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[Alfonso Ramos Band plays for a wedding reception at the San Jose Community Center]
Photograph of the Alfonso Ramos Band playing at the San Jose Community Center in South Austin. The band includes saxophone, drums, bongo drum, trombone, and trumpet. A man in tan suit is singing or talking into the microphone as other band members talk or wait. Five little girls, some wearing white dresses, and two little boys sit on the edge of the stage and watch the dancers. Women, wearing foral bridesmaid dresses, dance with men in suits.
[All-Black School]
Photo of an All-Black School, known at that time as the "Negro School". Austin, Texas.
All Saints Church [exterior]
Photograph of the exterior of All Saints Episcopal Church at 209 West 27th Street. Cars are visible parked on the street.
All Saints Episcopal Church
Photograph of the facade and steeple of All Saints Episcopal Church. All Saints is located at 209 W. 27th Street.
All Tied up on Zilker Kite Field
Photograph of "All tied up on Zilker kite field." Two teenagers try to untangle a number of kite strings while two girls stand by. They are in a field at Zilker Park in Austin.
[Allan Shivers and KTSA at the governor's office]
Photograph of Texas state governor Allan Shivers and others from KTSA at the governor's office.
[Allan Shivers signing document at table while three men observe]
Governor Allan Shivers of man signing document at table while three men observe. Austin, Texas.
Allandale Department Store at Allandale Village
Allandale Department Store at Allandale Village. Exterior view and parking lot. Southwest corner Burnet Rd and Koenig ln. Image looks south across Koenig.
Allandale Village Shopping Center
View of the Allandale Village Shopping Center from the parking lot of The Frisco restaurant; The Frisco restaurant's sign is visible in the foreground. An H.E.B. Food Store and the Mosely's Allandale Cafeteria are visible in the shopping center.
[Allandale Village storefront]
Photograph of the Allandale Village storefronts. Two stores are open for business: H.E.B. Food Stores and Francis Floorcovering, despite the unpaved parking lot. Other storefronts on the right side of the building appear to be empty.
[Allen Hall, Tillotson Institute]
Photograph of a five-story brick building with a mansard roof. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Allen Hall, Erected 1880-1881, Demolished 1966." Cabinet card format.
Allred Finance Banquet
Banquet for Allred Finance, includes Mr. Davis
Almanac, 1856.
The almanac includes general information about medicine, statistics, recipes, folk remedies, and meteorology for 1856.
Alpha Delta Sigma
Presentation ceremony
Alpha Delta Sigma
Man being fitted with mortar board
Alpha Xi Delta Group Photo
Color group photo of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority; individuals are unidentified.
[Altar Boys at St. David's Episcopal Church]
Photograph of two altar boys kneeling at the altar of St. David's Episcopal Church.
[Altar of St. David's Episcopal Church]
Photograph of the altar of the St. David's Episcopal church.
[Aluminum for Defense]
Photograph of Aluminum for Defense collection point outside of the Texas Capitol building. A large chicken-wire bin holds aluminum cans. The Capitol dome is visible in the background.
[American Legion Building]
Street view of an American Legion Building. Austin, Texas.
[American National Bank Building]
Aerial view of the American National Bank/Littlefield Building at 601-605 Congress Avenue.
[American-Statesman typesetting machines]
Photograph of a man working on a typesetting machine at the Austin American-Statesman newspaper facilities.
[American-Statesman typesetting machines]
Photograph of a room full of typesetting machines at an Austin American-Statesman newspaper facility.
Anderson High - Ceremony & Reception
Reception of female students and teachers at Anderson High School
Anderson High Coronation
Miss Anderson High contestant
Anderson High Coronation
Miss Anderson High contestant
Anderson High Coronation
Miss Anderson High contestants on stage
Anderson High Coronation
Miss Anderson High contestant
Anderson High Football Game
Number 42 runs around the end to elude tacklers in an action football game shot
Anderson High Football Game at Halftime
Young couple shakes hands with a school headmaster at halftime of an Anderson High football game
Anderson High Football game at Halftime
An Anderson High headmaster shakes hands with a young lady while her company stands aside. A baton twirler peaks from the background to smile at the photo-op.
Anderson High Football game @ Halftime
Anderson High School Football team captains line up on the sideline with the game referees. Numbers 63, 14, and 50 pose for a picture with the officials.
Anderson High Graduation
Graduating students sits in rows
Anderson High Graduation
Top five students in the 1964 class of Anderson High School pose together in cap and gown
Anderson High Graduation
Anderson High School Graduating Class of 1964
Anderson High School
Phys Ed Class basketball
Anderson High School
students in hallway looking at display case
[Anderson High School]
Two high school football players identified as James Moten and Maurice Miller.
Anderson High School
William Pigford, Raymond Timmons, Jack McDonald, Lawrence Britton
Anderson High School
Girls dancing in gym
Anderson High School
FFA class (?)
Anderson High School
students in Phys Ed class
Anderson High School
Student on stage receiving bouquet
Anderson High School
Majorettes marching in parade
Anderson High School
Girls Pep Squad
Anderson High School
Students in beautician class
Anderson High School
Two students looking at medicine bottle
Anderson High School
Two students practicing football
Anderson High School
High school choir
Anderson High School
Students learning geography