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[Mill in Abilene]

Description: Photograph of a man at a mill named Bob in Abilene, Texas. The man is standing next to a large pile of cotton seed and a horse-drawn cart filled with seed. A cotton [seed oil?] mill is to his left, with large smokestacks protruding from the building.
Date: 1906

Miller's Garage Old Shine Parlor

Description: Photograph of three men at the counter of Miller's Garage Old Shine Parlor. The glass case displays current products, and the three men wearing suits perform a transaction. Behind the counter a window (or mirror) reflects the street outside with a taxi driving by.
Date: 1958
Creator: Douglass, Neal

[Minister's Visit to St. David's Hospital]

Description: Photograph of a group of eight men standing around a birthing table at St. David's Hospital in Austin, Texas. Two of them men on the left, behind the table wear religious clothing, and one man on the right wears a doctor's white coat. A specialized light fixture hangs from the ceiling above the table.
Date: September 12, 1955
Creator: Douglass, Neal