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[Appointment of John Patterson Osterhout as Attorney to Hazel P. Ford]
Appointment of John Patterson Osterhout as Hazel P. Ford's attorney to allow him to receive bounty and law warrants that were due to Ford for military services. At the bottom of the document, a clerk verified that the statement was signed.
[Business Card for John Patterson Osterhout]
Business card for John Patterson Osterhout, an attorney and collector of claims for Austin and surrounding counties. On the back of the card is a note concerning that if money was collected from a claim, it would be paid to someone while John would retain half as commission.
[Certificate of Appointment to Notary Public for John Patterson Osterhout]
Certificate of appointment to Notary Public in Texas for John Patterson Osterhout signed by the Texas governor, Elisha M. Pease, and the Secretary of State, Edward Clark. In the center of the certificate is a hole that renders parts of it unreadable.
[Certificate of Payment]
Certificate of payment for J. Bird and the enlisted help of John Patterson Osterhout, an attorney, in collecting the debt. On the back of the certificate it states that the debt was paid in full on March 15, 1855. Included is a business card for John Patterson Osterhout. The card states he is an attorney for Bellville, Texas and on the back of the card is an agreement for another collection to be done by John.
[Letter from Diana Maray to John Patterson Osterhout, December 5, 1854]
Letter from Diana Maray to John Patterson Osterhout discussing daily life in Athens, Pennsylvania. Letters had been received from other family members and her children were doing well in school. In the state of Pennsylvania, the temperance movement was working to get a prohibitive liquor law passed. She closed her letter by writing about what she felt made a real friend and hoped she would meet John in this life or the next. She included two locks of hair, one from each of her sons. Included is an envelope addressed to "John P. Osterhout."
[Oath of Service in the Western Frontier of Texas]
Oath of military service in the Western Frontier of Texas during an invasion by Mexico. The oath was made by H. M. Watkins and B. N. Robinson and certified that Private [Juno] D. Banton[deco], deceased, served under General Vasquez. John Davidson, the county clerk, served as a witness to the oath and added his seal of office to the paper.
[Oath of Service in the Western Frontier of Texas for Elijah Collar]
Oath of service in the Western frontier of Texas for Elijah Collar in the fall of 1842 under General Wall. The oath was taken by James J. Allphin and tracked where Private Collar went in the Western frontier. It stated that he served in R. Williams's company as a private. On the bottom, a notary public, James S. Fai[rl]y, certified the oath and added his seal to the paper.
[Proof of Payment for Military Service]
Proof of payment by John Patterson Osterhout for the military service of John N. Robinson. The money was due to Eliza Bennett and was paid in full. The payment was signed and dated by John Ridens.