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Neal Douglass - Studio
Shot of lamp equipment above desks on right hand side of the studio, looking at corner with trash can
Neal Douglass - Studio
Side interior shot of studio with lamp parring above table
Neal Douglass - Studio
Interior shot of office inside the studio
[Neal Douglass with Mrs. Broadmix]
Photo of Neal Douglass standing next to Mrs. Broadmix. Austin, Texas.
Negro Masonic Temple
Exterior view of the building which is located at 1017 E. 11th Street.
Negro Masonic Temple - Most Worshipful St. Joseph Grand Lodge AF & AM
Exterior view of the building which is located at 1017 E. 11th Street.
[Negro War Recreation Council Headquarters building]
Photograph of the Negro War Recreation Council Headquarters building, a concrete frame building located at 702-14 East Avenue (now I-35) in the former city market, repurposed as a bus depot and recreation building for African American soldiers. The windows are 6/6 configuration, many of which are decoratively painted with stars, patriotic shields and the letter "V". The 5-panel double wooden entrance doors, at the center of the photograph, each have painted or decal flags on the second horizontal panel from the top. The sign above the doors reads: "HEADQUARTERS, SUB-BUS STATION, NEGRO WAR RECREATION COUNCIL". To the left of the doors sits a 1930s-era sedan, and to the left of that is a ground-mounted sign that reads: "SUB-BUS STATION for COLORED SOLDIERS". There is a large flag pole, without a flag, visible to the rear of photograph. A wooden bench sits in front of the right building bay. There are several suitcases on the bench, and an overcoat appears to be draped over some of them. The market building was originally constructed as a 1935 Public Works Administration (PWA) project, which opened in June 1935.
Negroes at McFadden Place near Circleville, Texas
Photograph of a family of women and children doing laundry under a tree by the banks of a river at McFadden [sic] Place near Circleville, Texas in Williamson County.
[New Airport at Night]
Photograph of airplanes on the tarmac at Austin's new airport. Photograph was taken at night.
New Books Reviewed: O. Henry's Short Stories
Book review of "The Four Million." Also contains thoughts on "The Trimmed Lamp" and "Heart of the West."
[New Bowling Alley]
Photograph of the parking lot outside a new 10-lane bowling alley on the Bergstrom Air Force Base.
The New Capital of Texas in January 1, 1840
Photograph of an illustration by Edward Hall of the City of Austin; the new capitol of Texas in January 1, 1840.
The New Capitol of Texas
Photograph of an illustration depicting The New Capitol of Texas. There is a description of what the new Capitol will look like and images influential people, places and events line both sides of the illustration. Pictured clockwise from top left to right is David Crockett, Gen. Sam Houston, Mirabeau B. Lamar, Stephen F. Austin, Old Capitol, Houston, Storming of the Alamo, and David G. Burnet.
The New Orleans Club - exterior shot; interior shot - Ernie Mae Miller at the piano
Ernie Mae Miller at piano
The New Orleans Club - exterior shot; interior shot - Ernie Mae Miller at the piano
[A new room at the Austin Hotel]
A view of a newly designed room at the Austin Hotel. A large mirror hangs above a couch to the left of the photo.
New Sanitation Truck
Photograph of the new City of Austin Sanitation Division sanitation truck. The truck in the photograph is a 1939 General Motors dump truck.
New sheriff Rip Collins
New sheriff Rip Collins sitting at desk
New Steck Building Exterior
Exterior of Steck building, showing parking lot and surrounding land. Near Shoal Creek Blvd.
New Sweden Lutheran Church
Photograph of the exterior of the Lutheran Church in New Sweden, Travis County, Texas. The church has a tall steeple topped with a cross.
The New York Days
This article is the fourth part of Arthur W. Page's biography of O. Henry, "Little Pictures of O. Henry." It addresses O. Henry's time in New York and is illustrated with photographs.
1 man and 8 newspaper boys standing in front of the Austin Mirror Newspaper office, each holding an issue of the newspaper.
3 newspaper employees at counter looking at a copy of The Austin Mirror.
[Newspress inside train]
Photo of the newspress inside train of Harry Truman's Whistle Stop tour. Austin, Texas.
Next to Reading Matter
Short story set in New York
[Nick's Drive-In]
Photo of Nick's Drive-In. Austin, Texas.
A Night in New Arabia
Short story set in New York
[Nighthawk Staff]
Photograph of a group portrait of the Nighthawk restaurant staff. They wear uniforms and stand in front of the restaurant. The woman in the middle, behind the two women at center, is Violet Franklin Sanders. The restaurant was located at 1907 Guadalupe Street, Austin.
[Nimitz Hotel, Fredericksburg]
Photograph of the exterior of the Nimitz Hotel in Fredericksburg. Several Ford cars are parked in front of the building. There is a handwritten note on the back of the photograph that reads: "One of these Fords could very well be on I traveled in while with the U.S. Rubber Co. I often stopped at the old Hotel, long long ago. [illegible signature]."
Nine Texas Supreme Court Members
Nine members of the Texas Supreme Court are pictured in suits sitting behind a long wooden desk. The back of an unknown man's head is visible in the lower left corner.
Nineteenth Street looking east
Nineteenth Street looking east after street paving. Waller Creek bridge in view. Photo reads, "Asutin Street Paving, Soutwest Bitulithic Co., Contractor, H. R. F. Helland, Consulting Engineer."
Nixon-Clay College Classroom with Students
Photograph of female students in a classroom at Nixon-Clay College in Austin, Texas. A teacher stands in front of a chalk board on the left, and students sit in desks divided into two groups on the left and on the right. The students are all writing in notebooks. A man stands at the rear of the room looking out a window. A stairwell divides the classroom. Physical damage to the negative has caused a white line down the center of the image.
Nixon-Clay Commercial College
Female students working in classroom at Nixon-Clay Commercial College, 119-A W. 8th St.
Nixon-Clay Commercial College
Photo of Don A Phillips seated at his desk. The sign reads: "Don A Phillips, President". Nixon- Clay was located at 119 W. 8th. Street.
Nixon-Clay Commercial College
Don. A Phillips, President of Nixon-Clay Commercial College, seated at his desk.
Nixon-Clay Commercial College
View of classroom with business machines.
No Story
Short story about a journalist in New York.
Noel B. Scott
Photograph of Noel B. Scott. Scott was blind. He operated Scott's Cigar Stand on the 1st floor of The Travis County Courthouse.
Noel B. Scott - Blind Man
Blind man holding box of cigars in his right hand. Noel Scott is listed as proprietor of Scott's Cigar Stand in the 1947 City Directory.
[Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Opens]
Photograph of students unloading furniture from the back of a moving van at the newly opened Non-Commissioned Officer Academy.
[Non-Commissioned Officers Club Lounge]
Photograph of the non-commissioned officers club lounge at the Bergstrom Air Force Base. Couches and chairs are organized around small tables. There is a television set in the back corner of the room.
North Austin Fire Station
Exterior of North Austin Fire Station #16 at 7000 Reese Lane at its intersection with Cullen Avenue.
North Austin Lions Little League
N. Austin Lions Little League, Shipe field (rfs)
[North Loop at Upper Georgetown Road]
Photograph of North Loop at Upper Georgetown Road. There are trees and a small bridge in the foreground. A home and parked car are in the background.
North Loop Shopping Center
North Loop Shopping Center under construction. Signs for Beall's Department Store, Tucker Drug Store and Winn's 5 & 10 Store. Construction trucks, machinery and men.
North Loop Shopping Ctr. - Opening Day
Exterior of parking lot on opening day of North Loop Plaza, 5222 Burnet Rd.
[Norwood Tower and Capital National Bank]
Exterior view of the building at 114-120 W. 7th St.
Note on Judge J. W. Maxwell statement
No Description Available.
[Note secured by deed of trust on slaves]
A note secured “by deed of trust on negroes.”
Nuevo Laredo, Mex.
Photograph of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "looking across Rio Grande from Texas Side." A large bridge connecting the two cities is visible on the right side of the photograph.