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[Construction of the control tower at Mueller Municipal Airport in Austin, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the aircraft control tower under construction at Mueller Municipal Airport. There is scaffolding around the concrete interior support structure, and board formwork is in place for pouring a flared level near the top of the tower. In front of the tower, the scalloped metal terminal roof is under construction, and there are several wooden construction shacks in foreground.
Date: 1960

[Construction of the Municipal Golf Course tool house]

Description: Photograph of construction workers work on building the tool house at the Austin Municipal Golf Course. A ladder leans on a scaffolding leading to the roof. The municipal Golf Course, constructed originally by the Lions Club in 1928 at 2901 Enfield Road and donated to the city in 1936, has served it's citizens since 1934 and has long been Austin's most popular course.
Date: April 8, 1939
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Lab., Austin

[Construction of the Rosewood Recreation Center, now Doris Miller Auditorium, in Rosewood Park]

Description: Photograph of construction of the Negro Recreation Building in Rosewood Park. Three men stand on the back of a 1930s flat bed truck, as they use a crane mounted on the truck to lift half of a laminated wooden semi-circular arched truss into place. Two of the trusses are already completed in the background. The scaffolding used to support workers joining the trusses at their centers stands to the back of the truck. The trusses are joined by cross members, and the half truss erected to the left in the photograph is supported by a post, awaiting the other half of the truss. Two wooden saw horses and several stacks of bags of cement(?) are on the ground under and near the trusses. This photograph appeared in the 1944 Annual Report of the Austin Recreation Department, on page 48, labeled "New Gymnasium - Auditorium at Rosewood".
Date: December 10, 1943
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Lab., Austin

[Cotton Gin]

Description: Photograph of a cotton gin near Austin. In front of the cotton gin are men with horse drawn carts full of cotton. There is another man standing near a cotton bale in the foreground.
Date: unknown

[Couples in State Lunatic Asylum Park]

Description: Photograph of two couples at the State Lunatic Asylum Park. "Mary" and "C.H.W." are in seated in the foreground. The names of the couple on the bridge are unknown. The hospital opened in 1856, is operated by the Texas Department of State Health Services, and changed its name in 1925. It is the oldest psychiatric hospital in the state of Texas and the third oldest standing public building in the state. It opened with 12 patients and saw as many as 3000 at once time. The Austin State Hospital currently houses around 300 patients, most staying for about a week during treatment.
Date: 1901

Court-House crowd [Group of Travis County officials standing on the steps of a stone building]

Description: Photograph of a group of men wearing suits standing on the steps of what may be either the Travis County Courthouse or the Travis County Jail. The identified men, including Judge George Calhoun, District Clerk James P. Hart, and Deputy Sheriff Fred Peck, are all Travis County officials, but most of the group are unidentified. One of the the men is African American, and he appears to be the only person not wearing a suit coat. Several of the men are wearing ties -- including bow ties, string ties and neck ties -- and several are wearing vests and have watch chains. The building behind them is made of stone blocks, with rusticated blocks below and ashlar blocks above. There is a door in the center of the photograph, behind the men, and it is flanked by two double-hung sash windows. Inscribed below the image in ink is "Court-House crowd", and the identifications are written in either ink or pencil with arrows pointing to the identified person.
Date: 1900?

[Crockett-Porter Bus]

Description: Photograph of African American students and parents waiting for a school bus, as seen from inside the bus over the should of the driver. Most likely this was the Crockett-Porter bus from 1974-1975.
Date: 197u
Creator: Austin Citizen

[Dan Davidson and Jack Robinson]

Description: Photograph of (left to right): Dan Davidson, Austin City Manager, shaking the hand of Jack Robinson, Director of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (facing) in an office. Architectural plans lean against the wall behind manager Davidson.
Date: September 19, 1973
Creator: City of Austin