building.
[Congress Avenue]
Photograph of a bustling Congress Avenue taken from the south looking towards the Capitol Builing. People are walking or riding on horse and carriage.
[Congress Avenue and the Capitol Building]
Photograph of Congress Avenue taken from the south looking towards the Capitol Building. Horse carriage tracks line the avenue. Patterson Wagon Yard is on the west side of the avenue.
[Congress Avenue Before 1875]
Photograph of a view looking down Congress Avenue, taken before 1875. There are builidngs and horse drawn buggies lining the street. The Capitol (1853-1881) building is in the background.
[Congress Avenue bridge at night]
Photograph of the Congress Avenue bridge at night. The reflection of the bridge is visible in the water.
[Congress Avenue Flooded by Colorado River]
Photograph of Congress Avenue flooded by the Colorado River. Note on photo reads: "Looking northwest from So. Congress Sept. 28, 1936."