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[Awards at the Austin Women's Public Links Golf Association tournament at the Municipal Golf Course]

Description: Photograph of a woman being presented with a trophy on green at the AWPLGA tournament at the Austin Municipal Golf Course. Spectators stand to the right. A man operates a camera in the bed of a truck on the left. The Austin Women's Public Links Golf Association (AWPLGA) was founded in 1940 by local female amateur golfers at the Municipal Golf Course in 1940. According to the 1950 AWPLGA constitution, the organization was formed to "promote the true spirit of golf and good fellowship among its members." Membership was open to all women golfers of Central Texas. The municipal Golf Course, constructed originally by the Lions Club in 1928 at 2901 Enfield Road and donated to the city in 1936, has served it's citizens since 1934 and has long been Austin's most popular course.
Date: July 1, 1966
Item Type: Photograph

[AWPGLA at Muny]

Description: Group portrait of ladies from the Austin Women's Public Links Golf Association. They hold a poster reading "Light up with Jax."
Date: [1960, 1974]
Item Type: Photograph

AWPLGA at Muny

Description: Group portrait of golfers from AWPLGA, the Austin Women's Public Links Golf Association, drinking Jax beer. The stand outside under some strands of lights. A small truck is in the foreground.
Date: [1960, 1974]
Item Type: Photograph

[Back view of Blackshear Elementary School, located at 1712 East 11th Street]

Description: Photograph of the back of Blackshear Elementary School, which is located at 1712 East 11th Street and backs onto Lawson Lane and was constructed in 1936. A two story brick building with a flat roof, the school was named for Edward Lavernia Blackshear, a former administrative supervisor of Austin's African-American schools. The building is symetrically designed, with groups of windows on the first and second floors. In the lower right corner of the image, hands hold a chalk board sign that reads, "2-14 5-BLACKSHEAR". There is a wood frame buidling in the background with a 7-Up sign over the entrance. A street sign in the foreground reads Lawson Lane and what appears to be Botson Street.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[Barton Springs]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of ladies watching two men with large pots on the steps of Barton Springs.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[Bathers at Deep Eddy]

Description: Photograph of Deep Eddy swimming pool looking northwest towards the dressing rooms. People swimming, others sitting on the edge of the pool. View from the deep end of the pool. Deep Eddy began as a natural swimming hole in the Colorado River and was expanded into a man-made swimming pool in 1915 by A.J. Eilers, Sr. Deep Eddy pool is the oldest swimming pool in Texas and is operated and maintained by the City of Austin.
Date: 1936
Creator: Austin Police Department Identification Bureau
Item Type: Photograph

Ben Hur Steamboat

Description: Photograph of the Ben Hur steamboat from the Lake Navigation Company. The decks are full of people and hills are visible in the distance.
Date: [1880, 1910]
Item Type: Photograph

Bergstrom Air Force Base [aerial view]

Description: Photograph of aerial view of Bergstrom Air Force Base. Fog obscures landscape behind the base. Runways and buildings on the base are visible as well as some roads surrounding the base. Bergstrom Air Force Base was activated during in 1942 as a troop carrier training airfield. During the Cold War, it served as a Strategic Air Command base. Later, it transferred to the Tactical Air Command and became a major base for the U.S. Air Force's RF-4C reconnaissance fighter fleet. At the time of its closure, it was assigned to the Air Combat Command (ACC). The airfield was then converted for civilian use, with Austin-Bergstrom International Airport beginning passenger flights in 1999.
Date: 19uu
Creator: United States Army Air Forces, Photo Section
Item Type: Photograph

[Beverly S. Sheffield at desk]

Description: Photograph of Beverly Sheffield sitting at his desk. He holds a fountain pen above some papers. Sheffield wears a short-sleeved, button-up shirt and has glasses. A phone sits at his left elbow. His desk sits near a wall with two windows and a radiator. His name plate reads "B. S. Sheffield."
Date: July 29, 1948
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Lab, Ausin
Item Type: Photograph

[Bohn Brothers Department Store]

Description: View of Bohn Brothers Department Store on Congress Avenue, in Austin. Several men and women are lined up on the sidewalk in front of the store, facing the camera. A boy holds a bicycle and a man is in a horse-drawn buggy. Citizens Bank & Trust Co. is to the left of the department store.
Date: [1909..]
Item Type: Photograph

[Bouquet toss with bridesmaids and female guests at a wedding at the San Jose Community Center in the Montopolis neighborhood]

Description: Photograph of a group of women, some with outstretched ars, waiting to catch the bouquet thrown by the bride at a wedding at the San Jose Community Center in the Montopolis neighborhood. Some women wear long flowered bridesmaid dresses, three women are dressed in white dresses of a similar design, one wedding guest wears a black jacket trimmed with faux fur, and another guest wears a black checked top and red checked pants. Two little boys stand to the right, looking on.
Date: 1970~
Creator: Penzenstadler, Joan
Item Type: Photograph

[Boy with Kite]

Description: Photograph of a young boy with a kite. His kite has cartoon eyes, and he wears a striped shirt.
Date: 1971
Creator: Austin Citizen
Item Type: Photograph

[Boys making model airplanes at the Pan American Recreation Center in Austin]

Description: Photograph of a group of six Latino youth making balsa-wood airplanes from a Comet brand "Air-Age Educational Kit" at the Pan American Recreation Center (Pan American Community Center), 300 Comal Street, in Austin. The boys are working at two picnic tables placed end-to-end. Several other people, including a girl, two boys, a man and a woman, stand behind the table either observing or assisting. There is a Mexican tourism poster featuring a woman, with her hair in braids, holding a basket of fruit on the wall behind one of the tables.
Date: November 19, 1946
Creator: Bureau of Identification Photographic Laboratory, City of Austin
Item Type: Photograph

[Boys' woodworking class at John T. Allan Junior High School]

Description: Photograph of a boys' woodworking class at the Old Red Campus building of the John T. Allan Junior High School, formerly Stephen F. Austin High School. The room is crowded with work stations, where the boys are engaged in making various projects such as wooden stools and picture frames. The rounded masonry wall has arched windows, covered by translucent roller shades for indirect light. There are frames mounted between the windows displaying various tools and examples of metal work. The exposed wood truss ceiling has several belts and pulleys mounted on it. Examples of finished wooden stools stand on a wooden file case to the left in the photograph. Pictured are: Rufus Watterson, Malcolm Williams, Willie Earnest, Durwell Johnson, Sid Colquitt, Vincent Murray, Windom Burke, Louis Blenderman, Ernest Von Rosenberg, Harry Hafer, Henry Murray, Homer Wedig, ____ Yates, Francis Patton, Henry Paggi, ____ Brady. The teacher is Mr. N. S. Hunsdon. The building was completed in 1900 from the plans of Burt McDonald and James Reily. It was used as Austin High School until 1925, when it became the John T. Allan Junior High School. Classes were held here until 1956, when the school was destroyed by fire. A State of Texas Subject Marker was placed on the site in 1981 by the Texas Historical Commission.
Date: 1925/1930
Item Type: Photograph

[Brackenridge Elementary School]

Description: Photograph of Brackenridge Elementary School, located at 319 West Elizabeth Street, a segregated school for Negro children. The building was a one story wooden structure with board and batten exterior walls, 6/6 wood windows, and a plain, square-columned porch entrance. The wooden doors are topped by transom windows. This school for colored children was first listed in the 1909-1910 Austin City Directory, and a school by that name was operating as late as 1965.
Date: 1920~
Item Type: Photograph