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[Music Memory Contest Winners]

Description: Photograph of group of 37 students at Baker Elementary School, the Music Memory Contest Winners 3 times in a row. Mercy Ramsey is 2nd from left in 1st row. Two boys in the front hold a large trophy, the boy on the right has been identified as William Erwin McIntosh.
Date: [1923..]

[Negro War Recreation Council Headquarters building]

Description: Photograph of the Negro War Recreation Council Headquarters building, a concrete frame building located at 702-14 East Avenue (now I-35) in the former city market, repurposed as a bus depot and recreation building for African American soldiers. The windows are 6/6 configuration, many of which are decoratively painted with stars, patriotic shields and the letter "V". The 5-panel double wooden entrance doors, at the center of the photograph, each have painted or decal flags on the second horizontal panel from the top. The sign above the doors reads: "HEADQUARTERS, SUB-BUS STATION, NEGRO WAR RECREATION COUNCIL". To the left of the doors sits a 1930s-era sedan, and to the left of that is a ground-mounted sign that reads: "SUB-BUS STATION for COLORED SOLDIERS". There is a large flag pole, without a flag, visible to the rear of photograph. A wooden bench sits in front of the right building bay. There are several suitcases on the bench, and an overcoat appears to be draped over some of them. The market building was originally constructed as a 1935 Public Works Administration (PWA) project, which opened in June 1935.
Date: January 6, 1944

The New Capitol of Texas

Description: Photograph of an illustration depicting The New Capitol of Texas. There is a description of what the new Capitol will look like and images influential people, places and events line both sides of the illustration. Pictured clockwise from top left to right is David Crockett, Gen. Sam Houston, Mirabeau B. Lamar, Stephen F. Austin, Old Capitol, Houston, Storming of the Alamo, and David G. Burnet.
Date: unknown

[Nighthawk Staff]

Description: Photograph of a group portrait of the Nighthawk restaurant staff. They wear uniforms and stand in front of the restaurant. The woman in the middle, behind the two women at center, is Violet Franklin Sanders. The restaurant was located at 1907 Guadalupe Street, Austin.
Date: October 8, 1935
Creator: Stewart Photo Company
Location Info:

[Nurses at St. David's Hospital]

Description: Photograph of the exterior view of St. David's Hospital, located at 610 West 17th Street, with a group of nurses standing on the sidewalk in front of the building. The building looks like a large Italianate style mansion with a covered porch, and is partially obscured by trees.
Date: 192u

Officials of the Mexican Consul General and the Camara de Trabajadores Mexicanos Local No. 7

Description: Photograph of a group of men, the officials of the Mexican Consul General and the Cámara de Trabajadores Mexicans (CTM) Local No. 7 of Austin, Texas at Parque Zaragoza. From left: José Verasteguí, Eustasio Cepeda, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Benjamin Lugo (in white shirt), unidentified, Felix Gonzales Monteón, José Guadalupe Pineda (Consul General of Mexico in San Antonio), Arturo Aleman, and Roberto Pedraza. At rear of group (far right) is Ignacio Acosta.
Date: April 26, 1942

[Old Anderson High School]

Description: Photograph of the old Anderson High School for Negro students, a two story wood frame building located in the 900 block of Olive Street at the northeast corner of Olive and Curve Streets. Anderson was a segregated school created for colored students. The building appears to be an "L" configuration, with a small porch at the inside corner of the "L", 6/6 wood windows, a wood shingle roof and a brick chimney. Used from 1908 to 1912, the building appears to have been originally constructed as a residential structure. The school was named in honor of Professor E. H. Anderson, the second principal of Prairie View State College, and one of the pioneer educators of the state.
Date: 1908/1912

[Old Austin Power Plant boiler room building]

Description: Photograph of a tilted view of the east facade of a boiler room at the old Austin Power Plant, near the site of the existing Seaholm Power Plant at 800 West Cezar Chavez Street. The concrete building has metal commercial windows and a vent stack is visible to the left of the building. A railroad bridge is visible in the background. Constructed during the 1930s, this building was demolished in the 1960s. A rubber stamp on the verso of the print reads: "BOONE's, FEB 25 1942, Austin, Texas". Boone Photo Company offered both photo finishing and commercial photography services.
Date: February 25, 1942
Creator: Boone Photo Company