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[Men with Award-Winning Beef Calves]

Description: Photograph of two young men standing with their beef calves, with a group of men and boys behind them. They are each holding ribbons, one of which says "Grand Champion Beef Calf" and the other of which says "Reserve Champion Beef Calf." One has a sign around his neck reading "13" and the other has one reading "11." A large group of men and boys is behind them.
Date: 194u
Creator: Ross Studio

[Men with Motorcycles at Camp Mabry]

Description: Photograph of a group of men posing with motorcycles at Camp Mabry. Some are sitting on the motorcycles and some are standing behind them. They are all dressed in military uniforms. Tents are in the background. Handwritten note on the back reads, "Taken about the middle of the detachment street, reading left to right, Griffith, Jay Bird Werner, Schnidge, Buron, Morgan, Baes, Ewing, Kone, me with head turned, Krohn on motorcycle, Sally, Rowe, Poteet standing center back."
Date: 191u
Location Info:

[Merle O'Daniel]

Description: Photograph of First Lady Merle O'Daniel in the State Dining Room at the Governor's Mansion. The table is set with silver platters and tall candles. She is wearing a long evening gown and a large corsage.
Date: [1939..1941]