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Fairway Number twelve Looking toward Green

Description: Photograph of Austin Municipal Golf Course fairway number twelve, looking toward the green. Heavy debris, tall grass, sand traps, and uneven terrain are the visible challenges. A man is standing on the right side of the image with his hands on his hips. A printed caption below the image says "Fareway No. 12 Looking toward Green."
Date: 19uu

[Farmworkers Demonstration]

Description: Photograph of a farmworkers demonstration with protesters marching up Congress Avenue towards the Capitol building, which is visible in the background. Different businesses line the left side of the street, and cars are parked on both sides of the street.
Date: unknown

[Female clothing hanging on a rope line in a Travis County Jail cell]

Description: Photograph of a cell area in Travis County Jail with rope laundry line strung across the bars. The rope holds items of women's clothing, including a flowered shirt, embroidered pants, and other tops, pants and nylon underwear. On the floor below there are four pairs of boots, pairs of sandals, house shoes, and other street shoes. The cell behind the bars is stuffed with a variety of clothing items.
Date: 1970~

[Female inmate behind bars]

Description: Photograph of a female inmate inside jail cell, sitting on bunk at Travis County Jail. She faces the interior of her dark cell. Her hair is in plastic curlers and her feet are bare. A blanket from the top bunk above her drapes low behind the bars, darkening the cell. A paperback book sits between the bars.
Date: 1970~

[Female Travis County Jail worker offering books to a female inmate]

Description: Photograph of a female Travis County Jail librarian and female inmate. The librarian, on the left, is wearing a print shirt with pointed collar and holding three paperback books on top of a box of assorted paperbacks. The female inmate, who is on the right, reaches through the bars as she looks at the selections offered. Her hair is in plastic and foam rollers. A sewing machine and wooden shelving are visible in the background of the photograph.
Date: 1970~

[First Air Mail Plane]

Description: Loading air mail on first mail plane to leave Robert Mueller Municipal Airport after dedication ceremonies. Adolph Koch, Niles Graham, P.R. James, Raymond Grasty, "Bub" Merrill, Bub's mother, Paul Cruseman, Lynn Hunter, Max Bickler, Bub's Father and others
Date: October 14, 1930
Creator: Boone Photo Company

[Flag Ceremony]

Description: Photograph of a servicewoman transferring the Texas flag over to a serviceman as a contingent of women on the steps of the Capitol building look on. People watch in the background.
Date: 194u
Creator: Douglass, Neal

[Ford Liberty Bell Fleet]

Description: Photograph of a Ford f-5 pickup truck with two service men and a woman along with model of the Liberty Bell in the back. Painted on the truck's bed rail is the motto "Save For YOUR Independence - Buy U.S. Savings Bonds." The truck is parked in front of the Texas Capitol building.
Date: [1941, 1945]
Creator: Douglass, Neal