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[President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt making a whistle-stop campaign appearance in Austin]

Description: Photograph of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt standing behind a podium, on a platform, at the end of a train car as he addresses the large, night-time crowd assembled before him. His outstretched arms grasp the podium. Roosevelt is surrounded by a group of people including his wife, Eleanor, and possibly John Nance Garner ("Cactus Jack"), the vice-president. A neon sign above the train car reads, "PROSPERITY'S ROSE BLOOMS AGAIN WITH ROOSEVELT." The crowd is standing shoulder-to-shoulder.
Date: June 11, 1936
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Laboratory, City of Austin

Prismoidal (One Rail) Railway System, Adapted for City Streets, Suburban, and General Railroad Traffic

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people on a train. A handwritten note reads "W.W. Knowles, Bastrop, TX, [illegible] at Brenham." A printed note on the back of the photograph reads, "Prismoidal (One Rail) Railway System, Adapted for City Streets, Suburban, and General Railroad Traffic; Practicable by Steam, or Horse power; Elevated or at Grade; Built and equipped at one half the cost of any other plan of equal capacity; Cars impossible to be thrown from track; examination of this system, by engineers and others, is respectfully solicited. I am now prepared to grant Licenses to railway companies and others, to construct and use the Prismoidal railway system., E. Crew, Inventor and Patentee."
Date: unknown

Proceedings of Investigation Committee, House of Representatives Thirty-Fifth Legislature: Charges Against Governor James E. Ferguson Together with Findings of Committee and Action of House with Prefatory Statement and Index to Proceedings

Description: This publication documents the investigation of Governor Ferguson conducted by the Investigation Committee including transcripts of interviews, relevant documents, and the findings of the Committee. Index starts on page 531.
Date: March 1917
Creator: Texas. Legislature. House of Representatives. Investigation Committee.