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[Performance at Zilker Hillside Theater]

Description: Photograph of a cast of actors performing on stage at the Zilker Hillside Theater in Austin. The actors are positioned around the stage and on the bridge set piece.
Date: 1963
Creator: Walter Barnes Studio
Item Type: Photograph

[Person in Gas Mask Under Plane]

Description: Photograph of a maintenance and aircrew unit member, who wears a gas mask, under a plane during the employment phase of the TAC Operational Readiness Exercise.
Date: 1973
Item Type: Photograph

[Personnel at Pinning Ceremony]

Description: Photograph of military personnel standing at attention during a pinning ceremony. A man to the left is pinning something to the shirt of the man in front of him. Behind him, another man stands with an open box.
Date: 1960~/1969~
Item Type: Photograph

[Personnel on Trucks]

Description: Photograph of military personnel standing on the roofs of several trucks on the tarmac. More people stand on the ground, and planes are visible to the left.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[Pete Alsup]

Description: Portrait of Peter W. Alsup, office manager of Texas Building and Equipment.
Date: January 10, 1946
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Item Type: Photograph

Pete Caruso

Description: Man standing behind counter next to cash register waiting on woman customer. Caruso's Cafe & Delicatessen was located at 311 W. 6th Street. Owner was Pasquale Caruso.
Date: September 8, 1949
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Item Type: Photograph

[Phantom F-4's]

Description: Photograph of Phantom F-4 airplanes lined up in a row, with all of their cockpits open.
Date: [198u, 199u]
Item Type: Photograph