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[Railroad crew working on second track]
Photograph of an African-American railroad crew working on a second rail road line in front of a row of hardware and home goods shops. The trenches have been dug and the brick stripped out from the roads where the rail lines will lie.
[Railroad near Burnet]
Photograph of an Austin and Northwest Railroad train moving through the countryside. Several people are visible on the rear cart of the train, looking at the camera. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Excursion on A&NW RR narrow engine about 1882 near Burnet. W.J.L. Sullivan -- Texas Ranger in for ground with work. Slaughter Gap near Fairland and Marble Falls."
[Railroad near Kingsland]
Photograph of a train on the Austin and Northwest Railroad line on a hillside, taken from a treeline above. People are visible at the front, back, and windows of the train, and two buildings are in the distance below. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Near Granite Mountain [illegible] Burnet and Marble Falls, about 1882 near Kingsland. A&NW RR."
[Railroad near Llano]
Photograph of a crowd of people and horse-drawn carriages gathered around a train on a railroad in a forest. A note on back reads "Mr. Will Todman from England, Time Keeper for Quarries at Llano, Texas. Quarrying granite for consturction of the State Capitol at Austin. 50,000 tones narrow [illegible] R.R. A. & N.W. Near Llano -- before R.R. was finished to an Austin Band was was hired to play -- Group Moore F. [illegible], (Major Ramsdell)."
[Railroad tracks near Austin]
Photograph of International and Great Northern railroad tracks outside of Austin. On the tracks in the distance can be seen the switch, and in the far distance, the city watertower is visible. Telephone poles and brush are dominant, though some houses and fences indicating residences are visible.
Ralph Beaton
man outside Mobil gas station
Ralph Beaton
Photograph of man in uniform and two other men standing on the northwest corner of the intersection of Congress Avenue and 1st Street in Austin, Texas.
[Ralph Dorsett Baby]
Photograph of a baby lying in a crib under a blanket. The photographer wrote "Ralph Dorsett Baby" on the envelope of the negative.
Ralph Oakley
Photograph of man holding a cigar while seated in an ornate chair. Ralph S. Oakley is identified in the 1942 Austin City Directory as being involved with The Texan Cafe which was located at 119 W. 7th Street.
[Ralph Yarborough]
Portrait of man in library.
[Ralph Yarborough]
Portrait of man at desk.
Ralph Yarborough's Birthday Party
Large group of people gathered around a birthday cake. People in the background are Senator Yarborough's Texas and Washington staff. Foreground left is Senator's son, Richard, wife Ann, and their daughter Clare.
Ralph Yarborough's Birthday Party
Mr. Yarborough cutting birthday cake, holding his Granddaughter, Clare McJimsey Yarborough, age 11 months. Several people in background watching.
A Ramble in Aphasia
Short story about a lawyer suffering from memory loss.
[Ranch Hand with Bull]
Photograph of a ranch hand standing in a field and leading a bull by a rope on Porter Ranch.
[Ranch Hand with Bull]
Photograph of a ranch hand standing outside and leading a bull by a rope on Porter Ranch.
Randy's Circle R
Line outside catering truck
Randy's Circle R
Men serving food from inside truck
Randy's Circle R Bar-B-Que
Exterior of Randy's Circle R Barbecue located at 501 E. 5th St. The restaurant eventually became known as The Pit. The building was the home of Susanna Dickinson, Alamo survivor, and her husband Joseph Hannig. It was restored and is now the Joseph and Susanna Dickinson Hannig Museum.
The Ransom of Mack
Short story about two hustlers.
The Ransom of Red Chief
Short story about the kidnap and ransom of a wealthy Alabaman's son.
[Rapid waters formed at Austin Dam after Colorado River flood]
Photograph of high, rapid waters of the Colorado River at the site of the former Austin Dam. The dam was built in 1890 in an attempt to bring industry to the city, but failed after upriver storms sent a flood cracking the dam and killing eight people when the powerhouse flooded.
Ray E. Lee
Man, woman and young child seated behind desk. Woman is writing with a pencil. Ray E. Lee is listed as postmaster in the 1942 Austin City Directory.
Ray Ealy
Photograph of man seated in chair. Ray M. Ealy was a field executive with The Boy Scouts of America.
[Raymond Brooks Signing Document at Desk]
Photograph of a man sitting at a desk in an office. He is signing a Lower Colorado River Authority document. The photographer wrote the name "Raymond Brooks" on the negative envelope.
[Raymond Brooks Sitting at Desk]
Photograph of a man sitting at a desk in an office. He is about to sign a Lower Colorado River Authority document. The photographer wrote the name "Raymond Brooks" on the negative envelope.
[Rear Exterior of Governor's Mansion]
Photograph of a rear exterior view of the Governor's Mansion.
[Rear Exterior of Rural Home]
Photograph of the exterior and small porch of a rural home. The Bascom Giles home was in Manor, Texas.
[Rear of a small log cabin in the woods]
Photograph of the rear of a small long cabin in a wooded area. The stone chimney stack is in the center of the wall and a small box for firewood sits to the left of the chimney. A small paned window with shutters is visible on the left side of the cabin.
[Rear of hut at Austin Municipal Golf Course]
Photograph of rear view of a small roofed structure with benches inside on the Austin Municipal Golf Course. The hut is surrounded by trees and uneven land with a green behind it on the right. The municipal Golf Course, constructed originally by the Lions Club in 1928 at 2901 Enfield Road, has served its citizens since 1934 and has long been Austin's most popular course.
[Rear view Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of the rear of the Seaholm Power Plant from the river side. Raised dirt roadways are visible in the foreground, as well as the many power lines emanating from the plant. The Seaholm Power Plant was constructed at 800 West 1st Street (now Cesar Chavez) in the 1930s and was eventually demolished in the 1960s.
[Receipt for transportation of slaves]
A receipt for "hauling [E.M. Pease's] negros and goods."
[Receipt for transportation of slaves]
A receipt for the transportation of "the negro girl Emily and child belonging to Hon. E.M. Pease."
[Receipts regarding Freedmen’s Hospital in Brenham, TX]
Two receipts from a druggist regarding the Freedmen’s Hospital in Brenham, Texas.
[Receiving Instructions]
Photograph of Brigadier General Karl-Heinz Griese of the German Air Force, and Major Martin Knoll, a senior German officer, listening to Captain Dan Kelsey explain procedures on the use of the flight simulator at Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Reception Room, Texas State Capitol Building]
Interior view of the reception room of the Texas State Capitol Building. There are several arm chairs and tables.
Red Ball Transfer and Moving building and truck
Red Ball Transfer and Moving white truck parked in front of the company's building. On the side of the truck the following is printed: "LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING; AUSTIN, TEXAS; PHONE 6-1200"
[Red Ball Transfer Storage]
Red Ball Transfer Storage at 606 San Jacinto. Austin, Texas.
[Reeves County Officials]
Group Photograph of Reeves County Officials in Pecos, Texas. Also present in this picture are a child and three pet dogs. Identified on the back are George Phillips, Judge Harrell, Ed McGee, J.K. Harrington, C.B. Calahan Sr., George Phillips Jr., W.N. Merritt, Tip Deal, Kirk Turnbo, and Tom Babb.
[Refueling an F-14]
Photograph of a man refueling an F-14 aircraft at Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Refueling Plane]
Photograph of a man, sitting on the wing of a plane in order to refuel it at Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Registration desk of the Stephen F. Austin Hotel]
Photograph of the registration desk or front desk at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel, located at 701 Congress Avenue in Austin. The desk sits on a dark marble base, topped by wooden panels and a dark counter. Two cubicles, formed by frosted glass and wooden posts, are at each end of the desk. Visible between them is a bank of key boxes or letter boxes. A ceiling fan and several commercial light fixtures hang from the recessed ceiling. There appears to be a hallway leading away from the left side of the reception desk.
[Relocatable Family Housing]
Photograph of relocatable family housing buildings at the Bergstrom Air Force Base.
Remington Rand Shaver Div.
Wide shot of Gulf Gas Station
Reminiscences of an ex-Confederate soldier : or, Forty years on crutches
A narrative of a soldier's experiences in the Civil War. T.H. Bowman was a soldier in Company A, William Wirt Adams's regiment of Mississippi Cavalry. He fought in Kentucky and Tennessee, and later settled in Texas.
A three-stanza poem by O. Henry and published under the pen name S. H. Peters.
Removing Debris from the Old London School Explosion
Two unidentified men remove debris while on the back of a truck after the New London School explosion.
Removing Street Car Tracks on East 1st
Photograph of two construction workers using jackhammers to remove the street cars tracks on East 1st Street.
The Renaissance at Charleroi
Short story about a clerk in New Orleans.
Rent Control Office Moving -- West 8th Street
Photograph of American Transfer and Storage Company van in front of building. Clark's Bluebonnet Cleaners, which was located at 213 W. 8th Street, is visible in the background.