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[Letter from J. W. McDade to Headquarters, March 19, 1862]

Description: Letter from J. W. McDade to Headquarters concerning Private John Patterson Osterhout's detachment. The brief message stated that John was officially detached from his unit and had to report back to his company after seven days.
Date: March 19, 1862
Creator: McDade, J. W.
Item Type: Letter

[Soldier's Discharge Papers for John Patterson Osterhout]

Description: Soldier's discharge papers for John Patterson Osterhout due to his term of service expiring. He was discharged honorably from the army of the Confederate States on April 25, 1862. The document includes a basic description of his appearance and who he served under.
Date: April 25, 1862
Creator: Osterhout, John Patterson
Item Type: Text