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Pease School Third Graders PTA Picnic

Description: Photograph of a man (Ralph Bickler) talking to a class of Pease School third graders. The text on the back reads, "I asked how many pieces of material were used by Bewick's wrens in building their nest. Notice children's expressions. Answers were from six to a million. 2300 was _______ _______. (Bullock's Oriole nest in front of me.)"
Date: May 27, 1955
Location Info:

Pecan Street Looking East from Oliphant's Photo Gallery

Description: Photograph of East Pecan Street (now 6th street) with William Oliphant (who had a jewelry store on Pecan Street in 1852) on a horse. The child next to the horse is Will Carter. A building in the background is visible and has "Missouri House" painted on the side. It was the residence of Michael Ziller. A sign also hangs from the second floor balcony of the house reading "Austin Motel." Also visible in the background is England & Hannig Cabinet Makers.
Date: November 1866
Creator: Oliphant, W.J.

Pecos River

Description: Photograph of the Pecos River seen from above, probably from the Pecos High Bridge. The river is in a dip between two cliffs. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Pecos River - 1912."
Date: 1912

Pemberton Place 2413

Description: Installation of fireplace in a house being built at 2413 Pemberton Place. Dr. J. Harriss Williams was owner of the property. This is one of sixteen photographs but is the only one that was scanned.
Date: November 6, 1955
Creator: Douglass, Neal

Penn Field

Description: Soldiers standing in formation during aviation training at Penn Field during first World War. Penn Field was located in south Austin, bordered by what is now South Congress, Woodward St. and Ben White Blvd.
Date: 1917/1918
Creator: Jordan Company

[People at an Event]

Description: Photograph of a group of men and women standing in lines in a community recreation center (most likely Doris Miller Auditorium in Rosewood Park in Austin) at an event of some kind. Some people are at a ticket window.
Date: September 1, 1960