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[Men Inspecting Cotton in Abilene, Texas]
Photograph of three men with cotton. Many large bales of cotton are visible in the background. A handwritten note on the back reads, "Moore, Thomas and the common negro."
[Men Listening to Lecture]
Photograph of men sitting in seats listening to a lecture given by Mike Short.
[Men Loading Cargo]
Photograph of men loading cargo onto an aircraft. Several of them push on the cargo to get it up the ramp, and inside the aircraft, more men pull on ropes attached to the cargo.
[Men Looking at Map]
Photograph of three men standing around two maps on a wall. The man in the middle points at a map with a pen, while the other two look on.
[Men Looking at Maps]
Photograph of two men in U.S. Air Force jumpsuits, looking at a map and ruler on the table in front of them. Other maps are spread on the walls around them.
[Men Looking Over Flight Plans]
Photograph of two men looking over flight plans. Large maps are spread out on the table in front of them.
[Men making platform in front of building]
Photo of men making a platform for the inauguration of Governor Allan Shivers. Austin, Texas.
[Men near Biplanes]
Photograph of men observing grounded biplanes. They are in a field near St. Edward's University in south Austin.
[Men on a Cannon]
Photograph of a group of men posing in front of a cannon in Wooldridge Square Park. Three of them are sitting on the cannon and four are standing behind it. The bandstand is behind them.
[Men On a Plane]
Photograph of a group of men standing on and around a plane.
[Men on Horseback on Flooded Street]
Photograph of three men on horseback standing in the middle of Whitis Street in between 26th and 27th Streets. The water is up to the horses' shoulders. Women stand onlooking on the porch of a house.
Men on Lohman's Crossing Bridge Under Construction
Photograph of Lohman's Crossing Bridge construction. Men work on laying the foundations for the new bridge over the Colorado River. The bridge is now under 140 feet of water.
[Men posing in front of vans with Brice Floral Company shop in the background]
Photo of men posing in front of vans with Brice Floral Company in background. Austin, Texas. Brice Floral Company was located at 2221 East Avenue in Austin and owned by Billy M Brice.
[Men Preparing for Tokyo Raid]
Photograph of Lt. Hank Potter, Lt. Colonel James Doolittle, and their flight crew preparing a Tokyo raid.
[Men Saving Belongings from Flood Waters]
Photograph of "three residents carry(ing) a TV set out of a flooded house along Williamson Creek as heavy rains forced numerous creeks out of their banks."
[Men Seated at Banquet Table]
Photograph of a group of men seated at a banquet table at the Austin National Bank 50th anniversary party.
[Men seated at dining tables at the University School of Law]
Men from the Phi Alpha Delta chapter of the University School of Law seated at tables. The men are dressed in formal wear and conversing with each other.
[Men Signing Paperwork]
Photograph of a long line of men waiting to sign paperwork at Bergstrom Air Force Base. They hold their helmets in one hand, and binders in the other.
[Men sitting on couch]
Six men sitting on furniture at an unknown furniture store.
[Men Stand in Formation]
Photograph of a group of men standing in a formation at the Texas School of Military Aeronautics. Several men hold bugles and a few have drums.
Men standing around desk
Group of men around desk
[Men standing around Harley-Davidson motorcycle]
Photo of men standing around Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Austin, Texas.
[Men standing beside trucks at Heating and Ventilating Company]
A few men standing beside trucks outside of the "Heating and Ventilating Company of Texas." All of the men are dressed in their work uniforms. The company was located at 605 West 37th Street.
[Men Standing in a Room at Pontifical Mass at the Seton Hospital 50th Anniversary]
Photograph of a group of men standing in a room at Pontifical Mass at the Seton Hospital 50th Anniversary. One man is standing with three other men with their hands together. There are also three men standing in the background.
[Men standing in front of Carpenter Paper Company building]
Photo of men standing in front of Carpenter Paper Company. Austin, Texas.
[Men Standing in Front of Plane]
Photograph of a group of men standing in front of a plane.
[Men standing in front of radio display in store]
Photo of men standing in front of radio display in store. Austin, Texas.
[Men standing outside Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of Men standing around a delivery for a number of transformer parts at Seaholm Power Plant near the shore of Town Lake.
[Men Training in 1950's]
Photograph of men training in the 1950's. Most of the men sit on the ground and aim guns. Three more men stand behind them.
[Men Walking on Path at Botanical Gardens]
Photograph of two men walking down a path at the Zilker Park botanical gardens.
[Men Welding]
Photograph of a man welding. Another man standing behind him watches. They are working on a sculpture with a star on it.
[Men with Award-Winning Beef Calves]
Photograph of two young men standing with their beef calves, with a group of men and boys behind them. They are each holding ribbons, one of which says "Grand Champion Beef Calf" and the other of which says "Reserve Champion Beef Calf." One has a sign around his neck reading "13" and the other has one reading "11." A large group of men and boys is behind them.
[Men with Cotton, Abilene, Texas]
Photograph of men sampling cotton from a bale. Many more cotton bales are visible in the background.
[Men with Motorcycles at Camp Mabry]
Photograph of a group of men posing with motorcycles at Camp Mabry. Some are sitting on the motorcycles and some are standing behind them. They are all dressed in military uniforms. Tents are in the background. Handwritten note on the back reads, "Taken about the middle of the detachment street, reading left to right, Griffith, Jay Bird Werner, Schnidge, Buron, Morgan, Baes, Ewing, Kone, me with head turned, Krohn on motorcycle, Sally, Rowe, Poteet standing center back."
[Men with Texas School for Deaf Car]
Photograph of four men standing outside of the Texas School for Deaf dual control Driver Education Car from Jack Stableford Pontiac. One man is sitting in the driver's seat.
[Men With Their Rabbits]
Photograph of three men standing with their rabbits. The rabbits are hanging from the truck bumper. Each man holds a rifle.
[Men With Water Pistols]
Photograph of three men shooting water pistols at each other. They stand around small bales of hay.
[Men with Wool Scouring Equipment]
Photograph of men wearing suits and work clothing standing in front of wool scouring equipment from Marble Falls. Walker's Austex Chili Company building is in the background.
[Men Working in a Room at an American National Bank Building]
Photograph of men working in a room at an American National Bank building. The men are wearing dark-colored suits, and sitting behind desks. One man is on the phone. There are cowboy murals on the wall.
[Men working in shop at Austin American-Statesman]
Photograph of men working in a shop for the construction of the new Austin American-Statesman building. Austin, Texas.
[Men working inside workshop area]
Photo of two men working inside workshop. Austin, Texas.
[Men Working on a Church Construction Site]
Photograph of a group of men working on a church construction site, which is to become St. Louis Parish Hall. There are nine concrete pillars protruding from a concrete foundation. There are materials sitting on the side of the construction site.
[Men Working on Machinery]
Photograph of two men working on machinery on the Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Men working on railroad]
Photograph of two men hammering spikes into the railroad. A draisine with materials sits off the rails to the right of the tracks. Telegraph wires stretch on poles overhead.
[Men working on T.V. Tower]
Photo of men working on T.V. Tower. Austin, Texas.
[Men's Barracks]
Photograph of the old Men's Barracks at the Bergstrom Air Force Base. There is a line of laundry between houses to the left, and men sit at a picnic table to the right.
Mercantile and General City Directory of Austin, Texas---1872-1873.
The 1872-1873 Austin city directory, "Containing an Interesting History of Austin, the Name and Residence of its Citizens, and Local Information of General Interest." (From the title page.)
[Merle O'Daniel]
Photograph of First Lady Merle O'Daniel in the State Dining Room at the Governor's Mansion. The table is set with silver platters and tall candles. She is wearing a long evening gown and a large corsage.
[Metalsmith sculptor selling wares at the Renaissance Market]
Photograph of a metalsmith working on a sculpture on his sales table at the Renaissance Market on "The Drag" on Guadalupe Street near the University of Texas, Austin campus. His sculptures are towers, airships, and flowers with a fantastic element. His table is set up in front of a mural. A woman browses his wares.
Metropolitan Opera Star Eleanor Steber
Photograph of a smiling Eleanor Steber, wearing a cowboy hat and a fur, being welcomed to Austin.