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Swearingen Brothers, Inc. Edsel Dealership

Description: Exterior view of building at Swearingen Brothers Edsel Dealership which was located at 841 W. 6th Street. Also visible just down the street is Suber-McAngus Motors which was a used car dealership at 901 W. 6th Street.
Date: January 1, 1957
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Item Type: Photograph

"Sweetheart" Pan American Invitational Softball Tournament

Description: Photograph of Pan American Recreation Center's "Sweetheart" for their Invitational Softball Tournament with the trophies. The Pan American Recreation Center was opened in June 1942 as the first Latin American Recreation Center in Austin and run under the auspices of the Federated Latin American Club and directed by the Austin Recreation Department. The name "Pan American Recreation Center" was chosen by the executive committee during a center naming contest. On September 7, 1956, a new Pan American Recreation Center was formally dedicated at 2100 East 3rd Street, just west of the old location and where it currently exists today. The building adjoins Zavala School and was built at a cost of $155,261. The Hillside Theater was later built and completed in June 1958.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Recreational Dept., City of Austin
Item Type: Photograph

[Swensen baby]

Description: Photograph of three little people and a nurse. Man at far right is Clarence Swensen, one of the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz movie.
Date: June 14, 1946
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Item Type: Photograph

[Swimmers at Rosewood Park pool]

Description: Photograph of swimmers at the swimming pool at the Rosewood Park for Negroes. Because of an extensive remodeling and enlargement program, Rosewood Pool opened its swimming session on June 19, but even with this late start, attendance for the rest of the season totaled 73,155. The completed pool measures 70' x 125' plus an adjacent wading pool that is 20' x 40', giving a combined total of 9,550 sq. ft. A water filtering system was installed with a 3-gallon per minute filter rate. The pool has a 350,000 gallon capacity with a 6-hour turnover. Other improvements include underwater lights in the deep end of the pool. Total cost of improvements was about $68,000.
Date: 1936~
Item Type: Photograph

[Tackle at unknown game at Clark Field]

Description: Photograph of Tackle at an uknown game at Clark Field. Coaches, referees, and players look on from the field and sidelines. A large crowd of spectators stands along the opposite side of the field. The University of Texas began its football program in 1893 managed by Albert Lefevra, playing two games in the fall and two in the spring. The following year, the team hired its first official head coach, R.D. Wentworth.
Date: [1890..1919]
Creator: Hart, James H.
Item Type: Photograph

[Tayor County Courthouse, Abilene, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the Taylor County Courthouse in Abilene, Texas. It is a two-story building with an additional two stories in a clock tower. An individual is sitting by the bushes in front of the building.
Date: December 29, 1905
Item Type: Photograph

[Teacher and Students]

Description: Photograph of a teacher holding a microphone and standing next to a table and an American flag, with a group of students behind her. They are in a covered, open-air auditorium, and trees are visible in the background.
Date: July 20, 1963
Creator: Ellison Photo Service
Item Type: Photograph

[Technical instructor with engine components and diagram]

Description: Photograph of a technical instructor at the UT School of Military Aeronautics stands between two engine components and uses a wooden pointer to explain pieces of the engine from a chalkboard diagram. In 1917, President Woodrow Wilson and the Council of National Defense established military schools for aviators at six college campuses around the country. The Schools of Military Aeronautics (SMAs) were to provide basic technical instruction for beginning pilots before they moved on to flight training. The SMA students were not considered regular university students. Those attending the SMA became soldiers in a new branch of the US Army called "Air Service," later becoming the United States Air Force. The UT SMA was initially housed in B. Hall, but moved housing once enrollment expanded from 50 to several hundred men. By the end of the war, the UT SMA had over 1,000 men enrolled--the largest in the country--and was known as the "West Point of the Air." It would be the prototype for the Air Force Academy.
Date: 1918
Creator: Ellison Photo Company
Item Type: Photograph

[Teenagers on a Baseball Field]

Description: Photograph of a group of six teenage boys standing in a field, with one boy wearing a baseball glove. Two other boys are behind them, playing.
Date: April 18, 1958
Item Type: Photograph