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El Matamoros: Wedding Reception
Shot of musical group playing at the wedding reception
El Matamoros: Wedding Reception
Couples dance on open floor at El Matamoros
El Matamoros: Wedding Reception
Mr. Flores dances as a newlywed with his new wife alone on the dance floor
Matt Williams
Photograph of man wearing a bowtie. Matthew Williams is listed in the 1949 Austin City Directory as the fountain manager at White Pharmacy.
Maureen Moore, State Labor Commissioner
Woman standing at desk holding a boxing glove. Racy calendar in background. Maureen Moore is listed in the 1947 Austin City Directory as Commissioner, State Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Maurice Asher's Pigs
Maurice Asher carrying two pails to feed his pigs
[May 4, 1922 Tornado]
Photograph of storm clouds with a tornado funnel in the sky.
[May Day play at Treaty Oak]
Photograph of children playing on and around the Treaty Oak branches on May Day ca. 1925. Three girls sit and stand on the oak's low branches. A fourth girl looks on with a young boy and their caretaker. Everyone is dressed in white. The lawn is littered with children's chairs and various outdoor equipment.
[May Day Processional at Seton Hospital]
Photograph of people walking at a May Day Processional at Seton Hospital. A woman in a formal dress is walking up to a statue of Virgin Mary, while children stand and watch from behind her.
[May Day Processional at Seton Hospital]
Photograph of people at a May Day Processional at Seton Hospital. There are women in formal dresses walking through decorative arches, and altar boys on the side.
[Maynard, Texas]
Photograph of men working with agricultural machinery in a field in Maynard, Texas. Buildings, including a saloon, in the downtown area of the town are visible in the background.
[Mayor Bill Drake and others]
Photo of Mayor Bill Drake and others standing in front of "Let's All Vote" sign. Austin, Texas.
[Mayor Bill Drake in Santa Claus Costume]
Photo of Mayor Bill Drake wearing Santa Claus costume gathered with children. Austin, Texas.
Mayor Bill Drake in Santa Claus Costume
Photo of Mayor Bill Drake wearing Santa Claus costume surrounded by three children.
[Mayor Bill Drake standing in front of sign]
Photograph of Austin, Texas Mayor W.S. "Bill" Drake standing in front of sign.
[Mayor Bll Drake]
Mayor Bill Drake standing in front of sign. Austin, Texas.
[Mayor Charles McAden and others holding hats on Felt Hat Day]
Photo of Charles McAden and others holding hats on Felt Hat Day. Austin, Texas.
[Mayor Jeff Friedman on a boat]
Photograph of an unidentified woman interviewing Mayor Jeff Friedman on a boat on Lake Austin. He holds a microphone in one hand and points to the shore with the other.
[Mayor Mary Kyle Hartson and man standing at Fire Station]
A man and woman shaking hands outside of a building.
[Mayor Mary Kyle Hartson in driver's seat of fire truck]
A woman sitting in the driver's seat of a fire truck.
[Mayor Mary Kyle Hartson leaning against fire truck]
A woman leaning up against a fire truck.
[Mayor Mary Kyle Hartson standing next to furniture]
A woman standing by an old piece of furniture.
[Mayor Miller & T.B. Ladies]
Photograph of two men and two women indoors. Man on far left is Mayor Tom Miller.
[Mayor Miller & T.B. Ladies]
Photograph of two men and two women indoors. Man on far left is Mayor Tom Miller.
[Mayor Tom Miller and E. G. Kingsbery]
Photograph of Mayor Tom Miller and E. G. Kingsbery, Manager of the Texan Hotel. They are holding a document and standing in the Texan Hotel lobby.
Mayor Tom Miller and Frank Scofield
Frank Scofield is seated at desk. Mayor Tom Miller is standing.
[Mayor Tom Miller and Man in Uniform]
Photograph of Austin Mayor Tom Miller shaking the hand of a man in uniform. On the negative sleeve, the photographer wrote "Byron Cayne and Mayor Miller."
Mayor Tom Miller and Two Poppy Girls
Mayor Tom Miller stands in an office with two unidentified Poppy Girls.
Mayor Tom Miller - citizen of the year presentation
Mayor Miller holding award
Mayor Tom Miller - City Canning
Mayor Tom Miller standing on the right and two other men in what appears to be a canning plant.
[Mayor W.S. Drake Jr. at desk]
Photo of W.S. Drake Jr. at desk. Austin, Texas.
Mayor's Meeting - LCRA
Large group meeting. People seated at table and standing. One woman present.
Mayton's Food Market
Photograph of Mayton's Food Market which was located at 3800 Lamar Blvd.
[McArdle Painting at the Capitol]
Photograph of the painting "Dawn at the Alamo" by Henry Arthur McArdle hanging at the Texas Capitol.
McCallum Drive Looking North
Photograph of McCallum Drive facing north. Houses are visible on both sides of the street and a car is parked on the right side of the street.
[McCallum High School]
Photograph of the front entrance of the high school.
[McElroy Ranch, Famous Horse with Patricia Douglass]
Photograph of woman wearing hat with a horse.
[McNeil Depot Saloon]
Photograph of McNeil Depot Saloon. This is most likely the building that now houses Donn's Depot in Austin, Texas. The building was transported from McNeil, Texas to its current location thirty years ago.
[Mears Family Portrait]
Photograph of Dewey Mears and his wife, two sons, and daughter posing for a portrait.
[Meat Counter at Big Bear Food Store]
Photograph of a woman standing at a meat counter, holding a piece of meat. She is standing inside the Big Bear Food Store, and wearing a dark-colored dress.
[Meat Display]
Photograph of cuts of meat displayed on a butcher paper wall, with ribbons on some of them, and jars of preserved food on a table below them. Signs on the wall say, "Kill and cure the A&M way and save from waste," and "Hands off." According to a handwritten note on the back of the photo, it was taken at Rosewood Park in Doris Miller Auditorium, probably for the Travis County Annual Food and Livestock Show.
[Mechanics With Chemical Alert Gear]
Photograph of two mechanics wearing gas masks putting together chemical alert gear in order to prepare down-locks on an RF-4C aircraft during a mock casualties and chemical warfare exercise at the Bergstrom Air Force Base.
Medical Arts Square
View of Medical Arts Square. Several buildings, sign and parked cars. Located at 2600 Red River Street.
Medical Arts Square
View of Medical Arts Square. Several buildings and cars parked in lot.
Medical Bill Filibuster
Man dons his socks as he arises for hearings on the Medical Bill in the legislature
Medical Bill Filibuster
Sleeping Legislator naps on a couch during medical bill filibuster hearings
Meeting room with 2 men at front with Sinclair gasoline advertising slogan sign. Group of men sitting in chairs. Movie projector set up on table.
[Mel-Tones Band Performing on Stage]
Photograph of a man standing and singing on a stage with a band at St. Edward's University Spring Formal dance. The band members have matching music stands that reads "Mel-Tones."
The Memento
Short story about two former Broadway actresses.
Memorial Stadium
Color view of one side of Memorial Stadium shot from the stands looking north. the pressbox is being demolished with the major addition of seating on west side. Building in center is UT law school, bldg on right is St. David's hospital. On the far right you can see construction of the LBJ Library.