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[Men in Abilene, Texas]

Description: Photograph of two men in suits and bowler hats, standing by the side of a brick building. They are trading objects, one of which being a metal (possibly gold) bar. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Windsor Hotel, Captain [...] gold prices sold for $6,000.00, 36 lbs."
Date: June 17, 1906

[Men in Camp]

Description: Stereographic photographs of men in a camp scene. Two men sit on the ground by a log and a third man sits under a tree. Several rifles lean against a log. In the background is a large rocky hill.
Date: unknown

[Men in Lounge]

Description: Photograph of men sitting in a lounge. Three men sit around a table in the center, while another plays a piano to the left. Chairs are lined up against the right wall. An American flag is in the foreground.
Date: 1943~

[Men in Lounge]

Description: Photograph of several men in a lounge. A couple of them wear only pants, and there is a film projector on the table in the middle of the picture. A piano is visible to the right, and a bar is visible in the background.
Date: October 1968